Some toys are harder than others…

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…to find that is!

Also,  how seeing this monster in 1993 sparked a road to collecting and learning about Japanese culture that has been so much fun!

Here’s the multi faced bad guy… named: ‘Itsutsu Banbara’…

Back in 1993 I first saw the character on the back of an album from a band I really liked…it was a .45 LP from HELMET.

I still have it…

(Bonus: click the album to hear one of the songs from the 45!)

I thought the character was so interesting….plus I just had to understand what the hell was going on in that bizzaro picture!

Of course no toy or figure existed of Itsustu Banbara at that time, but after some digging I learned that the scene on the album was from a Japanese show called ‘Inazuman‘. I loved it!

This is one of the first moments I started really getting into the pop culture of Japan and when I discovered the other hero shows…I was hooked! I mean I knew about Godzilla and Ultraman, but discovering all of the other craziness and brilliance coming out of Japan…I really became enraptured!

Here is the episode (well the parts with Itsutsu Banbara…

Finally in 2009, Japanese toymaker Rainbow released the character (which I missed the pre-order for grrr!) and couldn’t find another until a helpful skullbrain board member spotted one at the Mandarake online store in Tokyo…almost 2 years after the pre-order! But it all worked out finally… Thanks Kurumonz!

Toys will ALWAYS turn up when you are persistently hunting them…though some just take a LOT of patience.

If you want to find this guy…here is the Kanji to get started…

Itsutsu Banbara: イツツバンバ

Rainbow Sofubi (soft vinyl): レインボー ソフビ

The harder they are to find and the longer you have to wait…the more special they are when you finally get them.

...and do yourself a favor and head over to Generation Kikaida and pick up the Inazuman DVD’s, you won’t be sorry!


Michael Jackson Transformations!

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Fun with those wacky but cool MJ Thriller vinyls Marusan released in 2010

Michael transforms into a Werecat & Zombie right before your very eyes! wow.

and there you have it folks…28 more seconds wasted on the internet YES!

>If  the gif animations are loading too slowly for your connection, there are smaller video versions at my flickr…HERE<

Click metamorphosing Mike above to see a video about the making of Thriller (linked part features MJ getting the ‘werecat’ makeup).

Click Zombie Mike to learn the Thriller Zombie dance!

Figures by Marusan.

Baruzasu vs Kaossilator

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I picked up a Korg Kaossilator Pro yesterday 11/24/10. This is a first try at making a cinematic/Sci-Fi sounding song. My first pitiful attempt… but I’m still learning the new gadget. I like it so far.
Also used an ESX-1 and MS-20 in a couple of spots too.

Vinyl in the vid is a Marmit Baruzasu.


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aka…Bemular, Bemlar, ベムラー


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A legendary Japanese Monster in vinyl!

A creature myth not too unlike our ‘Bigfoot’ legend here in the US…many would argue that the Japanese Tsuchinoko is a real snake like creature that some have reported as even having mythical powers. Though, like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, Nessie, the Yeti, etc…people have also claimed to have witnessed, took images, or actually captured the elusive snake creature…but like all of the other cryptozoologic creatures…science has yet to confirm it’s existence.

The real deal?

One of many variations that have been encountered…

Tsuchinoko (sue-chee-no-ko)…which translates to “Hammer Spawn” are said to be highly venomous, able to jump great distances, and also have the ability to bite onto their own tail and roll around like a wheel. Those who have encountered say they make high pitched squeaking sounds or screeches.

Among the even more strange legends about these funny looking snake monsters:

The ability to talk (though it usually tells lies, which makes sense, ’cause it’s a snake.) and a strange penchant for booze…

Let’s Party first…Ssssss….and then I’ll eat you!

A toy of a lying, drinking, evil mythical snake…had to have one!

M1-Go produced 3 versions of the beasties back in 2008 which they dubbed ‘UMA: Unidentified Mysterious Animal‘. The 8″ long 5″ high snakes came packaged in a box (with great artwork, see below!) which is also kind of unusual for these types of vinyl toys. Also included is a very shiny black presentation platform wrapped in a paper envelope…and as usual the vinyl quality and paint are right on par with M1-Go’s normal super high standards.  I don’t see these Tsuchinoko vinyls come up too often…but I was able to snag one in the last Morphy Auction.

M1-Go’s offerings…

Some pics of the one I received…

Box art front…

Box art back…

Out of the box…he’s not happy about this…

Got to be more careful…ouch!

That’s it for now…but if you do find yourself in the Japanese countryside…watch your step!

A look inside a Mandarake storeroom…

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From Mandarake TV/Goomo TV

Lots & Lots of boxes and LOTS of toys!

I would love to spend a few days digging around in there!

The Mandarake shops have quite a few locations around Japan, but the most well known are the shops located in the Nakano Broadway shopping mall in Shibuya, Tokyo, and the complex in Akihabara. Mandarake allows for a unique shopping experience by having a series of shops in the same location that each cater to different collectors. They sell much more than rare vinyl toys…they sell pretty much every Japanese toy ever made plus tons of manga!

Here’s another video looking around at some other stuffs..

Here’s a look inside the Osaka shops…

Mandarake online shop…HERE!

Mechagodzilla replenishes his Qi

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After days of citywide destruction, having his head ripped off, and fighting Godzilla…sometimes Mechagodzilla needs to find his inner calm…

This Mechagodzilla is actually Tomy’s great little bipedal robot iSobot…with an M1-Go Mechagodzilla vinyl head stuck on. Music by Miyagi (Kyoto Garden).

Thanks to Kirkland for putting it up on TBS!

Now here is a cool video of the real MechaG getting his suit tests…yeah, it’s actually just a guy in a suit. I know…I was a little disappointed too 😉