The Kaiju Art Collection Blog Begins…

witha Mecha Godzilla Welcome!

KAC blog will showcase the Kaiju Art & Photography of REdYOdA…
while also offering up a good amount of info on Japanese sci-fi series & monster films, history, toy reviews, & discussion of vinyl art.

Please come back and visit!



4 Responses to “The Kaiju Art Collection Blog Begins…”

  1. Raymond Pape Says:

    Great site. I have a few Kaiju from the 1960’s, battery operated. I also have a few Bullmark toys in their original boxes. One is the Barragon that throws the ball. It does not work at this time but I will get fixed someday. I am interested in buying more Kaiju and Godzilla. i love these. Can you let me know where I can purchase? I live in New York City. Thanks, Ray

  2. Thanks Raymond! It sounds like you have the makings of a killer collection already!
    The ball throwing kaiju you have is actually called the ‘Earthtron Battinger Machine’. Earthtron is from ‘Ultraman Returns’, or ‘Ultraman Jack’.”

    As far as buying more kaiju…depending on what type of collection you want to invest in… vintage, vintage reproductions, or some of the new ‘urban vinyl’.
    Try to start as they have a good mix of all.
    Also check out Those should get you started. Of course there’s always ebay!
    Good Luck…It’s a great hobby!

  3. Raymond Pape Says:

    Redyoda, Thanks for the heads up on where I might be able topurchase these figures. I started collecting robots and then A Kaiju fromj the 1960’s caught my eye and that was it. I’ll let you know of any new finds. Is there a way of me showing my collection? Thanks again, Ray

  4. Ray,

    I would love to hear/see your new finds! A warning though…once you start collecting these various beasties, it can be very addicting…and hard on the wallet! It sounds like you’ve caught the Kaiju bug already though!

    I really prefer to show my Kaiju Art. It’s free & easy to share pics!

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