…or Minilla…or the Japanese name Minira.

Minira is a combination of ‘mini’ and ‘Gojira”…Mini Godzilla!

Minya is Godzilla’s son (we never do see a Mom, just an egg)… G-Fans usually either love him or hate him.

Minya, or Minilla (the two most common names in the U.S…I prefer Minya myself) is a character introduced in the middle of the Godzilla series time line known as the Showa Era. The Showa Era includes ‘G’ films from 1954 to 1975 and consists of 15 Godzilla films. There are other TOHO studio films in this era, but I’m sticking to Godzilla for now.

Minya makes his first appearance in Son of Godzilla in 1967. His second appearance is in 1969’s Godzilla’s Revenge (aka All Monster’s Attack). During this time frame we are introduced to a kinder, more kid friendly Godzilla…literally. Godzilla’s son is, for the most part, terrified of other monsters and prefers the friendship of human children.

‘Son’ and ‘G’s Revenge’ are definitely two of the campiest Godzilla films. Son of Godzilla also marks a turning point in the way Godzilla is portrayed in the next few films.  Godzilla, the nuclear terror from 1954, grows increasingly from aggressor to protector during the duration of the Showa Era.

Minya is played by suit actor and midget wrestler “Little Man” Marchan who does a fine job imo.

These two films featuring Minya are the Godzilla films I remember seeing first, without giving up my age, so I’m kind of fond of them…hilarious dubbing, Godzilla’s horrible head sculpt, Minya, smoke rings,  and all!!!

Minya makes one last appearance to return to the sea with Dad in Godzilla:Final Wars.

Click the happy little guy and visit the gallery…



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