Bullmark Vintage Commercial

I didn’t upload this to youtube… but I love this vintage commercial…

I had this video on Myspace for quite some time but the embed didn’t seem to work right, so here it is.

I was in  Super7 here in San Francisco and noticed that they have two of these ball throwing kaiju toys…with Boxes!
I was afraid to ask how much. The kaiju toy is actually about 2 feet tall!
It’s amazing…the vinyl & collectibles that Brian Flynn & Co. are able to get.

I don’t know if I’m lucky or cur$ed to live near Super7.

Those kids are Kawaii!


One Response to “Bullmark Vintage Commercial”

  1. Ha ha ha that commercial is fantastic ! ! !

    The progression from the huge beast throwing baseballs to the
    revelation of the toy by one of the balls cracking open and then
    the toy takes over throwing balls while the kids are having so
    much fun through the whole thing is priceless!

    Excellent find

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