More Free Kaiju Coloring Pages…

…but not made by me this time.

Click either picture below and you will be taken to a Japanese website featuring high-res Kaiju coloring pages that you can print out. These monsters are from the 2006-07 Ultraman Mebius series.

Micras getting tossed

Don’t worry if you don’t read Japanese…just scroll down the page until you see the monsters…click the silver box underneath the pic you desire… it will open the picture in large PDF format…print & done!

Tanoshinde! Have Fun!

Color Us!


One Response to “More Free Kaiju Coloring Pages…”

  1. I’m having a little bit of trouble viewing your site in Internet Explorer, but it may just be my computer. Apart from that, I love your site. I plan on surfing around and reading some more posts!

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