The Ant Kaiju!


It’s Kaiju Gabari! … from Masked Ninja Red Shadow!

As promised in yesterdays post, here is one more for the Kaiju Art Collection before I take a little trip to New Mexico and Roswell.

Gabari is a nightmarish monster from the 1967-68 tokusatsu series: Kamen no Ninja Aka-Kage or ‘Masked Ninja Red Shadow” The creepy Kaiju appears near the end of the series in an episode entitled ‘Ari kaijû Gabari’ or ‘Ant Monster Gabari’.

The ‘Gabari’ vinyl figure is produced by the Japanese kaiju toy comapny Dream Rocket. Dream Rocket updated the sculpt of Gabari for their very limited 2007 releases of the kaiju, I believe there are only 5 variants of the Ant monster available, with every run of Gabari limited to less than 50 figures.


The figure is striking in person, coming in at 9″ tall and 10″ long…it does require a decent amount of display shelf real estate. The eerie toy showcases Dream Rocket’s usual superior vinyl quality and attention to detail.

The version I used for the Kaiju Art Collection photograph above is my Dream Rocket/Max Toy collaboration Gabari. This particular Gabari variant is cast in clear yellow with glitter vinyl and finished with purple and green sprays…it’s a stunner!!!

Below is a Masked Ninja Red Shadow video…if you look closely you can catch a quick peek at the O.G. Gabari! Also a nice little glimpse of another favorite Dream-Rocket kaiju of mine...Agon the beetle kaiju!

EDIT: Having some video embedding issues…CLICK HERE if no video.

…and remember, posting will be slim for a few days while I’m visiting New Mexico. Hasta luego!


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