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Kaijyu Ultra-Book

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My kind of book!

My kind of book!

I’ve had this book for about 2 weeks. I wasn’t even going to post about it…but I find that I keep going back to it… it’s great!!


This 194 page glossy book covers all of the standard size (7-10″ish) ‘Ultra’ Kaiju. Meaning…starting with Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra Seven…and on down the line. Each figure has it’s own trading card style picture (I do find these a little darkly lit on some). Each character section also displays a picture of the original Bullmark vinyl if it was produced for any given kaiju. The vinyls are given individual statistics: Maker, Original Cost, Notes and Year of release.

The back of the book features a collector’s checklist for each company as well…+1

The book covers ‘new’ Kaiju by the biggest producers:  Marmit, Marusan, M1Go, Bandai/Bullmark repros, Yamanaya, etc. up until 2008. You will not find some of the more obscure or smaller scale Ultra kaiju in here.

Of course Woo finds his favorite page.

Of course Woo finds his favorite page.

Why Buy It?

This is where it all began…Ultra Kaiju. I started by collecting Godzilla, I then moved into the Ultra shows and was completely blown away by the creativity, colors, and designs of these beasties. Searching them out became as fun as acquisition. Watching the old tokusatsu shows is something I never tire of. I love these monsters and wish I had each and every one…in all their variants. Since I don’t have the time or money to do that…having a book like this can be the next best thing.  For the other painters out there…it’s a killer source of inspiration too.

I also find it very useful, being as forgetful as I am, always asking: “what was that guy’s name again?

Big bonus: All the kaiju have their name in English too! +2

The book was available at Max Toy briefly as well as Super7, but seems to be sold out. There are some available on ebay now at decent prices. If you’re a serious Kaiju collector or just getting started…this book should be in your possession. Good Luck!


Tetsujin T-28 Custom

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Tetsujin T-28

The giant robot known as ‘Iron Man #28’ AKA ‘Gigantor‘ in the U.S.

This custom is a 1995 M1Go Tetsujin T-28. Painted in blue/turquoise metallic with silver, green, red, and gold metallic sprays. I went with the original eye style as the painted M1Go version… the eyes stay true to the anime style imo. …and he’s very shiny in person.

Click the T-28 pic above to check out his shiny rear in the REdYOdA Custom Gallery.

Here is a little Original ‘Gigantor’  (OG) in action…

^^^^Great Stuff!!!^^^

I’ll do a more detailed post on Tetsujin T-28  history a little later….

Z-Ton Custom

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Come With Us
The dapper alien agent from Ultraman!

Z-Ton…seen here hanging with his spook pals: Red & Green Semi-Ningen, likes to dress smartly… but Z-Ton also likes to add a little something that says “Hey, look at me!” by adding a pok-a-dot tie to his conservative ensemble.

I think I embarrassed him…
You think I'm funny looking...don't you?

For this Custom I used the 1991 ‘flesh color’ Z-Ton by M1Go.

Click either pic to see more of the REdYOdA Z-Ton in the Custom Gallery!

Hawaiian Matango in Exciting New Film!

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Uhm…well not really.

This is me screwing around with my digital camera and some new video editing software.

Hey…what good are all of the toys if you don’t play with them a little???

‘Anger of the Matango’

Should have a new custom to post tomorrow…

“The Father of Kaiju”

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Monster Visionaries:

Ryosaku Takayama (1917-1982) earned the moniker “The Father of  Kaiju” for his work sketching, sculpting, and ultimately bringing to life many of the first wave of Japanese monsters we all recognize and hold dear.

Alongside SFX pioneer Eiji Tsuburaya and visionary artist Tohru Narita, Takayama was tasked with costuming the huge ‘monster boom’ of the late 1960’s, This boom in creativity sparked children’s imaginations and helped propel the television series and films they created into the world spotlight.

The uniquely Japanese aesthetic of the monsters created by Tsuburaya, Narita, and Takayama for shows such as Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, and Lion Maru… just to name a few, are immediately recognizable and will always remain a deeply treasured part of Japan’s cultural history. The artist’s legacies carry on to this day by continuing to inspire TV shows, Films, Toys, Artists,…and of course a growing army of Kaiju Art Collectors!

Below is a rare video clip…taking you inside of Tsuburaya Studio’s costume department...

The clip is from the 2006 Documentary “Daybreak of the Kaiju“. Unfortunately this DVD was not released in the USA, so I have no subtitles… or a link to purchase. Definitely pick up this DVD if you can find it though!

How bad would you like to put on one of those Kaiju suits and smash some miniature buildings??!!


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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s Galtan!

Galtan is one of many ‘fictional‘ monsters shown on Japanese trading cards called Pachimon. Pachimon Cards ( ‘Pachi‘:knock-off or imitation, and ‘Mon‘: short for Monster or ‘Monsuta’) are 1970’s trading cards that feature original artwork of Japanese monsters that have not appeared on screen or television…though many tend to look strangely familiar.

Galtan Pachimon Card


Galtan in vinyl form was first brought to life by the small, yet very talented toy producer Exohead.
A close look at the vinyl will see that Galtan employs Antlar’s body, the well known Baltan’s arms and claws, and the head…probably just the Pachimon’s artists idea.

More Pachimon Cards can be seen HERE.

See The Kaiju Art Collection Galtan larger HERE.

Gorilla My Dreams

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Ultimate Lar!

It’s Space Ape Karas from Spectreman!

…aka ‘Ultimate Lar’ from CCP Toy Co. in Japan. I’m not really sure why they call it ‘Ultimate Lar’ enlighten me if you do…

Dr Giro (Wig), Karas (Bling)

Dr Gori (Wig), Karas (Bling)

Spanning 63 episodes in 1971-72, The tokusatsu show’s main message… that we humans are over-polluting the Earth.
Banished from his home world, the evil space gorilla Dr. Gori (shown seated above) makes his way to Earth and is stunned by our planet’s natural beauty. Dr. Gori cannot believe how blatantly we earthlings destroy it.
The psychotic simian sets his sites on ruling the human race with the help of his fellow, dubiously dressed, yet brutish assistant: Space-Gorilla ‘Karas’ (shown standing above).
Our hero Spectreman is sent by the peaceful and protective planet Nebula 71 to help the Earth combat the Gorillas… and the various, ironically Earth polluting, kaiju they summon.

Here is a clip of some Gorilla’s in tights/Spectrerman action…

Click Dr Gori’s wig to visit the Kaiju Art Collection!

I make this look Gooood!

I make this look Gooood!

Ultimate Lar figures can be found at