The Dark Knight…Captain Maxx?

Maxx & the other Joker...Gameldon!

Like pretty much everyone else…I thought The Dark Knight was a great film. I think those involved in making the last two Batman films finally ‘‘got it’‘ in terms of the Batman character and the tone of the films.
So…in tribute of The Dark Knight…I’ve done a special custom colorway for Captain Maxx!

The Dark Maxx…

Do I get a sweet car too?

This Captain Maxx is from the Wonderfest Battle Pack along with Gameldon. Maxx was cast in flesh vinyl. I gave him a couple of coats of gloss black V-color and some simple gold highlights. I Topped ‘Dark Maxx’ off with a custom shiny black vinyl cape. I don’t believe many, if any, Japanese vinyls were ever packaged with cloth capes.

Some more info on the original Captain Maxx HERE and Max Toy’s website is HERE!

Click any Dark Maxx to visit the REdYOdA Custom Gallery!

Dark Maxx!
When do I get my screen time???


One Response to “The Dark Knight…Captain Maxx?”

  1. I love it !!!! awesome !!!

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