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New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s Galtan!

Galtan is one of many ‘fictional‘ monsters shown on Japanese trading cards called Pachimon. Pachimon Cards ( ‘Pachi‘:knock-off or imitation, and ‘Mon‘: short for Monster or ‘Monsuta’) are 1970’s trading cards that feature original artwork of Japanese monsters that have not appeared on screen or television…though many tend to look strangely familiar.

Galtan Pachimon Card


Galtan in vinyl form was first brought to life by the small, yet very talented toy producer Exohead.
A close look at the vinyl will see that Galtan employs Antlar’s body, the well known Baltan’s arms and claws, and the head…probably just the Pachimon’s artists idea.

More Pachimon Cards can be seen HERE.

See The Kaiju Art Collection Galtan larger HERE.


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