For Halloween ’08… it’s Smogferatu-chan!

As a big fan of Vampire lore, I wanted to do a tribute to the undead blood suckers… in kaiju form.
My next paint job was Gargamel’s great re-issue of Smogun. The one used for this custom is the mini Smo’ (about 4″ tall).  Smogferatu-chan’s name is a homage to the creepy 1922 film “Nosferatu‘… while his look is meant to pay tribute to the more violent and bloody modern vampire tales such as Steve Niles’ great graphic novel ’30 Days of Night’. Read more about the ‘chan’ suffix here if you want.

Now, about that severed head…

Pegila, who is no stranger to dismemberment (see Ultraman Ep:8 ), was kind enough to donate his head to complete Smogferatu’s look of bloodlust. Pegila is actually an extra Bullmark replica mini I had lying around.

I hope you like it! Click any pic to see more in the growing REdYOdA Custom Gallery!



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