Missile Truck

OK, so I had some extra paint and a plain grey mini missile truck sitting around…

Death Truck

The Ballistic Missile vehicle came with the Marmit para-baby Moguera in the pic above. I gave the truck a nice metallic blue finish and some flames. I just couldn’t stand to have it a plain grey color.
Now all I need is a Maser Cannon truck to complete the vehicle arsenal. Japan uses these weapons, with extremely poor results I might add, against it’s persistent giant monster problems.

Tip: if you enlist in the Japanese Military…don’t sign up to drive trucks or tanks.

At least these guys will look good before getting incinerated.

Original Maser Cannon…

…still working on finishing up my M1 customs of Sanda and Gaira from War of the Gargantuas. Pretty much done except I’m waiting for a paint/gloss coat shipment from Japan. Just a couple more days hopefully!


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