R/C Mechagodzilla

Yep, R/C Mechagodzilla!

I heard about this thing months ago and had almost given up on it being released. Well, it looks like it is in December, and here is an awesome video to show what the Bandai MechaG can do…

Yes folks, all this R/C MechaGodzilla action can be yours for the low low price of just 84,000 Yen!
…or $852.85 at the current exchange.
I still can’t believe the dollar is below the Yen. Looks to be staying there a while too.

You gotta admit…it does have the coolest remote control ever created…

Nice job Bandai!


3 Responses to “R/C Mechagodzilla”

  1. chimply.kaiju Says:

    lol, my head was spinning to like mecha godzilla when i first heard that a r/c was going to be released by bandai and it was about 20 inches in height. Already got my pre-order in for this baby.

  2. Lucky you! I’m on the fence on this one. I know it will be really cool and all…and it will only appreciate in value. It’s just a lot of money to throw down right now.
    Look at the Tokyo Marui R/C Godzilla’s out there. They still command $800-$1000 easy and they are not near as cool as this guy!

  3. This looks like a cool remote control Mechagodzilla. Does anyone know where i can get my hands on one and how much will i be expected to pay?

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