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Lil' Hedo

I recently picked up a couple of cool mini vinyl figures from ‘KiLL!’ …based out out of Phoenix, AZ. (hey,I was born there!), KiLL! has quite a selection of great sculpts over at his website: Shown above is the ‘Lil’ Hedo‘ sculpt from the ‘Metalrainbow ‘set (1 of 5 produced).

Also grabbed this guy…a 1/1 custom called ‘Godamnit! 1’
Godamnit! 1

“The blasphemous kaiju!”

Love the header card on that one!

Many of the figures are resins, but some nice vinyl minis are available too. The two shown in this post are vinyl. I would be really interested to know how he produced the vinyls.

Lil’ Hedo header…
Lil' Hedo Header

There is a great handmade feel to these, and though they originate in Arizona, I feel the sculpts have a real Japanese aesthetic to them. Nice little Handmade headers too! Grab some while you can…low numbers, great sculpts and paint apps, super prices, and FREE shipping and stickers with your order!

Here are the stickers I received (couple of cool pins too!)…
KiLL! Stickers!

Click any image above to visit his website to order. KiLL! has a myspace as well HERE.


Breaking Thanksgiving News!

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A surprise attack on Fort Point, at the base of the GG bridge, photographed by REdYOdA…

Turkzilla Attacks!


Reporters have just uncovered the location of a top secret government nuclear testing facility in operation on Alcatraz Island. The discovery has also revealed the existence of “Project Wishbone“…an attempt to make giant turkeys for the holidays…using highly experimental nuclear enhanced stem cells. Funding for the project has been revealed to come from taxpayer dollars and Stove Top (the makers of stuffing).

How the giant turkeys were to be cooked remains unknown at this time.

Captured scientists…
Creators of Turkzilla

Rogue mad Scientist #1:

“We had no problems with enlarging the Alcatraz lab cat… plus the Area 51 guys had this really big turkey…a 75 pounder, for their Thanksgiving feast…we just wanted a bigger one.”

Rogue mad Scientist #2:


Photo showing Alcatraz Lab’s first experiment…their cat ‘Freaky’…
Alcatraz lab's cat

The U.S. President now fears that we will need Japan’s aid and have to re-awaken the mighty Godzilla to deal with the humongous avian terror. The military is having no success in bringing down the mindless bird…

“It’s using an eardrum shattering ‘sonic gobble’ and is also able to breathe a deadly nuclear fire. The casulties are very high.”

Godzilla may be our last hope…
Who would win? sincerely hopes that you can still have a wonderful Thanksgiving in light of these tragic events.

New Space Ape!

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Hurry! Ebay auction 6′ tall and only 3 days left!

I’m not really sure what to say about this…so I’ll let the seller do the talking…
“Dear Buyer, You are bidding on an life size monkey astronaut statue. This statue is about 6′ tall, is made of resin and is hand painted. You can also put this statue outside because it is unaffected by rain or snow. The dimensions for this statue are about 33″(L)x 31″(W)x 75″(H). It is a monkey astronaut in a white spacesuit and he is also holding his helmet, there are also other details and colors on the spacesuit as well. It would also look good in your bar, basement, or restaurant and would make a nice gift for a person who likes astornauts. The shipping is $245.00. THIS STATUE IS OUT OF STOCK and will get to the winner within 2-3 months after we receive payment”

If you are actually interested in a 6 foot monkey in a space suit…click the pic above…and best of luck to you.

I think I’ll stick to the fantastic limited Max Toy/Toygraph… Mizaru-1 sculpt by Mark Nagata for my space ape needs!

From the Space Troopers line and available to the public on Black Friday! Pics of the painted sculpt and more info over at Toybot Studios. Click pics below to head over to Max Toy!

Mizaru-1 Headers

Mizaru-1 Unpainted

More info on the story behind Mizaru-1 at Mark’s Toy Karma Blog (scroll down about 3/4 page).

Keronia Custom

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Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do ‘em all together, I guess.” … Elvis 1956

Phffftt  Surrp“… Keronia Seijin 1967

You never know where inspiration will come…for me this time, it was seeing an image of Elvis in his gold lame’ suit…

Keronia & the King

Besides their love of flashy clothing, these two don’t have much in common. Keronia is the cabbage headed alien bent on world domination from Ultraman episode 31. Elvis is the King of  Rock ‘n’ Roll.

One more…
Keronia Seijin Custom

The Keronia custom is a 1991 flesh vinyl figure produced by M1-Go.
Larger pics over at flickr.

R/C Giant Robo

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Johnny Sokko

Well, since I can’t see dropping $800+ for the new R/C Mecha Godzilla…I got what I felt was the next best thing…an R/C Giant Robo…and saved about $750!

This Giant Robo is produced to coincide with the show’s 40th anniversary and made in China by a company I just cannot discern…the box is entirely in Chinese and without any recognizable logo.

The robot does seem to be extremely well made and worked perfectly out of the box…though it did arrive with dead batteries. It takes 4 AA for the robot and 2 AAA for the remote (or Giant Robo Control Unit)…

The Giant Robo Control Unit

Able to perform a variety of maneuvers flawlessly by remote with sound effects and lights, it’s a pretty cool toy! The look of it is a little off in places… but it’s still instantly recognizable as the iconic robot. The robot stands about 14″ tall. He does get a little off balance at times…and I had him fall over once…but that’s what I get for trying to make him do a pirouette.

Giant Robo demonstration…or me trying to figure out the remote…

To see the real ‘Jaianto Roboin action…you can watch quite a few episodes for FREE over at And here is the Wiki.

Robots Rule!

The Henchman Frog

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You lookin at me?

I finally got my hands on one of these great figures from Yamomark. I was having a hard time tracking one down…but luckily Super7 got a few in and I was able to snag one…they sold out in less than an hour! As soon as I saw the early pictures of this guy, I knew I had to have one…it makes me laugh.

Frog School Gang Leaders!

Over at Yamomark Japan’s website, the cute, yet menacing frogs are actually called “Frog School Gang Leaders” (the little frog sculpts still have quite a long tail…implying youth).  Though, when I first saw one, I immediately thought of the lower level Japanese Yakuza who often wear cheap jogging suits. That thinking inspired the top photo of The Yakuza Frog walking the neon streets of Tokyo.

Header Card (which features other Yamomark characters)…
Yamomark Frog Header

I hope I can find a few more of the colorways later on (I was only able to get the clear painted version)…I think they would look great standing around together…looking for trouble and smoking butts. Plus, they are only a hair over 3″ tall so they don’t take up too much room!

I made a picture of this guy for the Kaiju Art Collection too…

The Henchman Frog!

btw…frog in Japanese is ” kaeru” …pronounced KAH EH ROO. Don’t you feel smarter now?

Godzilla and Gigan Battle from Zone Fighter!

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From 1973’s Zone Fighter Episode #11

Godzilla & Gigan both make cameos and have a throwdown…

In the clip above you will see Godzilla attempting to help Hikaru Sakimori (Zone Fighter) from being killed in an automobile crusher. Gigan appears before Gojira can get to the trapped racer and a ferociously campy battle ensues. Using his best boxing techniques, Nuclear breath, and some amusing tail smashing action, Godzilla is able to put Gigan down…or so he thinks…

Not shown in the clip (maybe I’ll upload the next scene later on)…

After Godzilla destroys the power to the automobile crusher, saving Hikaru, he leaves the area believing Gigan to be dead. Gigan will soon re-awaken and have to be dealt with all over again…this time by Zone Fighter himself. The giant hero Zone Fighter is able to finally defeat Gigan once and for all by using a devastating missile attack.

Thanks Megaro-Goji!

…and here’s Part 2!