New Space Ape!


Hurry! Ebay auction 6′ tall and only 3 days left!

I’m not really sure what to say about this…so I’ll let the seller do the talking…
“Dear Buyer, You are bidding on an life size monkey astronaut statue. This statue is about 6′ tall, is made of resin and is hand painted. You can also put this statue outside because it is unaffected by rain or snow. The dimensions for this statue are about 33″(L)x 31″(W)x 75″(H). It is a monkey astronaut in a white spacesuit and he is also holding his helmet, there are also other details and colors on the spacesuit as well. It would also look good in your bar, basement, or restaurant and would make a nice gift for a person who likes astornauts. The shipping is $245.00. THIS STATUE IS OUT OF STOCK and will get to the winner within 2-3 months after we receive payment”

If you are actually interested in a 6 foot monkey in a space suit…click the pic above…and best of luck to you.

I think I’ll stick to the fantastic limited Max Toy/Toygraph… Mizaru-1 sculpt by Mark Nagata for my space ape needs!

From the Space Troopers line and available to the public on Black Friday! Pics of the painted sculpt and more info over at Toybot Studios. Click pics below to head over to Max Toy!

Mizaru-1 Headers

Mizaru-1 Unpainted

More info on the story behind Mizaru-1 at Mark’s Toy Karma Blog (scroll down about 3/4 page).


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