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Happy New Year!!!

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Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!
Man, these guys are really trashing my place!
…It’s almost like they
destroying things… wishes you a Happy and Prosperous 2009!!! …and of course…hopes for lots of new kaiju toys and movies in the New Year!


Check out the New Year happenings in Tokyo…but remember Midnight in Tokyo is 12/31 7:00AM U.S. Pacific time!

Here’s a cool real time+moveable webcam from Shibuya in TokyoClick Pic below! (On the webcam page just click any area you want to visit…wait for pic to load and then click the arrows to move the camera!)

To Shibuya LIVE webcams!

Click this pic for the Tokyo Tower Cam!…
Tokyo Tower LIVE webcam!


One of the fun Japanese New Year traditions is Lucky Bags or ‘Fukubukuro‘. These colorful bags are offered by businesses and department stores and often contain something really special, one of a kind, or worth much more than the lucky bag’s selling price.
Of course, Kaiju toy producers get in on the fukubukuro action too! Some of the most sought after vinyls have been past lucky bag offerings. Problem is, they can be very hard to get a hold of…and usually sell out extremely fast…especially for those of us that aren’t in Japan in the first place!

Well, here is a great one to try and nab this year…available 1/1/09 at 7:00 am US pacific time… A hand painted Tokoji Seijin by Koji Harmon of Comet Debris…lucky bag style and no two figures will be alike!

Good Luck!

Tokoji Seijin Luck Bags!


We want your women…

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Just 5 of that so much to ask???

The Mysterians!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection from the 1957 TOHO film: “Earth Defense Force“. The image above is one of the film’s alien baddies known as a ‘Mysterian’ from the U.S. release in 1959… “The Mysterians“.

A small request…

After destroying their own planet ‘Mysteroid‘ with wars, the helmeted humanoid aliens escape to Mars for a rather lengthy stay. The Mysterians decide to leave Mars eons later to head for planet Earth, why you may ask? I guess…though it is never explained...they decide to leave Mars because they have one major problem…theirs is a dying species without women to perpetuate their dwindling numbers!

Having landed on Earth, they make their case known, with a little show of power by a giant robot they bring a long named ‘Moguera‘.

All we want is 3 kilometers of land…and uhh…
That's cool...right?

This early tokusatsu film really is great fun to watch…fantastic aliens, bizarre costumes, and the aforementioned giant robot: Moguera (who btw is the first giant robot in a TOHO film!) Heck, it’s made by the same TOHO super team of  Tanaka/Honda/Tsuburaya/Ifukube that brought Gojira to life!  The film also features a lot of returning cast that you’ll recognize from the original 1954 Godzilla… including the lovely heroine of both films: Momoko Kôchi.

Hiroko gets snatched…

I like your other helmet soo much better!

Moguera…maybe not the most terrifying giant robot we’ve ever seen…

Don't let appearances fool you!

The figure used for the Mysterian image at the top of this post is the great M1-Go 2001 release with blue cape and helmet (M1 also released red and yellow versions as in the film).

Here is the English trailer for the ’59 release of “The Mysterians”…

Happy Holidays!!!

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Well, maybe Guiron wasn’t the right kaiju to play Santa this year…Oh well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from!

This is a really busy month for me…so posts have been a little sporadic as of late. I hope to get back on track for the New Year.
I do wish all of you the very best…and I hope that you get that vinyl ‘grail‘ you’ve been searching for under your tree this year!

1800×1200 Header Card background I made to use for this site’s own ‘header’. It makes a kinda cool wallpaper, click to enlarge…

Random Header cards

LASH Custom Dororu

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Hello there...

1/1 Custom Shikaruna Koubu Dororu by LASH …

Word on the street… is that Rich M. (LASH) is going to get the opportunity to work his V-Color magic on a special production run of custom Dororu’s. Though Shikaruna has released quite a few of their own 1/1 handpaints of this figure… besides the original limited red color…this would be the first Dorol offering via a collaboration for the figure…quite an honor if you ask meSK has become one of the most respected and sought after vinyl figure producers on the scene.


To get a feel for the figure (it’s massive)…LASH painted up the red one he already had… and then was kind enough to offer it up for sale to the covetous kaiju collecting masses. I had to jump at this opportunity! I feel that LASH is becoming (or already is) one of the foremost custom vinyl artists going …right up there with Paul Kaiju, Nagata, Dead Presidents, etc…plus this piece just looks freakin’ spectacular!

Back Troubles...ouch.

As I understand it…the custom Dororu that I received will look nothing like his upcoming limited production colorway. Reproducing this complicated paint app would just be too time consuming.  So this was just a test run…

Dororu aka Dorol aka fucking awesome skull beast.

…a very successful test indeed. Thanks Rich!

And don’t forget to visit LASH’s website: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore or his Flickr to see more pics of his amazing custom vinyls!

Really looking forward to the limited run…can’t wait to see the colorway LASH chooses. Only problem is that I don’t think my shelves can bear THREE of these guys! I’m sure I’ll think of something though^^

Ohh...don't look so's a great color on you...really!

Ohh...don't look so's a great color on you...really!

HERE is a link to my previous post on LASH’s first solo show right here in SF…this is where I got totally hooked on his work and picked up my first piece.

Cyclops Cone!

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I received  a custom Cyclops Cone from the talented Canadian… Sebastian Curadeau today!

Custom Cyclops Cone!

I’ve wanted one of these since I saw one on Mark Nagata’s Toy Karma back in July. I’m not usually a big ‘plush’ fanatic…but these were just too cool!  Plus, I have a soft spot for anything ‘cyclops’.

The ‘Cones‘ are made from a kind of sparkly vinyl…the kind you’d find on old roadside Diner seats. The eyes and mouth are made from leather that he hand cuts and dyes. The one I had made measures 18″ tall, but you can also get a 24″…and he’s even made a few pretty wild 3 foot ‘triple scoop’ versions! Sebastian offers plush creations that are pre-made (if they’re not sold out)…or you can go all custom.

I think he must be a Japanese monster fan too…check out the packaging…a giant custom made vinyl bag and header!
Kaiju style packaging!

Sebastian has created other special custom orders as well…check out this Gort!

While corresponding with Sebastian, I had…what I thought… to be a brilliant original idea of getting a custom Ultraman made in the sparkling vinyl…but guess who beat me to the punch…Mr. Nagata… of course (he does kinda like Ultraman, so I don’t mind)! So hopefully we’ll get to see that once it’s completed. Sebastian did mention a Hedorah is in the works though…now that will be sweet!

Check out Sebastian Curadeau’s Cone’s blog HERE for ordering info…and to check out some of his other plush art.

Hey! You Dirty Cyclops Dog…Get off that!!!
Bad Cyclops Demon Dog!

Oh…I forgot to add…It GLOWS too!

Glows... +1


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What’s wrong with this picture?…

What a pain in the ass!

Well for starters…two heads facing opposite directions…this poor kaiju doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…it’s Magnetudon!  Talk about an identity crisis…sheesh!

Magnetudon, from 1971’s Spectreman, is summoned and controlled by the evil blond mentioned here a couple of posts ago…Dr Gori!

This unfortunate monster has a Mole head, which is fond of burrowing beneath the Earth and causing earthquakes, and a Catfish…well,…ass. The Catfish side of his personality prefers to swim the Earth’s oceans and cause massive tidal waves that wreak havoc on Japan’s coastal cities.

These two seem pretty happy with their predicament…
Are two heads really better than one?

The figure used in the images above is the CCP Toys 2002 Magnetudon from their Spectreman Series. The figure is 9″ tall. This is an absolute favorite of mine by CCP…great colors, and the expressions on the two faces are pretty humorous. The whole sculpt is just interesting and bizarre.


As with many kaiju creations in Japan, there is often a mythological beast used for inspiration… I’m not really sure about the Mole part…but I believe the Catfish is in reference to ‘Namazu‘, the earthquake causing catfish from Japanese legend…


Having a fish head for an ass also gets you more screen time…Magnetudon appears in two back-to-back episodes of Spectreman… Episode 15: “A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo“, and Episode 16: “Retaliation of Magnetudon“.

Below are the youtube versions of the episode uploaded by the great Spectreman.Net!

Oh!…one more thing, Episode 16 contains perhaps one of the greatest lines of dialog…that I promise you’ll never hear anywhwere…ever.

Dr. Gori…“You idiot!   Don’t burrow in the ground like a mole…Come up and fight… like a Catfish!!”


New Ultra Kaiju Anatomy Book

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2008 Kaiju Anatomical Illustration book from the ‘Ultra’ series!

I picked up this copy recently and thought I would share some scans and a link to purchase your own!


This new soft cover book (175 pages) is loaded with ultra-fantastic anatomical illustrations of kaiju from the Ultra Series (Ultra Q – Ultraman Ace). The book spans monsters (most, but not all) depicted in the Ultra TV programs from 1966-1973. These are reprinted versions of popular kaiju illustrations made during the 60’s-80’s.

A truly great collection of some rare kaiju art!

Click any pic to enlarge…











If you are interested in a copy…HERE is a link to purchase through Amazon Japan.
Don’t be intimidated by the the Japanese language Amazon page…it’s easy!
I’ve already linked to the English translated page (If not, just click in the upper right)…add to your cart…put in your usual Amazon password, and continue to checkout…Easy!
Yes, shipping will be a little high and the Dollar to Yen conversion really sucks right now…but your simply not going to find this book in the States. Shipping is really quite fast too…I live in San Francisco and got it in 3 days!