LASH Custom Dororu

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1/1 Custom Shikaruna Koubu Dororu by LASH …

Word on the street… is that Rich M. (LASH) is going to get the opportunity to work his V-Color magic on a special production run of custom Dororu’s. Though Shikaruna has released quite a few of their own 1/1 handpaints of this figure… besides the original limited red color…this would be the first Dorol offering via a collaboration for the figure…quite an honor if you ask meSK has become one of the most respected and sought after vinyl figure producers on the scene.


To get a feel for the figure (it’s massive)…LASH painted up the red one he already had… and then was kind enough to offer it up for sale to the covetous kaiju collecting masses. I had to jump at this opportunity! I feel that LASH is becoming (or already is) one of the foremost custom vinyl artists going …right up there with Paul Kaiju, Nagata, Dead Presidents, etc…plus this piece just looks freakin’ spectacular!

Back Troubles...ouch.

As I understand it…the custom Dororu that I received will look nothing like his upcoming limited production colorway. Reproducing this complicated paint app would just be too time consuming.  So this was just a test run…

Dororu aka Dorol aka fucking awesome skull beast.

…a very successful test indeed. Thanks Rich!

And don’t forget to visit LASH’s website: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore or his Flickr to see more pics of his amazing custom vinyls!

Really looking forward to the limited run…can’t wait to see the colorway LASH chooses. Only problem is that I don’t think my shelves can bear THREE of these guys! I’m sure I’ll think of something though^^

Ohh...don't look so's a great color on you...really!

Ohh...don't look so's a great color on you...really!

HERE is a link to my previous post on LASH’s first solo show right here in SF…this is where I got totally hooked on his work and picked up my first piece.


2 Responses to “LASH Custom Dororu”

  1. awesome score!….keep up the SK hunt!

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