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Kaita no Ossan painted by Hiroshi Goto

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From Kaiju-Taro’s upload on youtube 1/28/09…

Kaita no Ossan is a mascot character for the great Matsuyama toy shop… Kaiju-Taro. Shown here, the little key-chain pendant is getting a Gold paint job by legendary master painter Goto-san!

More about Hiroshi Goto?

I think Mark Nagata’s post from his Toy Karma blog…where he writes of his very special meeting with the master painter sums it up best…read it HERE.


My absolute favorite Japanese store to order from… they gladly ship worldwide and have an English version of their blog and online store. Plus, the only place I know that stocks the elusive & terrifically toxic V-Color vinyl paint.

The Kaita no Ossan pendants are now available from Kaiju-Taro’s great DIY ‘Solid‘ unpainted line.

You can get one HERE

Now I can’t wait to paint mine…

That's gotta hurt!


Kaiju-Taro posted the finished Goto-san versions on his flickr…

Pic by Kaiju-Taro


Space Trooper Flying Saucer!

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Do you believe?

The Space Trooper /Death Climax line

To be honest…I really didn’t get into the whole Toygraph Space Trooper craze. I thought they were cool and all…just that I’m more into the kaiju…besides that, the Troopers were also pretty expensive (the biggest deterrent).  I DO have a big soft spot for retro flying saucers and space toys though…so when I saw this…vinyl + flying saucer + Space Troopers + glows + LED’s = buy now!

Trooper in cockpit…

I can't feel my legs!

“I can’t feel my legs!”

The little 7″ circumference, 5″ tall saucer has a removable cockpit and a clear dome top…but not a removable Trooper. Too bad.

Dome is made from vinyl too!

Glow and LED's!

The whole exterior cockpit is made from glow vinyl…though only the upper edge shows after inserting into the saucer section. As I mentioned, this is the LED version, and I was really hoping for a little more in that department. It would have been great if the Trooper and some of the interior controls lit up, but alas…just the little space traveler’s head does…

Hmm...changes color!

Hmm…changes colors!

Lack of cockpit LED’s and non-removable Trooper aside…the thing is pretty damn cool looking! Plus the LED’s are extremely sensitive... Sometimes it comes on when I just look at it funny…

In the cockpit…

How many times can I say Cockpit

I just want to see how many times I can say ‘Cockpit’.

The coolest part about the whole toy imo… is that it is ALL VINYL! No plastic to be found anywhere.

The dome, saucer, landing struts, interior COCKPIT, and the Trooper are all quality vinyl. I’ve seen vehicles made from vinyl before, take M1’s Atragon, but none are this intricate and with so many parts. The saucer section must have been quite difficult to design for production in vinyl. Quite an achievement on Toygraph’s part!

Death Climax stamp…

Death Climax line

Saucer Section

Probably hard to make!

This version is limited to 80 Pieces and comes bagged with a header card…

Header Card

Now I have a special installment of video…made in about an hour and a half (it shows!) with annoying space sound effects created on my MicroKorg synth, enjoy…


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What's the big deal?

New for the Kaiju Art Collection it’s Agasukeron from Wombat!

Now I don’t personally know the folks behind Wombat Toys…but I can tell you that they are big fans of vintage Pachimon trading cards and the wonderful artwork of Shigeru Komatsuzaki. Nearly all of their vinyl releases are directly based on the vintage art depicted on these trading cards. More info and pics on Pachimon can be found in my Galtan post.

Here’s the original Pachi for Agasukeron (click to enlarge)…

Agasukeron Pachi!

There are four versions of this one-eyed furry beast…and imo the sculpt nailed the vintage artwork just perfectly! Each Agasukeron is limited to just 20 pieces and stand appx. 9″ tall. The vinyl quality and paint is top notch. The version I used for the image at the top of the post is the 2006 first release with the original Pachimon colorway.

Wombat Agasukeron releases…


I love the happy, yet surprised look of this guy!

Visit their website to see other Wombat releases. Their last post on the site was in Oct.08…hopefully we’ll still see more from the small toy company. I must mention the header card as well… featuring what elsea real Wombat!…

I want a pet Wombat.

Chinese 18″ Ultraman

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About a year ago I decided I wanted a large Ultraman in the classic ‘Spacium Ray’ crossed arms pose for display…without paying too much $$$, I found this guy…

(Shown here with the M1 9″ Hyata for size reference)

Ultraman & Hyata

This Chinese made electronic figure set me back about $40. Made by a company called Ruishi Culture Developing Co. (that’s a strange name) in 2004, under official license from Tsuburaya, I thought it looked pretty good regarding detail and proportion.Ruishi 18" Ultraman

It came boxed and attached to a stand with the Ultraman logo…I removed the stand by unscrewing the feet, it just took up too much room! Below is the picture from Ruishi’s website (in English too!)…browse through the ‘Toys’ section and you will see a massive amount of Ultra toys! They make everything from Ultra-underwear to Ultra cutlery!

Ruishi Pic

Here’s a nice Ultra-Mask & Weapon ‘Assenbly’…


Now my one issue with this toy…like I mentioned, it’s electronic, so I popped in 4 AA’s and viola…

Well, besides Ultraman’s weird jerky ‘pop & lock‘ moves…wtf does he say? Sounds like a female voice to me. I do like the little Ultraman theme snipet though.

All in all, I’d say it’s pretty cool for a large display figure… and so what if my Ultraman speaks Chinese and sounds likes girl!

Hyata’s ‘Beta Capsule‘ … just for fun…

Beta Capsule

Takara Invaders

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Destroy All Humans!

I thought I’d break out the 1998 Takara Vinyl Invaders for some new HDR images. These 12″ vinyl version Invaders are a homage to the 1970’s hard plastic 8″ versions. There are 3 Aliens in all… Invaders Z (shown above), Invader J (below), and Invader O (shown on package box only, I didn’t open that one).

Invader 'J'

The Invaders all have removable heads…concealing their evil robot brains inside…

Surprise! I’m really a…well…Evil Alien ROBOT Invader!

Invader Z shows you his head.

Available in vinyl are the Invaders shown here as well as the King Walder Monsters. Pics of all of them…HERE! Besides the glitter vinyl and the cool sculpts, the best thing about these three…they can be found pretty cheap!

One more of Alien Invader ‘J’…

Invader 'J'


Invader's Packaging

EDIT: Forgot that I had this image of the ’70’s ad for the original 8″ Invaders…Click to enlarge

OG Takara Invaders Advertisement

New Links Page!

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Look for this on the sidebar to visit the new links section…


Links to Blogs, Essential websites, Toy producers, Online stores, Yahoo Japan Auctions, and Japanese language purchasing!

I know I’m missing a few things and may have overlooked others…so please comment if you know of a website or blog that should be on the list.

I’ve compiled this list of links from my own, very disorganized, bookmarks and from various other websites offering links. I was getting tired of trying to find them all on my PC or going through various other websites. I really hope this links page helps you as much as it will me! My goal is to make it as comprehensive as possible and I will update constantly. Please help by pointing out sites that I’ve most surely forgotten to add!

Custom Meterica M1 Titanosaurus!

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I took a little break from painting customs…but started in again this week and finished up this guy…

Titanosaurus Side View

Such a great sculpt on the 1997 M1Go Titanosaurus…I love the evil looking almond shaped eyes and his toothy grin!


For his skin coloring I wanted to create an iridescent like appearance. I started with a black base coat and layered over purple, silver, and greens (I’m still really into metallic!). Highlights are in reds, gold, and purples.  I think he turned out fairly well for the most part…

Titanosaurus Side 2

Thanks to Anthony for hooking me up with the blank figure!

Titanosaurus is from 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla. It’s his only appearance in the Godzilla franchise.

Here is a cool video showing the Mighty T doing what he does. His voice sounds like they sampled Elephant to me.