Toygraph Tokyo Tower

Ultra Q Tokyo Tower!

Finally got around to taking shots of the adorable 2006 ‘Ultra Q Tokyo Tower’ by Toygraph!

I really do enjoy the Toygraph vinyls…this small Japanese toy company definitely takes a more whimsical approach in their highly recognizable sculpting style. The toy company just had a major hit in the last quarter of 2008 with their Space Troopers line. Here are some ClubTokyo links to a few of their ‘cuter‘ sculpts:

The Vinyl Ultra Q Tokyo Towers were released in 2006 and feature these Ultra Q monsters…

Goro (no, I’m not King Kong Damnit!) the ape kaiju…

..and it's not the Eiffel Tower!

Eyeryone’s favorite money muching kaiju… Kanegon!

Did I cause the econmic crisis?

Creepy Alien Kemur Seijin…


…and Hanging out at the base of the Tower It’s Namegon, the giant Snail and Mongler, the Mole monster…


There is a glow version of the Ultra Q tower available as well…which seems to be a bit more common, but usually more expensive. There are also two Toygraph ‘TOHO’ kaiju Towers which features…Mothra, Godzilla, Baragon, Hedorah, and either Ebirah or Gorosaurus. Apparently Ebirah had to be removed due to a licensing issue.

All of the Towers stand appx. 14″ tall with the three upper kaiju separately bagged.

These Towers are definately worth picking up…if you can find one that’s not too expensive. The detail and paint on each little monster is pretty well done…and these Towers look fantastic displayed with your full size vinyls!


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