What's the big deal?

New for the Kaiju Art Collection it’s Agasukeron from Wombat!

Now I don’t personally know the folks behind Wombat Toys…but I can tell you that they are big fans of vintage Pachimon trading cards and the wonderful artwork of Shigeru Komatsuzaki. Nearly all of their vinyl releases are directly based on the vintage art depicted on these trading cards. More info and pics on Pachimon can be found in my Galtan post.

Here’s the original Pachi for Agasukeron (click to enlarge)…

Agasukeron Pachi!

There are four versions of this one-eyed furry beast…and imo the sculpt nailed the vintage artwork just perfectly! Each Agasukeron is limited to just 20 pieces and stand appx. 9″ tall. The vinyl quality and paint is top notch. The version I used for the image at the top of the post is the 2006 first release with the original Pachimon colorway.

Wombat Agasukeron releases…


I love the happy, yet surprised look of this guy!

Visit their website to see other Wombat releases. Their last post on the site was in Oct.08…hopefully we’ll still see more from the small toy company. I must mention the header card as well… featuring what elsea real Wombat!…

I want a pet Wombat.


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