Space Trooper Flying Saucer!

Do you believe?

The Space Trooper /Death Climax line

To be honest…I really didn’t get into the whole Toygraph Space Trooper craze. I thought they were cool and all…just that I’m more into the kaiju…besides that, the Troopers were also pretty expensive (the biggest deterrent).  I DO have a big soft spot for retro flying saucers and space toys though…so when I saw this…vinyl + flying saucer + Space Troopers + glows + LED’s = buy now!

Trooper in cockpit…

I can't feel my legs!

“I can’t feel my legs!”

The little 7″ circumference, 5″ tall saucer has a removable cockpit and a clear dome top…but not a removable Trooper. Too bad.

Dome is made from vinyl too!

Glow and LED's!

The whole exterior cockpit is made from glow vinyl…though only the upper edge shows after inserting into the saucer section. As I mentioned, this is the LED version, and I was really hoping for a little more in that department. It would have been great if the Trooper and some of the interior controls lit up, but alas…just the little space traveler’s head does…

Hmm...changes color!

Hmm…changes colors!

Lack of cockpit LED’s and non-removable Trooper aside…the thing is pretty damn cool looking! Plus the LED’s are extremely sensitive... Sometimes it comes on when I just look at it funny…

In the cockpit…

How many times can I say Cockpit

I just want to see how many times I can say ‘Cockpit’.

The coolest part about the whole toy imo… is that it is ALL VINYL! No plastic to be found anywhere.

The dome, saucer, landing struts, interior COCKPIT, and the Trooper are all quality vinyl. I’ve seen vehicles made from vinyl before, take M1’s Atragon, but none are this intricate and with so many parts. The saucer section must have been quite difficult to design for production in vinyl. Quite an achievement on Toygraph’s part!

Death Climax stamp…

Death Climax line

Saucer Section

Probably hard to make!

This version is limited to 80 Pieces and comes bagged with a header card…

Header Card

Now I have a special installment of video…made in about an hour and a half (it shows!) with annoying space sound effects created on my MicroKorg synth, enjoy…


9 Responses to “Space Trooper Flying Saucer!”

  1. chimply.kaiju Says:

    It’s funny you did a article on the toygraph space troopers, as i just got into them a week and half ago. I thought they were cool when i first started seeing them, but did not want to shell out the big bucks for a small little figure as such, especially since they were coming out with so many different types and lot of my funds were mainly going into other kaiju toys. Last thing i need was to burn more of a hole in my pocket. A friend of mine in Japan sent me one of the astro zombie space troopers and now i’m addicted, lol. I have 3 in my posession now, expected another 2 from ebay, and from my friend in Japan another 3 more with the newer saucer all from the recent Super Fest 48 from sometime by the end of the week. Space Troopers have invaded my wallet, lol.

  2. chimply.kaiju Says:

    FYI – Awesome vid and effects!

  3. Ha thanks, I was home sick with the flu, so I made the video out of boredom.

    Yeah, the troopers are better in groups! (or Platoons I guess!) Hope you’ll post a pic of them all together when they all land at your door.

    I’m hoping to pick up a few more in the coming year too.

  4. chimply.kaiju Says:

    Get better Nate. And of course i’ll have them all in a group photo. I was trying to locate my Iron Joe Marmit Biollante, to take a few pics up close to the Biollante’s mouth to make him look more of a giant space alien fighting between the troopers.

    Well that vid you made certainly spells sequel, That should be fun watch if you do another, lol.

  5. chimply.kaiju Says:

    I’ve name my color head space trooper, Joe. Follow his wacky adventure at my flickr:

    Is it me or do those uncolor head/clear versions just spell custom color me all over? lol.

  6. Great “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster
    and the video is treat too!

  7. chimply.kaiju Says:

    Hey, your flying saucer video is listed on the official Toygraph blog today. I thought that was pretty cool.

  8. Thanks for the heads-up Anthony!
    Too bad they don’t link it or have a picture.
    Cool anyways!

  9. chimply.kaiju Says:

    Yeah, i was surprise it wasn’t a direct link. But cool none the less.

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