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First of 2 Longneck Customs I have planned for the “It Came From Skullbrain” photography & custom vinyl show happening April 18th at the Super 7 retail store in San Francisco!

Another ‘unofficial flyer’…

Staring the Henchman Frog

ERUPTION! Gas Bawer…

This was an idea I had pretty much the first time I saw a Gas Bawer…I mean it’s kind of a no-brainer really…it’s got a volcano for a head!
Problem was… how the heck do you make it smoke without destroying the paint & vinyl and without having smelly smoke setting off fire alarms? 

Doing his thing…

Spewing smoke

Glowing lava inside the volcano

still spewing


Eruption Gas Bawer

The Mini Fog Machine

That’s technically what this little electronic device is, as it uses the same fluid as the big fog machines at rock concerts or clubs. This miniature device was really designed to be used as a magic trick prop. The trick… putting a cigarette out in your shirt pocket and nonchalantly going about your performance as smoke starts billowing from the pocket. I’m sure it would have many other uses for magic!

The volcano unit

After much testing, I found that the ‘smoke’ dissipates about 10-15 inches away from the unit and has zero residue. The stuff is designed for shows, so it really just disappears! Most importantly, it seems to have zero effect on the paint or vinyl… plus there is a cool little red LED that emits light the inside of the volcano!

Only a very small amount of fluid (I actually use a syringe!) is used in the tiny fluid reservoir. There is really no chance of spillage unless you were to turn the Bawer upside down. The unit is turned off and on by operating the switch inside the mouth of the volcano. 

oh yeah…he bites!

watch out!

Coming soon…hopefully!

My next custom for the show is a Longneck (I can’t seem to locate a website for them???) Dempagon. Hopefully tomorrow I will receive the final electronics I need for it’s added ‘ability’. I’ve got to get it put together before I can paint it… so I really have nothing to show yet. So far the electronics work fine…it’s just adapting them to the Dempa that’s a little challenging.  What does it do? I will say… I do love old analog synthesizers!


The Wrestler

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Some kind of goofy wrestling vibe going on today…

I had plans to finally get around to watching “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke later tonight,  and earlier I had got into a random discussion with a friend about the movie: “They Live“, starring Pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piperand I received my hard-to-find Calamari Wrestler in the mail!

…I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulk Hogan showed up at my door any minute 😉

The Calamari Wrestler

CW & Girls

This 2004 film is easily one of my favorites out of Japan. I’ve watched it more than a few times and I always find it hilarious and bizarre (in a good way)!

I had heard that there was a Medicom CW vinyl figure, but I just couldn’t seem to find one…that was until a very kind skullbrainer let me know he was setting his free...thanks Future Man!

I already had an entire set of the rare key chain figures from the film, so without further ado, the wrestling Cephalapod & friends…


Meditating Ika

Time to shop…

Shopping Ika

Stealth Mode…


Lets get it on…


With the Manager & Lawyers…

No Photos!

Too much pressure…

Too much to bear!

Ika’s just need some space…

I need some space

Thanks for viewing…how bout’ a little squeeze…

Don't worry...I won't hurt you...

Minoru Kawasaki

CW director Minoru Kawasaki has done some really really funny and original films. Some of my personal favorites include:

Executive Koala ( kinda like CW but with a murderous Koala…Executive.), The World Sinks Except Japan ( Another must see!), Kani Goalkeeper ( A giant crab on a soccer team…a classic!), Rug Cop (A Detective uses his bad toupee as a weapon…one of Kawasaki’s funniest!),  and Kabuto-O Beetle ( see the hot Otaku Girl Shokotan in this one!)

And also be on the lookout for Kawasaki’s upcoming:  ‘Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit‘ starring Guilala!

Here’s a few Kawasaki film Trailers…

Godzilla Commercials

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Like most movie stars…Gojira likes to make a little extra Yen on the side doing TV spots…

Honey Nut Cheerios…

A really bad roar dub for Jomo Gas Station and G gets excited about light bulbs…

Goji hates Cola & Lemonade in the classic Dr. Pepper spot…

Goji sells out for Nike…and gets owned by Charles Barkley…

Konica Film…looks like Godzilla attacks New York, see the WT Towers. Why is that guy so happy in the end?

There are a few more Goji spots out there…but I can’t post them all. Not to mention the tons of Goji-Like monsters used in commercials that keep the TOHO sue-monster constantly busy.

Like this Thai wannabe…I love this one!

Here’s an impostor Goji for Speed Cash…

It Came From Skullbrain!

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Well, that’s not the official flier…there isn’t one yet…

ICFSB! Imagery of Japanese Toys & Customs Show!

April 18th at the Super 7  Store in San Francisco

Artists include (from the Skullbrain list)…

Toybot Studios
El Maz
Ricky Wilson
Jared Deal
Scott Gargus
Toby Dutkiewicz
Brent Nolasco
Rebel Wookiee
McBoing Boing
Steve Poysntixels
Jason Riggle
Dead Presidents
Robert De Castro
Chris Bryan
Mr Grzlli Atom
Jesse Hernandez
Dustin Cantrell
Leonard Amaral
Lou Pimentel
Sean Blay
Cliff Kirschner
Benjamin Seto
Josh Herbolsheimer

I’m seriously excited for this show! I have one piece finished for the custom part…though I haven’t decided on an image yet. Some crazy talented artists are showing in this…it promises to be a really special event!

The show is now closed for artists. Visit or for more info!

Hope to see you there!


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Ultraman, Ultraman Seven, &  Ultraman Jack Vehicles!

...Plus a few bonus Gundam & OG Battlestar Galactica thrown in!

Ultra cool Papercraft!

All provided by the Japanese papercraft site: Papertoybox

Just click ‘Download’ on the left to get the PDF file. Print on sturdy paper and start gluing!

I think I must build the Ultraman Pointer!…

MAT Pointer
If monsters are more your thing? Kaiju papercraft…HERE

Elegab’s Kaiju Patrol Car!

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I had to share this from sculptor & toymaker ‘Elegab’s’ blog…because it is just such a great concept!

It’s only in the prototype stage now…but so very cool!

The ‘Kaiju Patrol Car”!!!

Kaiju Patrol Car!

Shown with DT’s mini passengers: Mimigiras and another new mini sculpt…Damegon!

Tiny Terrible Passengers!

Now imagine this toy all painted up with a variety of interchangeable passengers…so awesome! The little DT mini figures are only about 2 inches tall…so it wouldn’t even be a complete shelf hog!

One more pic…being attacked by Dokuro Tarou’s first real ‘full size’ monster sculpt: Shatorugon!


Shatorugon (or Shuttlegon…there’s a whole back-story of the monster being made from a space shuttle) will hopefully be available from Dokuro Tarou around the end of March…keep your eyes on the store!

The Monster Patrol Car…well-??? I really hope Elegab & DT manage to put it into production. I kinda think he will…Shintani Naritada’s (Elegab) sculpts and toys are really getting a lot more, well deserved, attention!

One more of Shatorugon, and how cool is it that he can hold other DT toys or ???…

With crushing grip!

Ultra Ukulele!

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This crazy awesome album was released back in 2006…

Ukulele Ultraman!

This cover pretty much rules.

Featuring various Ukulele artists performing…

1. Ultra Q Main Title ~ Main Theme / Ukulele Cafe Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
2. Ultraman’s Song / Ukulele Cafe Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
3. Special Search Squad Song / Mikihiko Matsumiya, composer Kunio Miyauchi
4. Ultra Seven Song / Chestnut Coda Quartet, composer Toru Fuyuki
5. Ultra Seven / Rawara, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki
6. Ultra Boy Song / Masashi Kuzumi & Blue Hip, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki
7. Return of Ultraman / Hajime Nikiyoshi, composer Koichi Sugiyama
8. MAT Theme / BanBan Bazaar, composer Toru Fuyuki
9. Ultraman Ace / Kyoshi Kobayashi & Ukulele Swing Gang, composer Masahiko Sato
10. Ultraman Taro / Iwao, composer makoto Kawaguchi
11. Horror Town (Mystery Maneuvers) / Susumu Katsushi & Ukulele Eiji, composer Naoyoshi Yamamoto
12. Jolly Beast Booska / Chestnut Coda Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
13. Cheerful Booska / Chestnut Coda Quartet

More Info

Available for purchase fromCDJapan

The video…

A small bit from Jonathan Ross’ great series: Japanarama!…

The video is a CD extra on the disc…and I do believe it has become my new favorite video…of all time!! Worth it for the cover art alone, the music actually works pretty well and is great fun to hear. Nice bonus with the Booska tunes too! If there is something you’d really like to hear…leave a message and I’ll try to post it. Aloha!