Godzilla Commercials

Like most movie stars…Gojira likes to make a little extra Yen on the side doing TV spots…

Honey Nut Cheerios…

A really bad roar dub for Jomo Gas Station and G gets excited about light bulbs…

Goji hates Cola & Lemonade in the classic Dr. Pepper spot…

Goji sells out for Nike…and gets owned by Charles Barkley…

Konica Film…looks like Godzilla attacks New York, see the WT Towers. Why is that guy so happy in the end?

There are a few more Goji spots out there…but I can’t post them all. Not to mention the tons of Goji-Like monsters used in commercials that keep the TOHO sue-monster constantly busy.

Like this Thai wannabe…I love this one!

Here’s an impostor Goji for Speed Cash…


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