First of 2 Longneck Customs I have planned for the “It Came From Skullbrain” photography & custom vinyl show happening April 18th at the Super 7 retail store in San Francisco!

Another ‘unofficial flyer’…

Staring the Henchman Frog

ERUPTION! Gas Bawer…

This was an idea I had pretty much the first time I saw a Gas Bawer…I mean it’s kind of a no-brainer really…it’s got a volcano for a head!
Problem was… how the heck do you make it smoke without destroying the paint & vinyl and without having smelly smoke setting off fire alarms? 

Doing his thing…

Spewing smoke

Glowing lava inside the volcano

still spewing


Eruption Gas Bawer

The Mini Fog Machine

That’s technically what this little electronic device is, as it uses the same fluid as the big fog machines at rock concerts or clubs. This miniature device was really designed to be used as a magic trick prop. The trick… putting a cigarette out in your shirt pocket and nonchalantly going about your performance as smoke starts billowing from the pocket. I’m sure it would have many other uses for magic!

The volcano unit

After much testing, I found that the ‘smoke’ dissipates about 10-15 inches away from the unit and has zero residue. The stuff is designed for shows, so it really just disappears! Most importantly, it seems to have zero effect on the paint or vinyl… plus there is a cool little red LED that emits light the inside of the volcano!

Only a very small amount of fluid (I actually use a syringe!) is used in the tiny fluid reservoir. There is really no chance of spillage unless you were to turn the Bawer upside down. The unit is turned off and on by operating the switch inside the mouth of the volcano. 

oh yeah…he bites!

watch out!

Coming soon…hopefully!

My next custom for the show is a Longneck (I can’t seem to locate a website for them???) Dempagon. Hopefully tomorrow I will receive the final electronics I need for it’s added ‘ability’. I’ve got to get it put together before I can paint it… so I really have nothing to show yet. So far the electronics work fine…it’s just adapting them to the Dempa that’s a little challenging.  What does it do? I will say… I do love old analog synthesizers!


3 Responses to “ERUPTION! GAS BAWER”

  1. chimply.kaiju Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. Pretty ingenious to put that mini fog machine in it’s head.

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