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Kemur & Z-Ton

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After finishing a custom Zeton for a friend, I decided to finally create a new image for the Kaiju Art Collection too!

I’ll post pics of the new custom after it’s new owner receives it. For this image, I used a custom I did several months ago…

Zeton! aka…Z-Ton

I’ve done some terrible things…

I've done some terrible things.

This M1-Go sculpt was an instant favorite because it’s one of the few business suited kaijin (human sized monsters) that I like so much…and I’m definitely not alone there! Basically it’s M1’s Semi-ningen’s suited body with a M1 Kemurujin head stuck on.

The difference between Kemur, Kemurujin, Z-ton, Zeton, and  Zetton?…

I’ll start with Kemurujin…or Kemur for short because he was first on the screen in 1966’s Ultra Q

Kemur Seijin!

He has a thing for Ferris wheels in the very dark episode…

I'll take that.

Kemur makes a very brief return in 1967’s Ultraman Episode 33 “The Forbidden World”, after being summoned by the evil alien Mephilas! Kemur II as he is sometimes known, is on screen for about 2 seconds…but it’s his first time in color…

Don't blink...or you'll miss my close-up!

Now on to Z-Ton, Zeton, and Zetton…

For Ultraman’s final episode…Episode 39 ” Farewell Ultraman” in 1967, apparently the producers decided to bring Kemurujin back. But, as they often did, they used a previously used monster suit…made a few changes in appearance…and called him something else for the new episode.

This time Tsuburaya’s team changed the head a bit and added a business suit to the now human sized…Zeton, or Z-ton as he is listed in some kaiju/kaijin reference books…

As before…we only get to see him breifly…basically he stands up after being tackled by the Science Patrol, turns around and gets shot in the face…

Like my new suit?


Thats gotta hurt!

OK…who is Zetton then???…

This guy…Zeton’s boss… also from the final episode, who finally overwhelms our hero Ultraman…

You're toast Ultraman!

The two aliens in the final episode are from the planet Z-Ton…so we have the lesser alien Zeton and his boss Zetton…creative huh?

Many toy companies created figures of Kemur and Zeton…though the most confusing is the 1991 release of Z-ton by M1-Go due to the cost effectiveness of using Kemur’s head on the Semi-ningen’s suited body sculpt. M1’s Kemur, Semi-Ningen, and Z-ton were all produced in 1991. You’ll often see M1’s Z-ton listed as Kemur or Kemur Seijin (Seijin means Adult) because of the mix-match parts. We will see the same suit resurface again for M1’s Keronia in 2001.

Finally…here is a mislabled video of ‘Kemurujin’ and Ultraman performing a Benny Hill-esque fight…not sure of the video’s origin… so chime in if you do!

Video is from Gojira73rules

Pics of my new version of the Zeton with a polka-dot tie coming soon…


A Miraculous Event!

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BAbY Eyezon has arrived…

Baby Eyezon!

New parents!

Eye see you

He gets into everything!

Baby Eyezon was not the only ocular superior newcomer…

Plush Eyezon!…

Uncle PlushGlittery gold back

Baby Eyezon

The Ceramic Baby Eyezon is sculpted and painted by the talented artist Mairuzu. A very small series of these cute little guys were created for the Kaiju Comrades show in Tokyo that was put on by Artist/Collector/Toy Genius Mark Nagata . One left… if your quick over at Mark’s Max Toy! Get it before I do!

Plush Eyezon

The 9″ plush Eyezon was created by super talented plush-sculptor Sebastian Curadeau for the KC show as well. Sebastian made a very small series of these plush Eyezon…only 7. Each is unique with a different colored back and hand numbered headers. All feature glowing eyes too!

I wrote about Mr. Curadeau here before when I received one of his super cool custom ‘CONES’! Read that HERE! Sebastian’s Blog is…HERE!

Glowing eyes are always a nice touch!

Classic kaiju packaging!

Plush, the new vinyl?!…

Plush Pals!

Don’t miss Mark’s detailed coverage of his successful Kaiju Comrades show over at his blog…Toy Karma!

A ton of great artists were  involved and some really unique and awesome pieces were shown!


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A L I E N!


Bloodied Alien


Alien vs Smogun

Alien vs Smogun 2

Hudson: Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?
Gorman: All we know is that there’s still no contact with the colony, and that a xenomorph may be involved.
Frost: Excuse me sir, a-a what?
Gorman: A xenomorph.
Hicks: It’s a bughunt.

ICFSB 4/18/09!

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Great People, Amazing Toys, &…KISS ??!!

That’s ICFSB! I had a killer time at the show and reconnected with some Skullbrainer’s I had met before and also met lots of new ones. The turnout was incredible and I was completely blown away by how far some people had come to attend this show. There were people from both coasts and many places in between.

ICFSB Flyer art by Josh H.

The talent exhibited in both the toys and images was phenomenal!  Seeing the toys and then meeting a lot of the artists was really something! I had a great time doing a little performance art with the Electronic Theremin Dempagon and Smoking Gas Bawer too!

Toy pics are being posted all over Flickr (you just can’t top Joe’s detailed coverage) and skullbrain…so I’m going to go light with showing toy photos and just posting mostly show pics. I know Toybot Studios will have his usual unsurpassed coverage plus another installment of Toybot TV featuring everyone’s favorite fearless reporter Alex (aka bannedinDC)  from S7…I can’t wait!

Click any pic below to enlarge!

Took in the Cherry Blossom Festival earlier in the day…

Peace Pagoda & Cherry Blossoms

Off to the show at 1628 Post…

Super 7 ICFSB

Fancy meeting you here… KISS!…

Knights In Satan's Service

Ace thinks we’re a bit strange…


I love this image by DeJesus…

Zag Attacks!

Another Favorite…


Heavy Metal Dempa sharing space with Jeff Lamm’s awesome Skull Bot dude…

by Jeff Lamm!

The paint on Toybot’s stuff is sick!…

Zombie Troopers & Rumble Tank!

Leecifer’s Apes…a show favorite by everyone!

by Leecifer!

I really wanted LASH’s Gas Bawer!…


Mr. H peeks around her very rare toy

Lucky score!

Kirkland needs to open that Red Stripe!


Making annoying sounds with my Dempa…

Playing with Dempa

PK arrives!

...with his bag of tricks!

Toybot & Alex catch the action…I love this pic!

PK arrives...chaos ensues!

Touching Paul K’s Peach…

PK brought some intersting stuff along!

A different kind of custom…

I would wear these all of the time!

Behind the scenes with Alex & Toybot…

Hard hitting news!

S7 gives away an Iwata airbrush…who’s going to win???

Glenn Pogue & Lee draw the winner!

…and the winner is…Leecifer! D’oh!  Lee graciously declines and another name is drawn…it’s Uberboy!

It's Uberboy!!! Congrats!

Alex get’s molested by KISS! …and he just wanted to see Morrissey…

The 5th Kiss member...bannedinDC

Thanks again to Brian, Glenn, Josh, Alex, Lee, Kirkland, and S7 for a great time and awesome show!

Let’s do this every year!!!

More toy pics at my Flickr…HERE!

zincsaucier442 took this amazing photo of the ERUPTION! Gas Bawer at the show (I forgot to take one of my own entry 😦 ). He also took many more great shots of the event…Check them out!

Photo by zincsaucier442

Also a big Thanks! to Mr. Grizlli Atom for the incredible FREE prints to commemorate the show!

Grzlli Atom ICFSB print!


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Took a couple of weeks off as I had a birthday and have also been keeping fairly busy lately!

I will be at the ‘It Came From Skullbrain!‘ show tomorrow night (4/18) at the Super 7 store…gotta get my ERUPTION! Gas Bawer smoking and also coax some annoying analog sounds out of Heavy Metal Dempa-gon!

But mostly I’m just really really excited to see all of the other artist’s images and customs!

I framed up my pictures for the show and decided to go with two of  the three (3 seemed too many) from my Tripus at the beach images. I think they developed really well and look great in the white frames (sorry no framed pics yet).

Tripus storms the beach!

Tripus reflects on life.

I’ve been doing the Kaiju Art Collection for some time and really wanted stray a bit and shoot outdoor/nature images for the ICFSB show.

Some other ideas I was messing around with before I headed to the beach with Tripus…

The pile of Ultra Toys…

Ultra Toys!

The Mothra Twins…

Peanuts as they were known.

Giant Robo…

Kind of looks vintage Soviet

Everyone’s favorite…Tiger 7

Plays tricks with your mind

Henchman Frogs…

Shot using the Fotomo buildings

and one more from the beach…Tripus is standing in the background…

Semi Ningen

I will be bringing my camera along to ICFSB and will post pics soon after the show!

New customs are in the works as well…stay tuned.


Heavy Metal Dempa-gon & Ampa-gon

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My last custom for the “It Came From Skullbrain!” show at Super 7!

HMDG”s story…

“Rising from a giant forgotten heap of scrap metal, discarded electronics, and toxic sludge…a creature has formed…a creature born of man’s carelessness…Heavy Metal Dempa-gon!
Unable to generate a vocabulary on it’s own, the hulking metal monster creates a demented symbiotic side-kick…the ultra-sonic Ampa-gon.
Ampa-gon has the ability to broadcast HMDG’s electronic, ear-drum shattering screams and wails upon the unsuspecting population of Tokyo!”

HMDG & Sidekick Ampa-gon
Ready to make some noise!
All Metal!
Like Eruption Gas Bawer in my previous post…I wanted to add electronics to this custom for the S7 show.

So…being that I love to mess around with analog synths and pretty much anything that makes electronic sounds, I decided to turn Dempa into a ‘musical’ instrument.

Built inside is a kind of ‘Theremin’. Though not in the traditional sense…this small battery powered (9v) device uses light to change the frequency of sound instead of hand movements. The device is installed into HMDG’s protruding eye…and once plugged into his sidekick Ampa-gon…a flashlight is used to manipulate the sound!

I always kind of imagined Dempa-gon would sound like a mass of short circuiting electronics.


Heavy metal amplifier!

Both Dempa and the amp are powered, Dempa can be plugged directly into a PC as well using the 1/8 jack!

The amp is a basic Radio Shack 9volt powered mini amplifier with input & output jacks. I painted it and embellished it with faux scrap metal parts and painted him up to become HMDG’s evil sidekick… Ampa-gon!

Video…it does get a little loud.

If they let me turn it on…I’ll demonstrate at S7 on the show opening Saturday April 18th.