Heavy Metal Dempa-gon & Ampa-gon

My last custom for the “It Came From Skullbrain!” show at Super 7!

HMDG”s story…

“Rising from a giant forgotten heap of scrap metal, discarded electronics, and toxic sludge…a creature has formed…a creature born of man’s carelessness…Heavy Metal Dempa-gon!
Unable to generate a vocabulary on it’s own, the hulking metal monster creates a demented symbiotic side-kick…the ultra-sonic Ampa-gon.
Ampa-gon has the ability to broadcast HMDG’s electronic, ear-drum shattering screams and wails upon the unsuspecting population of Tokyo!”

HMDG & Sidekick Ampa-gon
Ready to make some noise!
All Metal!
Like Eruption Gas Bawer in my previous post…I wanted to add electronics to this custom for the S7 show.

So…being that I love to mess around with analog synths and pretty much anything that makes electronic sounds, I decided to turn Dempa into a ‘musical’ instrument.

Built inside is a kind of ‘Theremin’. Though not in the traditional sense…this small battery powered (9v) device uses light to change the frequency of sound instead of hand movements. The device is installed into HMDG’s protruding eye…and once plugged into his sidekick Ampa-gon…a flashlight is used to manipulate the sound!

I always kind of imagined Dempa-gon would sound like a mass of short circuiting electronics.


Heavy metal amplifier!

Both Dempa and the amp are powered, Dempa can be plugged directly into a PC as well using the 1/8 jack!

The amp is a basic Radio Shack 9volt powered mini amplifier with input & output jacks. I painted it and embellished it with faux scrap metal parts and painted him up to become HMDG’s evil sidekick… Ampa-gon!

Video…it does get a little loud.

If they let me turn it on…I’ll demonstrate at S7 on the show opening Saturday April 18th.


One Response to “Heavy Metal Dempa-gon & Ampa-gon”

  1. This is so great! I have some Dempagons myself but this so much better…

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