Took a couple of weeks off as I had a birthday and have also been keeping fairly busy lately!

I will be at the ‘It Came From Skullbrain!‘ show tomorrow night (4/18) at the Super 7 store…gotta get my ERUPTION! Gas Bawer smoking and also coax some annoying analog sounds out of Heavy Metal Dempa-gon!

But mostly I’m just really really excited to see all of the other artist’s images and customs!

I framed up my pictures for the show and decided to go with two of  the three (3 seemed too many) from my Tripus at the beach images. I think they developed really well and look great in the white frames (sorry no framed pics yet).

Tripus storms the beach!

Tripus reflects on life.

I’ve been doing the Kaiju Art Collection for some time and really wanted stray a bit and shoot outdoor/nature images for the ICFSB show.

Some other ideas I was messing around with before I headed to the beach with Tripus…

The pile of Ultra Toys…

Ultra Toys!

The Mothra Twins…

Peanuts as they were known.

Giant Robo…

Kind of looks vintage Soviet

Everyone’s favorite…Tiger 7

Plays tricks with your mind

Henchman Frogs…

Shot using the Fotomo buildings

and one more from the beach…Tripus is standing in the background…

Semi Ningen

I will be bringing my camera along to ICFSB and will post pics soon after the show!

New customs are in the works as well…stay tuned.



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