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Deep Sea Monster Raiga

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A new comedy farce from director Shinpei Hayashiya which features a very Goji-esque star and is full of stereotypical monster movie characters!

This new film is a sequel to Hayashiya’s first monster film: 2005’sDeep Sea Monster Raigo

New ‘Raiga’ Trailer…

HA! I love the scene where Raiga knocks the golden poop looking logo off of the Asahi building!

SFX Monster Heaven

“The film is set to screen as part of an all-night event called ‘Tokusatsu Kaiju Tengoku’ (literally ‘SFX Monster Heaven’) on June 27, 2009, at Ikebukuro’s Shin-Bungeiza theater. The other films being screened include Hayashiya’s Deep Sea Monster Reigo, Masaaki Tezuka’s Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., and Keita Amemiya’s Zeiram. There will also be a 40-minute talk with the three directors.”…Nippon Cinema



Official Site…HERE

Looks wacky!



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Larvagon custom from VELOCITRON!

Flying in Space

This new sculpt…VELOCITRON’s 2nd piece in what will hopefully be just one more segment of his creation’s ‘Lifecycle’. The first in the series was Bechigon’ The Egg of the Apocolypse!

A couple examples of Bechigon’s many colorways and variants…

Battalion version

Emperor Version

VELOCITRON’s vinyl series…which pays homage to one of my all-time favorite monsters…A L I E N designed by Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. Giger’s original ALIEN has a lifecycle of Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster, and finally the full grown ALIEN monster. Are we going to see a similar lifecycle with these new toys...Bechigon…Larvagon…???



Larvagon Emerges in Giger's lost work

For the public release of Larvagon (others can be seen HERE), VELOCITRON did something really cool…he made them available to his mailing list, but each buyer was able to have input on their color preferences…each Larvagon a 1/1 custom! Only 10 of these customs were produced. I asked for metallic green and gold…with a little red and black. I also specified silver teeth.

I thought it turned out amazing!…

Larvagon Custom

Say AHHHhhh

Another great thing about this toy is that it is actually a few pieces joined together…The ‘Larva’ can be removed from the tail section…


Head with the clear dome removed…

Larva Head

Larva close-up

To show size…here’s Larvagon checking out his new digs…

Ahh...too bright!

The Larva glows!

glow Larva!

Well, that glow pic I took sucks! I’ll pretend it looks like this…

Not what it really looks like.

I really hope to see more vinyl creations from VELOCITRON!

Would you buy toys from this man???….

VELOCITRON and friends!

If so…Mailing list info HERE!


‘Into the Darkness’ Show @ 1AM Gallery

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Into the Darkness @ 1AM

I’ll have a few pieces in the upcoming ‘Into the Darkness‘ show happening June 5th at 1AM Gallery in SF! Mark your calendar…this show is not to be missed!

‘Into the Darkness’…people view the darkness in many different ways…

The show is the brainchild of San Francisco artist DrilOne, who will also curate. Dril has assembled an absolutely mind blowing number of diverse artists  for what looks to be an unforgettable show…


I’ll be posting images of the show here on the site after the opening…including my own pieces.

Hope to see you there!

1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard st. San Francisco

(415) 861-5089

Into the Darkness


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Part Vampire Bat…Part Starfish…All Crazy!

I'm crazy!

Pestar debuts in 1966’s Ultraman Episode 13 “Oil SOS!”

Pestar has been attacking oil tankers in Tokyo Bay!...because that’s what Bat/Starfish creatures eat of course…Oil!


Tanker goes down!

After Pestar dissappears beneath the sea…the Science Patrol thinks of a plan to lure the mixed up monster out into the open for an attack. They decide to drop oil barrels into the ocean to lure Pestar into their sights…

Oscar caliber performances all around.

Pestar takes the bait!…

Pestar emerges!

These barrels are delicious!

Thanks Science Patrol!

Science Patrol mounts an attack…oops…this bat fish breathes fire…doh!

Umm...I think you should've seen this coming.

Screw these tiny oil Barrels and that pesky Science Patrol…I’m going for the refinery!

Now we're talkin'!

Science Patrol attacks again! …and actually takes the mighty Pestar down…

Damn you Science Patrol!

Pestar is down but they’ve also managed to set the whole place on fire…Luckily you-know-who shows up to put it out…and the crumpled mass formerly known as Pestar lets out one final attack before Ultraman puts him down for good…

Ultraman...I stab at thee!

Now to put out all of this fire with the ‘Ultra Water Spray’…you didn’t know I could do that one…did you!

Ultra Water Spray!

And done…the end.

Good job Science Patrol.

I love this show.

This brings me to the custom Pestar I just finished up last week. This is actually just one piece I’ve done that will go along with a couple of others to form a horrifying scene in an upcoming art show. More on that later…

Got Oil?

REdYOdA Pestar!

Pestar's back

Also working on projects for Toy Karma 2…stay tuned!

Oh, I found this cute plush Pestar too!…

Plush Pestar!

Too funny!

Plush Pestar available HERE (in Japanese)…along with some other great ones!

Custom M1 Zeton

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Polka dot Zeton II’s final hours at my house before departing to a new secret location in California…

REdYOdA Zeton

A private meeting takes place between the ‘suits’ and Kemur (a very close relative) before PDZ II is transferred to his new base of operation…

Family Portrait

…Followed by a transfer of sensitive information…Z-Ton style…

Zeton communication...or ????

Lastly…a final send off…with everyone wearing their best suits….

Z-Tons hate goodbyes...

Off to a new home! …

Zeton flys

Vintage Ultra Kaiju Picture Book on Japanese TV

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I’ve uploaded a video segment (10 min.) from a Japanese TV show where the guests make use of the rare ‘Ultra Kaiju Picture Book’ from 1968 to help them fashion hilarious DIY classic kaiju costumes…

DIY Kanegon!

Video (not subbed but still fun to watch!)…

In the segment you’ll see a small clip of  the money munching Kanegon’s episode from ‘Ultra Q’, plus a visit to an amazing Ultra collection, followed by the fun DIY costume creations…

The book…

The rare and highly sought after (at least by me!) Ultra Kaiju Picture Bookwhich I don’t have btw 😦 was published just months before the end of Ultra Seven’s popular run on TBS Japan in 1968.

The book features images and descriptions of monsters from the early original Tsuburaya tokusatsu programs (1966-68)Ultra Q, Ultraman, & Ultra Sevenand of course as you saw in the video…instructions to make your own homemade costumes…now that’s fun!

Sorry for the not-so-great pics…but I had to steal them from an auction listing 😉

Cover: featuring Ultra Seven vs.Alien Ikarus…

Ultra Kaiju Picture Book 1968

Back cover shows Anne Yuri getting snuck-up on by Alien Pegassa…

Ultra Kaiju Picture Book Back Cover 1968

Some screen grabs from the video…

make your own Kanegon suit!



I love how you need two people for the Pestar suit!

Well, I don’t think I’ll be getting this book anytime soon…it can be found at online auctions occasionally but the book usually fetches btwn $200-$300! A bit high for me right now.  So, if anyone out there has one to scan and share… that would be great!

…and speaking of Ultra Seven, here’s a full episode of the American dubbed version ‘Ultra 7’…

Part 1…

Part 2…

Part 3…