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Gezora Custom!

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The giant sea creatures are my favorite monsters…

And here’s a new Gezora custom I just finished up…

REdYOdA Gezora Custom

Being one of my favorite seafaring kaiju sculpts…I wanted to give this Gezora a special oceanic blue/green metallic finish and went really heavy on a glossy top coat to keep him wet looking. I also added some color shift pearl powder to the paint so he really catches the light and transforms color from different angles…



REdYOdA Gezora Back

All of his many tentacles are painted gold inside…that took a while 😉



Gezora is aka ‘YOG: The monster from space‘. The Alien-possessed cuttlefish makes his appearance in 1970’s ‘Space Amoeba‘ directed by Ishiro Honda. The movie features 2 other giant sea creatures…Kamoeba & Ganime. The film is released in the US under the aforementioned ‘YOG’ in 1971.

It’s a fun and surreal movie that has quite a few good chuckles in it…but it is a little light on the monster battles until the end. This film is quite different compared to Honda’s other kaiju pictures…but is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan. The film is near the end of Honda’s illustrious kaiju filled career. Another tidbitHarou Nakajima, who is the man-in-suit for quite a few legendary Honda beasties including the iconic Gojira…but for this film he suits up as Gezora AND Ganime…kaiju double duty!!

Yog Poster

Space Amoeba Poster

An old Gezora image I made using the same Bullmark type of vinyl figure…

Gezora Attacks!

Here’s the new custom joining one of Marmit’s versions…

Ahh...get your dirty tentacles off me!

Here is the original Japanese language trailer from 1970 for ‘Space Amoeba!’…


Some new customs!

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Been busy working on a few customs for some friends…

Here’s one for Matt Walker of Dead Presidents …The ‘Red Warrior’ Baltan…

Red Warrior Baltan

I don’t believe that there was ever a red production Baltan except in red clear vinyl so I wanted to put a nice metallic red one out, plus…I have this little Red & Gold Samurai Armour figure at my house…that was also the inspiration…

REdYOdA Baltan

Baltan Back

Made my first header too!…

REdYOdA Baltan

Up next…’Emerald’ Pestar for Plush Maestro Sebastian Curadeau….

Emerald Pestar

REdYOdA Pestar Back

Header coming for this too…just not finished with the design yet.

I am going to do 3 Pestar’s…I just really like painting these guys. The one pictured above, another was done for the ‘Into the Darkness’ show at 1:AM gallery in SF (SOLD), and one more to come…

Next I have a custom full size (9″) Greenmons

REdYOdA Greenmons

The Flower Monster!

The purple doesn’t show in this pic…this figure really turned out great though…very shiny with gold speckles, camera just doesn’t pick it all up…

Greenmons by REdYOdA

And last but not least..’Sunburn’ Eyezon! This one I didn’t paint for anyone…just a scuffed one I had laying around and needed more REd in my collection…sorry for the kinda crappy pics but I didn’t feel like shooting it again…

Sunburn Eyezon

REdYOdA Eyezon Back

Thanks for looking!

Lots more in the works…  🙂


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Just finished up a new custom that I’ll have pics of  here soon.  Actually working on 3 customs now with more in the works. I had good light in the living room today so I just took some random toy shots…still dialing in the new camera…


Ika's by KoziK

goin’ to work…

Briefcases full of ???

T-28 got a shiny new topcoat yesterday…

Tetsujin T-28


A slightly modified clear Ultra Ace…

now with filling

A custom Smogun…

Smogun Custom

The Beagle Cyclops…I love this guy!

Harryhausen Cyclops

More on Harryhausen and another Japanese X-Plus Cyclops…HERE

It’s a lovely day so Zags going out for a while…

Gotta keep cool!

Another sharp dressed alien…Alien Mates!

Love the hair color!

If you’ve actually made it down this far…here’s a teaser of the Red Warrior Baltan I’ve done for Matt Walker of Dead Presidents…don’t look Matt!

Baltan's neck snapper

…more later.

Into The Darkness @ 1:AM Gallery

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The new show by DrilOne opened last night 6/5 ( runs thru 7/3/09) in San Francisco.  Some really great work to be seen…Don’t Miss It!

Into The Darkness Wall

All my pics are on Flickr now…HERE

Me & Alex(DrilOne)…

Me & Alex (DrilOne)

This is the first show of this type that I had taken part in. Lots of Western vinyl and mixed media pieces and I was really impressed by the talent exhibited! Besides a cool Mecha Hedorah by Todd Robertson, I believe I had the only Eastern vinyl ‘Kaiju’ there…represent!

Todd Robertson Mecha Hedorah

Bert (Gatchabert) Gatchalian had some great pieces…

Soulful Mummy Boy by Gatchabert

Also by Bert…

Lady Death by Bert Gatchalian


Dream Bito by Leecifer


Master Rapper by Phoneticontrol


The Nightmare by OsirisOrion


The Watcher by ADDeccenteric

Dril’s Skulls!

Skull Canvases by DrilOne

My Guiron image (1 of 4 pieces I had in the show)…

Guiron Metallic print


Twilight Icebat by D-LuX

Chris Rose…

The Wandering Memorial by Chris Rose

This  Joker guy was pretty cool…drawn with a ball point pen!…

How about a Majic Trick by Catherine J Cruz

Brian Colin from Atlanta…great guy!…

Under the Shroud of Darkness by Brian Colin

So much more! Check out my Flickr and also stop by DrilOnes’s and Zincsaucier’s for more great shots of the show!

I love this pic… stolen from Jeff (zincsaucier)….Jeff , Lee (Leecifer), and me.

It's so hard getting Lee to smile

Into The Darkness

Into The Darkness Show @ 1:AM Gallery

I just had to get a shot of Bert’s coat with Hedorah peaking thru! ( an original shirt by Jeff Lamm)

Bert's awesome shirt!

Big thanks to Alex (DrilOne) and 1:AM Gallery for a great show!

Ashuran & Sevenger

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Some photo fun with Ashuran & Sevenger from Ultraman Leo!

The two faces of evil…Ashuran!…

Ashuran red

Ashuran Blue

Above is the Yamanaya 2007 vinyl (Ltd TV color version) Ashuran.

Ashuran the two sided monster

SEVENGER…a capsule robot used in the battle against Ashuran alongside Ultraman Leo & Ultraman Jack in 1974’s Ultraman Leo: Episode 34 ‘Ultra Brothers…Eternal Vows’

Capsule Robot Sevenger

Above is the 1998 Yamanaya Sevenger with the silver TV show colorway (was also available in green).

Some poor quality screenies…

Face Off!…

Ashuran & Sevenger face off!

Stomping Leo!


Putting the choke on Ashuran…

Choke hold!

Ashuran was finally defeated. Though it did take the combined forces of Ultra Seven, Jack, Leo, & Sevenger to take him out!

Time for a rematch!

Sevenger emerges…

Those guys look familiar...


…and gets a smack down from Ashuran…

Battle Fuji

Robot surprise attack…

It's hard to shoot action!

Oh…not again!


What’s that!…Here comes Angilas & Gorosaurus!

TOHO monsters join in...

You haven’t seen the last of me!

Powered Ashuran?!


I’m working on quite a few new projects…here’s a little teaser of an Ultraman piece I’m working on for Mark Nagata’s Toy Karma 2 at Rotofugi in September. I’m kinda doing it in Mark’s honor…his love of old ray guns (mine too!)…and Ultraman of course!

This M1-go 19″ Ultraman will be part of a kinda Steam Punk wall sculpture (don’t worry, the vinyl won’t get harmed…well except by my painting 😉  ) It’s still a work in progress…but I though it looked kinda cool for a pic…

Ultraman Copper & Brass