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Mark Nagata’s Toy Karma 2 show tears into Chicago’s Rotofugi Gallery & Store September 5th -20th 2009. Mark has rounded up an unprecedented 70+ talented artists for a Japanese toy & art show like no other!!!

…and I’ll have a couple of special pieces there too, pics below!

Sponsored by Max Toy, Rotofugi, Dead President’s Designs, & Vinyl Pulse!

toy karma flyer

Artist List & Sponsers

I was working on a special 19″ Ultraman for this show (in honor of Mark…who if you didn’t know has the largest Ultraman collection outside of Japan!), but due to some technical difficulties and time…that’s just going to have to wait til a bit later 😦

So...I decided to create one special piece and release my ‘Sanda vs Gaira‘ set for TK2.

Out of all of the customs I’ve created…these Gargantuas have had more purchase requests than anything else I have done! I actually rarely sell my customs and mainly just paint for my own collection…but now’s your chance to grab ’em!

Header images




REdYOdA Gaira Custom

I also created a special Chicago rivalry header card for the set…

Cubs vs White Sox

Gaira side…

Header Gaira Side

Sanda side…

Header Sanda Side

Sanda vs Gaira set!

Here’s a clip from WOTG with Gaira tearing up the airport…

Emerald Sea Gezora w/ Magnetic Tentacle Snip Action & Mini Custom Ganime!

Up next is a custom Gezora set that recreates a scene from the 1970 TOHO film ‘Space Amoeba‘!

Space Amoeba

Emerald Sea Gezora and custom mini Ganime…

ES Gezora & Ganime

Ganime attacks…SNIP!



Some great vintage kaiju toys employed magnets set into the vinyl to allow for interchangeable heads or hold another toy. I thought it would be fun to add magnets in this way to create a scene from the film… where Gezora gets his tentacle snipped by Ganime!

A special header for the set depicts the scene…

ES Gezora Header

Space Amoeba trailer…

I can’t believe the talented company I’m in for this show!!! HUGE thanks to Mark Nagata for the invite!

Also a big thanks to the sponsors and Kirby & Whitney Kerr at Rotofugi for hosting and taking care of and organizing all of this art…indeed no small task!

Toy Karma 2 blog from Rotofugi….HERE!


Kaiju Beach Party!

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Saw this over at Boing Boing…really killer Japanese Eleki surf music with a classic giant monster video!

Now get groovy with Goji and friends…

The song called ‘Black Sand Beach‘ and video is by The Royal Fingers from their sole album ‘Wild Eleki Deluxe‘…released by the legendary Del-Fi Records!

(Eleki = Electric as in Electric Guitars…and in this case maybe some Eleking 😉 )

The Royal Fingers

Album cover links to Amazon for purchase plus you can hear some bits from the other songs.

One more video from The Royal Fingers…

A little more on Japanese Eleki can be found HERE!

Gojira like you’ve never seen before!

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…just a reminder that Gojira is coming out very soon on BLU RAY!…plus some other random Gojira stuff below!

Gojira Blu Ray US Version

I knew that a few select tokusatsu films would be coming out on BLU… but since it’s now just over a month away…I thought I’d share my research on the upcoming Goji releases and Pre-Order info for you kaiju eiga lovers like me!

Pictured above is Classic Media’s version which will apparently contain both versions of the film…the original and the Raymond Burr heavily edited version. English subs and dubbed versions will be available.  The films will feature commentaries, trailers, and some making of featurettes…Making the Goji suit and story development, hopefully more as well . This will be Classic Media’s FIRST ever Blu Ray release!

CLICK HERE TO PRE ORDERreleases on September 22nd!

Gojira Japanese Only Blu Ray

…and now your decision gets complicated…

Official Japanese TOHO Blu Ray site…HERE.

Pictured above is the Japanese only release of Gojira. Japan’s release will NOT feature the Raymond Burr version (no surprise there!) This version will also have some awesome exclusive extras:

Theatrical Trailer (HD quality), Akira Ifukube Interview (SD quality), View Storyboards with Picture-In-Picture [NEW FEATURE!], New Version of Godzilla’s Theme (HD quality) [NEW FEATURE!], See Original Filming Locations With Snapshots (tentative) (HD quality) [NEW FEATURE!], Oxygen Destroyer (HD quality) [NEW FEATURE!], Audio Commentary (Akira Takarada)

Sounds amazing right!!??…here’s the hitch though…no subs except Japanese. 😦

...unless you speak Japanese

For me this is still a no-brainer…buy both!

But seriously… I would much rather have the Japanese release…for one I understand a bit of Japanese (plus it helps you learn!)  and we all know the story anyways, and two, the extras here are great! Plus this Blu will fit in nicely with the other Japanese only Godzilla releases.

Gojira will be released just 4 days prior (Sept. 18th) to the US version.

Pre-order from HERE! These discs are going to run you about $50 each with shipping. Just click up in the upper right of the page for English and log in with your usual Amazon ID…simple!

Click on the covers below to Pre-Order the other titles…

Godzilla vs Biollante

VS Biollante

Godzilla: Final Wars


Both of these are also Japanese language only… but both feature great extras as well. I do not know how long it will be before (if ever) Classic Media will be able to release these other titles in the USA.

…and might as well grab all FIVE kaiju releases and save on shipping!

Click HERE for MOTHRA!  Click HERE for RODAN!

…And now more Goji!…

Making the Godzilla Suit…a great doc from Ed Godziszewski!

Mr. Godziszewski is one of very few Goji experts in the US and performed commentary for Classic Media’s previous Godzilla releases. He co-wrote the great documentary film’Bringing Godzilla Down to Size’, wrote ‘The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Godzilla’, he is also the editor & publisher of Japanese Giants Magazine, and much more!

…now for some vinyl Gojis!

Here is a great vintage 1966 Marusan Godzilla that I acquired a few months ago…(click any pic to enlarge)

1966 Marusan GodzillaMarusan 1966 Godzilla

If I had to leave in a hurry, not to come back, and could only take one toy from my collection…this would be it. This original Marusan Goji sculpt, which really bears little resemblance to t he screen Godzilla, is considered by many collectors to be the foundation of their Japanese sofubi collection.

1966 Marusan Godzilla

Other than Bandai toys…the first real kaiju fig ure I paid more ‘serious’ money for was the 1991 Bandai/Bullmark reissue of the same Godzilla sculpt as pictured above.  After that I was hooked. I eventually expanded my horizon into other TOHO monsters and in the last couple of years have brought more of the neo-kaiju into my collection.

This great sculpt is still produced today, 40+ years later, in sooo many colors and slight variations by toy companies like Toygraph & M1-Go.

Here’s a few more various Goji’s from my collection…and if I had the room and the money, I would most definitely try to track down all of the original Marusan & Bullmark vintage versions!

Goji and Bullmark Mini

Glow Goji with signed base


A gaggle of Goji's

Goji will always be king!!!