Mark Nagata’s Toy Karma 2 show tears into Chicago’s Rotofugi Gallery & Store September 5th -20th 2009. Mark has rounded up an unprecedented 70+ talented artists for a Japanese toy & art show like no other!!!

…and I’ll have a couple of special pieces there too, pics below!

Sponsored by Max Toy, Rotofugi, Dead President’s Designs, & Vinyl Pulse!

toy karma flyer

Artist List & Sponsers

I was working on a special 19″ Ultraman for this show (in honor of Mark…who if you didn’t know has the largest Ultraman collection outside of Japan!), but due to some technical difficulties and time…that’s just going to have to wait til a bit later 😦

So...I decided to create one special piece and release my ‘Sanda vs Gaira‘ set for TK2.

Out of all of the customs I’ve created…these Gargantuas have had more purchase requests than anything else I have done! I actually rarely sell my customs and mainly just paint for my own collection…but now’s your chance to grab ’em!

Header images




REdYOdA Gaira Custom

I also created a special Chicago rivalry header card for the set…

Cubs vs White Sox

Gaira side…

Header Gaira Side

Sanda side…

Header Sanda Side

Sanda vs Gaira set!

Here’s a clip from WOTG with Gaira tearing up the airport…

Emerald Sea Gezora w/ Magnetic Tentacle Snip Action & Mini Custom Ganime!

Up next is a custom Gezora set that recreates a scene from the 1970 TOHO film ‘Space Amoeba‘!

Space Amoeba

Emerald Sea Gezora and custom mini Ganime…

ES Gezora & Ganime

Ganime attacks…SNIP!



Some great vintage kaiju toys employed magnets set into the vinyl to allow for interchangeable heads or hold another toy. I thought it would be fun to add magnets in this way to create a scene from the film… where Gezora gets his tentacle snipped by Ganime!

A special header for the set depicts the scene…

ES Gezora Header

Space Amoeba trailer…

I can’t believe the talented company I’m in for this show!!! HUGE thanks to Mark Nagata for the invite!

Also a big thanks to the sponsors and Kirby & Whitney Kerr at Rotofugi for hosting and taking care of and organizing all of this art…indeed no small task!

Toy Karma 2 blog from Rotofugi….HERE!


3 Responses to “TOY KARMA II!”

  1. Hey Nate, fantastic job on the customs. Especially on the Gezora w/mini ganime. Pretty clever too with the detachable tentacle.

  2. Mr. Humphreys Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, it’s great to hear you’re participating in yet another show! The header cards you created are so clever. Gezora and Ganime are so awesome, I especially like the magnet snip off part. Ganime reminds me of isopods (oceanic parasites)
    Great work RedYoda!

  3. RedYoda ! Awesome work !!! I was wondering where that ultraman went ;-P
    Love the headers !!!!

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