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A Gigantor Gigantor + The KOBE Project!

Posted in Fun Stuff, Kaiju Art, Kaiju misc., New Vinyl on September 25, 2009 by REdYOdA

I got something big in the mail yesterday!…

Tetsujin T-28!

…and I had to share some pics! I’m really really excited by this guy…probably more so than I’ve been for just about any Japanese vinyl that I’ve ever come across!

Vintage usually gets me the most hysterical, but most of the time I can’t even afford those…the last time I was this elated was with a vintage Astro Mu!

Bigger isn’t always better by any means…but what better character vinyl to make REALLY BIG than Tetsujin T-28???

It’s BIG…


It’s REALLY Big!…

T-28's Mug



It’s the 2009 M1-Ichigo DX Giant Tetsujin T-28 ! (released in May ’09) and not only did M1-Go make this T-28 bigger…they did it flawlessly!

As soon as I pulled it out of the giant bag, I felt like a small kid pulling out one of the 9″ vinyls because of the size. The vinyl is quite thick but retains that perfect Japanese solid-yet springy and squeezable quality that the other high quality M1-Go vinyls share…same smell…same feel…exactly!

All of the joints and fittings are immaculate without any warping whatsoever…allowing for a great stance. He has joints at the shoulders, elbows, waist, and legs.

Shown with one of my  9″custom T-28’s…

2 T-28's

That’s 19″ and 3lbs of  pure Japanese vinyl in one big M1-Go bag!

Bagged M1-Go Giant T-28

I’ll just mention the paint and then enough gushing…well not really much to say really except again… sheer perfection! The same colorway as M1’s initial ’95 release of the 9″ blue with yellow eyes painted on blue vinyl.

T-28 is a simple paint job…but all of the lines are pretty exact…and the anime style eyes just could not be done better…period.

Another size comparison with the 10″ Gameldon…

T-28 & Gameldon!

T-28 Side view with Gameldon

I’ve always loved T-28…or Gigantor as I knew him…funny that I never call him that anymore. My favorite robot sculpt since I’ve been collecting has been the 1995 M1-Go version… so when I saw this for sale at Mark Nagata’s Max Toy …I actually knocked over the tea I was drinking with excitement!

Mark only brought 2 back with him from Japan and I thought it was SUPER cool of him to bring another to offer up for sale to collectors at a very fair price…much Toy Karma will come his way!…and  I believe some of mine just paid off 🙂

He shares the same excitement as I do over this toy!

T-28 Feet

If you are a fan of T-28 or M1-Go and  just happen to come across one of these in your searches…all I can say is that pictures really just don’t do it justice…my advise… buy it FAST!  It’s an instant classic!

Giant M1 T-28 and Max Toy Eyezon!

Someone always has to build a BIGGER ONE though…!

The M1 may be big but nowhere as bis as this year’s recently completed KOBE T-28 project!!!

KOBE Project Tetsujin T-28

Costing some 135,000,000 Yen (1.5 Million U.S. !) , 4 years of planning, and 60 feet tall…the KOBE T-28 finally took shape…


Kobe T-28



Constructed at a shopping mall in Kobe which also happens to be the home town of T-28’s creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama!

It’s hoped the new T-28 addition will bring more business…I know I would go out of my way for a photo-op!!!

Here’s some video about the project…

I want this on my roof…

T-28's giant head!

That’s all for now…I gotta go watch some vintage Tetsujin T-28 episodes!

T-28 Screenshot


Monstock Custom Borugogons!

Posted in Customs, Shows on September 24, 2009 by REdYOdA

Jeez…it’s been I while since I posted!

I plan on getting back to regular posts and have 4 other customs in various stages of completion.

In case anyone’s been wondering… I’ve just been focusing on some other things lately and also have a two week vacation starting Oct. 5th…but the plan is to get back my focus on various kaiju art and customizing when I return…really!

For now though…here are a couple I finished up for the Halloween show at Monstock!

Martian Invader Borugogon…

Martian Invader General Borugogon

Loosely inspired by the ‘Mars Attacks ‘ Martians…Painted on clear vinyl, I gave this guy some shiny electronics in the chest plate, silver tinsel inside, crystal green eyes that really catch the light and shine, and to top it off…a brain that is visible through the clear head piece!

Alien Brain

The brain actually can be removed…it’s one of those wind-up novelty ones that pulsates!

Invader Borugogon

Invader Borugogon Back

Another clear Borugogon was used for my Halloween colorway…

Halloween Borugogon!

Tried to get some shots with the light behind it as it’s really bright. Actually had a hard time shooting this one as my camera doesn’t seem to like Orange too much…all my shots just looked like a blob of orange 😦

Red ruby eyes added to give it a more demonic look and also filled with this great pink-orange tinsel inside that gives him a kind of burning effect!

Shiny red eyes!

Not the best pic...but best I could do.

Halloween Borugogon!

Now off to Japan they go! 😦  😦

This was the first time I actually held a Borugogon and now I am determined to get one for myself…they are AWESOME!!!

Monstock Borugogons!

Monstock Borugogons!


…are designed by Japanese artist ‘Nezrange’ (sorry I don’t have a link) and only available thru the Monstock store & Gallery.

Available in full size (shown above) and minis. Both come in various colorways, glows, and clears. The name Borugogon roughly translates to something like flower-rock monster.

A very cool toy and crazy fun to customize!

Oh, before I forget…BIG thanks to Ricky (VELOCITRON) for the hook-up!!!

…be back soon with LOTS more!