Elegab does it again…

…and makes me really happy to collect his creations…FUN!!!

[Animation by Elegab]

Got my own new Dokuro Tarou Puppet Seijin in the mail from Japan yesterday…

I grabbed some quick shots today…[click any to enlarge]…

He added a faux zipper back…man in suit???…

Nari-san (Elegab) has allowed for many different puppets with interchangable characters from previous releases…very cool!

I picked up the green spray version of the 9.5″ Puppet Seijin (and he comes bagged with 4 puppets!). The toy was also available with a blue spray for the initial release. Both are on pink vinyl…+1

A really fantastic toy from one of the best new toy designers in Japan.  2009 has been an incredible and breakthrough year for Dokuro Tarou designs: Full size releases of Missileas, Shuttlegon, the Monster Patrol Car, and now Puppet Seijin. It looks as if Elegab is just getting going too…try to keep up with his blog and  take a little time to search thru the Dokuro Tarou site to see what else he has in store! I have a feeling Dokuro Tarou’s not anywhere near finished taking the kaiju market by storm!

If you didn’t grab the initial release of PS…I”m sure other colorways aren’t far behind…

And now…

I had the honor of attending a very rare  puppet show featuring Puppet Seijin…

I was lucky to get out alive…



4 Responses to “Elegab does it again…”

  1. I can’t wait to get my own Puppet Seijin. I chose the green color too.

    Congratulations for your funny pic showing on Nari-san’s blog ^ ^

  2. Oh cool, glad you grabbed one Olivier! I kinda wish I got both colors…but it does kinda take up a lot of room.

    Yeah, Nari sent me an email…he really liked the video and linked it and used the plane picture on his blog. Thanks for the heads up though!

  3. Your video is completely crazy ! It is so much in this character’s mood : a funny & deranged monster at the same time.

    Congrats again !

  4. pic 3 headshot is my background on my computer. I so love this guy…

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