Le Studio Plastique!

My new friend PlasticXO, who I was extremely happy to meet over at skullbrain, shares a passion for Japanese vinyl toy collecting & photography and was gracious enough to invite fellow toy photographer’s Winu and myself to participate in a new web exhibit showcasing selections of our toy images!

Monsters with Soft Brains and Vinyl Skulls’ (I love that!) is the title of this unusual web exhibition of Japanese monster toy photography. PlasticXO solely created the website design and did an extraordinary job in creating a unique presentation for our uncommon and Monstrous images!

Each photographer involved displays a very distinct approach of breathing life into what is essentially a static object….though these aren’t your ordinary static objects to be sure…these are monster toys!and they have LOADS of personality for us to work with!

I’m sure I speak for the other guys too when I say how much I enjoy shooting these crazy and rare Japanese vinyls and creating images that are hopefully really interesting and fun to view!

Click here to take a visit to the gallery!!!

[Or click any image below to head over…]




Thanks again Olivier!!!

[Oh, and on different side note… I added a video link on the sidebar to my youtube channel. It has most of the past video’s I’ve posted here on the blog for your time wasting enjoyment.]


One Response to “Le Studio Plastique!”

  1. What an awesome idea! Love the eyeball on finger! Everyone’s gotta have one!

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