Metal House Dino Robots!

I recently picked up a couple of Japanese Dino Robots and thought I’d share a few pics and video…

Some incredibly cool box art reproduced for this new version of the Dino Robot!

This is a limited repro ‘green‘ version of the original battery operated Japanese tin Dino Robot produced by SH Horikawa in1968…

11.5″ tall…with all the same specs as the original.

These new, limited production repros are made by Japan’s oldest and only traditional tin toy robot manufacturer… Metal House Robots. Metal House actually began producing toys in 1943, under the name ‘Marumiya‘, as a sub-contractor for many other Japanese robot toy producers…including the aforementioned Horikawa.

Marumiya produced some of the most famous and collectible toy robots from the 1950’s-1980’s…until slow sales finally forced the shut-down of most all of Marumiya’s manufacturing contracts.

In 1989 Marumiya Co. reorganized and opened up shop as Metal House. To this day Metal House continues producing quality traditional tin toys of their own design as well as some of the best known Horikawa designs.

Dinos in disguise!…[click to enlarge pics]

Roaring sound and light in mouth [see video below]…

This guy is fun to play with!!

I shot a short video of his antics…plus I have a camera that will shoot in slow-motion…I thought it would be fun to catch the opening and closing of his robot head at 300fps! The slow-motion segment is about halfway thru the video. No sound available at that speed so I added a soundtrack ;)…

Stolen pic (???) of an original vintage boxed version…one of these went up for bid at the recent Morphy Auction!…

The Metal House limited smoking version Dino Robot is next on my robot want-list!…

Smoking’s not cool…unless it’s by Dinos!

I picked up this Metal House design too…Dino Robot III (limited to only 100 made)…

Hey, that Dino head sure looks familiar…

Another video, but no slo-mo this time,  just hardcore robot walking action!…

Since X-Mas is coming soon…I thought I’d also mention a couple of affordable and cool robot-themed gift ideas!..

More robot perfection from Metal House…THE SANTA ROBOT!

Ho Ho Ho!…destroy…kill…destroy…

Available for $75 HERE!

Chop Shop is still offering their uber-sweet weRobot T-shirts for good boys and girls…but now the robot eyes glow in the dark too!!!

$20.00 [click designs below to go to the CS store]

How many robots can you name???

…I actually named all but 3 off the top of my head…is that normal?


6 Responses to “Metal House Dino Robots!”

  1. nice robot!!!!!!!

  2. metal spinning,repulsados,repulsado,lumar…

    Metal House Dino Robots! «…

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  4. great robot can you still get these, I have an original & need a outer head do you know where I can get a replacement one.

  5. i want to buy these dinos robots with smoke withouth smoke ecc ecc how i can do this?

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