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Baruzasu vs Kaossilator

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I picked up a Korg Kaossilator Pro yesterday 11/24/10. This is a first try at making a cinematic/Sci-Fi sounding song. My first pitiful attempt… but I’m still learning the new gadget. I like it so far.
Also used an ESX-1 and MS-20 in a couple of spots too.

Vinyl in the vid is a Marmit Baruzasu.


Kaiju Invade San Francisco @ Double Punch SF!

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This is coming right up…so for those of you in the Bay Area*…mark your calendars and don’t miss this event!!!

*…or anywhere else for that matter… if you can make it!

[Click to enlarge fliers]


The opening reception is Saturday December 12th 7:00 PM at the Double Punch Store & Gallery in North Beach SF.

BUT...get there an hour early @ 6:00 PM and Matt Walker will also be giving one of Dead President’s famous pinstriping demos!!!

Four of America & Japan’s best kaiju artists & toy designers…

•Mark Nagata of Max Toy & Matt Walker of Dead Presidents!


On their first visit to the U.S….

•Ichimiya-san of Sunguts & Yajima-san of Dream Rocket will also be attending the opening!

One figure I’m personally hoping to see is Dream Rocket’s new Zabami…

I know Mark & Matt will bring some serious heat to this show…Matt has already let me know that there will be at least one show exclusive as well as some rare one-off customs…DP customs from: Max Toy, Onell Design, and RxH plus a few more surprises!

Mark’s still very busy working on toys for the show as this post goes out…so we’ll be hearing more on what to expect from Max Toy soon…

Just to give you a little taste of the talent…I snagged one of DP’s INCREDIBLE exclusives just a couple of days ago:

The Yamomark x Dead Presidents Cranberry Land Mushroom Soup Man (phew…that’s a long name!)…

…this guy is in serious need of a facial…

It’s difficult to capture all of the subtle nuances of Matt’s paint work on this figure! DP uses his own formula of paints and top coats that are extremely vibrant and durable. For this custom, Matt also added a ton of diamond ice pearl flakes to the paint to give it an incredible sparkle in person. MSM Cranberry Land was limited to just 10 pieces and I feel pretty lucky to have one in my collection!

I want some more!

Hope to see you at the show and I’ll update when I get more info on what’s going to be available!

Le Studio Plastique!

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My new friend PlasticXO, who I was extremely happy to meet over at skullbrain, shares a passion for Japanese vinyl toy collecting & photography and was gracious enough to invite fellow toy photographer’s Winu and myself to participate in a new web exhibit showcasing selections of our toy images!

Monsters with Soft Brains and Vinyl Skulls’ (I love that!) is the title of this unusual web exhibition of Japanese monster toy photography. PlasticXO solely created the website design and did an extraordinary job in creating a unique presentation for our uncommon and Monstrous images!

Each photographer involved displays a very distinct approach of breathing life into what is essentially a static object….though these aren’t your ordinary static objects to be sure…these are monster toys!and they have LOADS of personality for us to work with!

I’m sure I speak for the other guys too when I say how much I enjoy shooting these crazy and rare Japanese vinyls and creating images that are hopefully really interesting and fun to view!

Click here to take a visit to the gallery!!!

[Or click any image below to head over…]




Thanks again Olivier!!!

[Oh, and on different side note… I added a video link on the sidebar to my youtube channel. It has most of the past video’s I’ve posted here on the blog for your time wasting enjoyment.]

NM Part 2…

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The trip continues to White Sands National Monument

[Click any image to enlarge]

White Sands Monument New Mexico

White Sands Monument is a surreal & beautiful place…with miles upon miles of pure white gypsum sand dunes…great for some otherworldly toy pics! (this is a Japanese toy website after all…)

Captain Ultra…

Big Head Capatain Ultra



Garamon’s Homeworld?

Garamon's Homeworld

This place can alter your perception…

Frog dude trips out...

Garamon takes a spirit walk…

Garamon's Spirit Walk


Minya scales some sandy peaks…


An alien invader?

Apache Invader

Stranded on another planet…


Minya really feels the heat!…


Really had a great time here…visitors can rent plastic sleds and slide down the massive white dunes! I did actually have kind of a hard time shooting pics here because it is sooo incredibly bright…I could barely see my camera viewfinder! Hope you like the pics though!

One of the stranger places to have a picnic…

Picnic area in White Sands

More pics coming up in Part 3….including this place…


A Trip to NM…

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Just got back from another wild, weird, & wonderful trip to my (2nd) favorite state…New Mexico!

Organ Mtns...not like that pipe organ...

…and of course REdYOdA never travels without taking along a few toy friends!

Lots and lots of pics…some with toys…some not. Some messed with by camera tricks & software…some not…BUT … I always try to make them interesting and fun! This task was actually made pretty easy by the fascinating and intriguing places we visited!

Click any pic to view mucho grande!

The worlds largest Pistachio outside of Alamogordo, NM…done in 60’s postcard style…it’s 30 feet tall…

Such a tourist!

NM has so many truly breathtaking sights…it’s definitely not just flat desert like many think…

The Rabbit Ear peaks…

The Rabbit Ears

The sky is BIG here!

The Organ Mtn peaks

The fall colors were in full effect!…


Interesting wildflowers…


Local Kaiju checks us out…

Love those colors!

Had to take a pic of this amazing and delicate Raven skull my Uncle found!…

Raven Skull

Garamon came along to keep an eye on us…

I feel like I'm being watched....

People in Hatch, NM put chile peppers on their roof to dry them!

Red Chiles cover the roof!

Garamon poses in front of some Mexican glass…

Garamon Lollipop

Visited a very cool place that you may recognize from a lot of sci-fi movies…the Very Large Array!

Seriously out in the middle of NOWHERE!

VLA Sign

Out in the stark San Augustin plains (50 miles west of Socorro) stand the 27 massive Radio Antennas pointed up at the stars…each antenna weighs 230 tons!!!

click for a much better view…


Which antenna is different than the others?…



My Uncle takes a closer look…

They are BIG!

I highly recommend making the totally out-of-the-way trip to the VLA…I really learned a lot about radio astronomy…and these giant antennas are just an unreal sight!…and you can pick up a copy of Contact in the gift shop ;)…


Lots more coming up in PART2…including this place…

I think he's lost...

Kaiju Kone!

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Received a couple of unpainted prototypes for Sebastian Curadeau’s new resin Kone toy!

Here’s one of them I painted up…(my first resin paint app…so be gentle)

Kaiju Kone!

I still have one more to do… but I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks so I though I would go ahead and post this up.

Pre-paint Kones!…

Kone Before Paint

Before paint 2

I’m calling this Kone flavor..Nuclear Strawberry…

Kaiju Kone Nuclear Strawberry

Standing 6″ tall, the resin prototypes are still a little rough around the edges, but with a little more polish I think it’s shaping up to be a really great new toy…one that I would love to see made into vinyl!

Chicks dig 'em!

When you feel your temperature rising…reach for a refreshing Kone!

Grab a cool Kone!

Everyone’s getting in on the action!…

Gameldon loves Kones!

Even Yokai love Kones…

that's nasty...

So unassuming when viewed from behind…

BAck view

Wanna bite???…

eat me...I dare you...

Though you can’t tell so much in the images above…I used color shift pearl flake in the fuscia and red paints so it has a bit more depth in person. The Kaiju Kones are a blast to paint and fun to hold…feels just like your holding the real thing. Sebastian used a real ice cream cone in the casting process which I painted heavily in metallic gold.

Vancouver resident Seabastian Curadeau is better known for his other plush creations and especially the plush Kones which I have 2 of and love ’em! See more of Sebastian’s plush awesomness…HERE!

Here’s a couple more of Sebastian’s plushes from my collection…

Hedorah & Eyezon by Sebastian Curadeau

Be back with more in a couple of weeks …I’m taking a much needed vacation!

…and your’s is on it’s way to Canada Sebastian!

A Gigantor Gigantor + The KOBE Project!

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I got something big in the mail yesterday!…

Tetsujin T-28!

…and I had to share some pics! I’m really really excited by this guy…probably more so than I’ve been for just about any Japanese vinyl that I’ve ever come across!

Vintage usually gets me the most hysterical, but most of the time I can’t even afford those…the last time I was this elated was with a vintage Astro Mu!

Bigger isn’t always better by any means…but what better character vinyl to make REALLY BIG than Tetsujin T-28???

It’s BIG…


It’s REALLY Big!…

T-28's Mug



It’s the 2009 M1-Ichigo DX Giant Tetsujin T-28 ! (released in May ’09) and not only did M1-Go make this T-28 bigger…they did it flawlessly!

As soon as I pulled it out of the giant bag, I felt like a small kid pulling out one of the 9″ vinyls because of the size. The vinyl is quite thick but retains that perfect Japanese solid-yet springy and squeezable quality that the other high quality M1-Go vinyls share…same smell…same feel…exactly!

All of the joints and fittings are immaculate without any warping whatsoever…allowing for a great stance. He has joints at the shoulders, elbows, waist, and legs.

Shown with one of my  9″custom T-28’s…

2 T-28's

That’s 19″ and 3lbs of  pure Japanese vinyl in one big M1-Go bag!

Bagged M1-Go Giant T-28

I’ll just mention the paint and then enough gushing…well not really much to say really except again… sheer perfection! The same colorway as M1’s initial ’95 release of the 9″ blue with yellow eyes painted on blue vinyl.

T-28 is a simple paint job…but all of the lines are pretty exact…and the anime style eyes just could not be done better…period.

Another size comparison with the 10″ Gameldon…

T-28 & Gameldon!

T-28 Side view with Gameldon

I’ve always loved T-28…or Gigantor as I knew him…funny that I never call him that anymore. My favorite robot sculpt since I’ve been collecting has been the 1995 M1-Go version… so when I saw this for sale at Mark Nagata’s Max Toy …I actually knocked over the tea I was drinking with excitement!

Mark only brought 2 back with him from Japan and I thought it was SUPER cool of him to bring another to offer up for sale to collectors at a very fair price…much Toy Karma will come his way!…and  I believe some of mine just paid off 🙂

He shares the same excitement as I do over this toy!

T-28 Feet

If you are a fan of T-28 or M1-Go and  just happen to come across one of these in your searches…all I can say is that pictures really just don’t do it justice…my advise… buy it FAST!  It’s an instant classic!

Giant M1 T-28 and Max Toy Eyezon!

Someone always has to build a BIGGER ONE though…!

The M1 may be big but nowhere as bis as this year’s recently completed KOBE T-28 project!!!

KOBE Project Tetsujin T-28

Costing some 135,000,000 Yen (1.5 Million U.S. !) , 4 years of planning, and 60 feet tall…the KOBE T-28 finally took shape…


Kobe T-28



Constructed at a shopping mall in Kobe which also happens to be the home town of T-28’s creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama!

It’s hoped the new T-28 addition will bring more business…I know I would go out of my way for a photo-op!!!

Here’s some video about the project…

I want this on my roof…

T-28's giant head!

That’s all for now…I gotta go watch some vintage Tetsujin T-28 episodes!

T-28 Screenshot