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Baruzasu vs Kaossilator

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I picked up a Korg Kaossilator Pro yesterday 11/24/10. This is a first try at making a cinematic/Sci-Fi sounding song. My first pitiful attempt… but I’m still learning the new gadget. I like it so far.
Also used an ESX-1 and MS-20 in a couple of spots too.

Vinyl in the vid is a Marmit Baruzasu.


Kaiju Beach Party!

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Saw this over at Boing Boing…really killer Japanese Eleki surf music with a classic giant monster video!

Now get groovy with Goji and friends…

The song called ‘Black Sand Beach‘ and video is by The Royal Fingers from their sole album ‘Wild Eleki Deluxe‘…released by the legendary Del-Fi Records!

(Eleki = Electric as in Electric Guitars…and in this case maybe some Eleking 😉 )

The Royal Fingers

Album cover links to Amazon for purchase plus you can hear some bits from the other songs.

One more video from The Royal Fingers…

A little more on Japanese Eleki can be found HERE!

Ultra Ukulele!

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This crazy awesome album was released back in 2006…

Ukulele Ultraman!

This cover pretty much rules.

Featuring various Ukulele artists performing…

1. Ultra Q Main Title ~ Main Theme / Ukulele Cafe Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
2. Ultraman’s Song / Ukulele Cafe Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
3. Special Search Squad Song / Mikihiko Matsumiya, composer Kunio Miyauchi
4. Ultra Seven Song / Chestnut Coda Quartet, composer Toru Fuyuki
5. Ultra Seven / Rawara, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki
6. Ultra Boy Song / Masashi Kuzumi & Blue Hip, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki
7. Return of Ultraman / Hajime Nikiyoshi, composer Koichi Sugiyama
8. MAT Theme / BanBan Bazaar, composer Toru Fuyuki
9. Ultraman Ace / Kyoshi Kobayashi & Ukulele Swing Gang, composer Masahiko Sato
10. Ultraman Taro / Iwao, composer makoto Kawaguchi
11. Horror Town (Mystery Maneuvers) / Susumu Katsushi & Ukulele Eiji, composer Naoyoshi Yamamoto
12. Jolly Beast Booska / Chestnut Coda Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
13. Cheerful Booska / Chestnut Coda Quartet

More Info

Available for purchase fromCDJapan

The video…

A small bit from Jonathan Ross’ great series: Japanarama!…

The video is a CD extra on the disc…and I do believe it has become my new favorite video…of all time!! Worth it for the cover art alone, the music actually works pretty well and is great fun to hear. Nice bonus with the Booska tunes too! If there is something you’d really like to hear…leave a message and I’ll try to post it. Aloha!