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Some toys are harder than others…

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…to find that is!

Also,  how seeing this monster in 1993 sparked a road to collecting and learning about Japanese culture that has been so much fun!

Here’s the multi faced bad guy… named: ‘Itsutsu Banbara’…

Back in 1993 I first saw the character on the back of an album from a band I really liked…it was a .45 LP from HELMET.

I still have it…

(Bonus: click the album to hear one of the songs from the 45!)

I thought the character was so interesting….plus I just had to understand what the hell was going on in that bizzaro picture!

Of course no toy or figure existed of Itsustu Banbara at that time, but after some digging I learned that the scene on the album was from a Japanese show called ‘Inazuman‘. I loved it!

This is one of the first moments I started really getting into the pop culture of Japan and when I discovered the other hero shows…I was hooked! I mean I knew about Godzilla and Ultraman, but discovering all of the other craziness and brilliance coming out of Japan…I really became enraptured!

Here is the episode (well the parts with Itsutsu Banbara…

Finally in 2009, Japanese toymaker Rainbow released the character (which I missed the pre-order for grrr!) and couldn’t find another until a helpful skullbrain board member spotted one at the Mandarake online store in Tokyo…almost 2 years after the pre-order! But it all worked out finally… Thanks Kurumonz!

Toys will ALWAYS turn up when you are persistently hunting them…though some just take a LOT of patience.

If you want to find this guy…here is the Kanji to get started…

Itsutsu Banbara: イツツバンバ

Rainbow Sofubi (soft vinyl): レインボー ソフビ

The harder they are to find and the longer you have to wait…the more special they are when you finally get them.

...and do yourself a favor and head over to Generation Kikaida and pick up the Inazuman DVD’s, you won’t be sorry!


Elegab does it again…

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…and makes me really happy to collect his creations…FUN!!!

[Animation by Elegab]

Got my own new Dokuro Tarou Puppet Seijin in the mail from Japan yesterday…

I grabbed some quick shots today…[click any to enlarge]…

He added a faux zipper back…man in suit???…

Nari-san (Elegab) has allowed for many different puppets with interchangable characters from previous releases…very cool!

I picked up the green spray version of the 9.5″ Puppet Seijin (and he comes bagged with 4 puppets!). The toy was also available with a blue spray for the initial release. Both are on pink vinyl…+1

A really fantastic toy from one of the best new toy designers in Japan.  2009 has been an incredible and breakthrough year for Dokuro Tarou designs: Full size releases of Missileas, Shuttlegon, the Monster Patrol Car, and now Puppet Seijin. It looks as if Elegab is just getting going too…try to keep up with his blog and  take a little time to search thru the Dokuro Tarou site to see what else he has in store! I have a feeling Dokuro Tarou’s not anywhere near finished taking the kaiju market by storm!

If you didn’t grab the initial release of PS…I”m sure other colorways aren’t far behind…

And now…

I had the honor of attending a very rare  puppet show featuring Puppet Seijin…

I was lucky to get out alive…


A Gigantor Gigantor + The KOBE Project!

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I got something big in the mail yesterday!…

Tetsujin T-28!

…and I had to share some pics! I’m really really excited by this guy…probably more so than I’ve been for just about any Japanese vinyl that I’ve ever come across!

Vintage usually gets me the most hysterical, but most of the time I can’t even afford those…the last time I was this elated was with a vintage Astro Mu!

Bigger isn’t always better by any means…but what better character vinyl to make REALLY BIG than Tetsujin T-28???

It’s BIG…


It’s REALLY Big!…

T-28's Mug



It’s the 2009 M1-Ichigo DX Giant Tetsujin T-28 ! (released in May ’09) and not only did M1-Go make this T-28 bigger…they did it flawlessly!

As soon as I pulled it out of the giant bag, I felt like a small kid pulling out one of the 9″ vinyls because of the size. The vinyl is quite thick but retains that perfect Japanese solid-yet springy and squeezable quality that the other high quality M1-Go vinyls share…same smell…same feel…exactly!

All of the joints and fittings are immaculate without any warping whatsoever…allowing for a great stance. He has joints at the shoulders, elbows, waist, and legs.

Shown with one of my  9″custom T-28’s…

2 T-28's

That’s 19″ and 3lbs of  pure Japanese vinyl in one big M1-Go bag!

Bagged M1-Go Giant T-28

I’ll just mention the paint and then enough gushing…well not really much to say really except again… sheer perfection! The same colorway as M1’s initial ’95 release of the 9″ blue with yellow eyes painted on blue vinyl.

T-28 is a simple paint job…but all of the lines are pretty exact…and the anime style eyes just could not be done better…period.

Another size comparison with the 10″ Gameldon…

T-28 & Gameldon!

T-28 Side view with Gameldon

I’ve always loved T-28…or Gigantor as I knew him…funny that I never call him that anymore. My favorite robot sculpt since I’ve been collecting has been the 1995 M1-Go version… so when I saw this for sale at Mark Nagata’s Max Toy …I actually knocked over the tea I was drinking with excitement!

Mark only brought 2 back with him from Japan and I thought it was SUPER cool of him to bring another to offer up for sale to collectors at a very fair price…much Toy Karma will come his way!…and  I believe some of mine just paid off 🙂

He shares the same excitement as I do over this toy!

T-28 Feet

If you are a fan of T-28 or M1-Go and  just happen to come across one of these in your searches…all I can say is that pictures really just don’t do it justice…my advise… buy it FAST!  It’s an instant classic!

Giant M1 T-28 and Max Toy Eyezon!

Someone always has to build a BIGGER ONE though…!

The M1 may be big but nowhere as bis as this year’s recently completed KOBE T-28 project!!!

KOBE Project Tetsujin T-28

Costing some 135,000,000 Yen (1.5 Million U.S. !) , 4 years of planning, and 60 feet tall…the KOBE T-28 finally took shape…


Kobe T-28



Constructed at a shopping mall in Kobe which also happens to be the home town of T-28’s creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama!

It’s hoped the new T-28 addition will bring more business…I know I would go out of my way for a photo-op!!!

Here’s some video about the project…

I want this on my roof…

T-28's giant head!

That’s all for now…I gotta go watch some vintage Tetsujin T-28 episodes!

T-28 Screenshot

Monster Patrol Car & The Apache Army!

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MPC Header

Jeez…we’re already 7 months thru 2009…this year is going fast!

I’ve picked up a lot of new toys this year and though many of you may disagree with me…I gotta say that my biggest contender for Toy of the Year so far has got to be the ‘Kaiju Patrol Car’ by Elegab/Dokuro Tarou!

aka ‘Monster Patrol Car’ or MPC…


Wonderfest Version

Nari (Elegab) has really continued to WoW everyone with his whimsical original sculpts and designs…the great names, back stories, and amazing use of paint and color combinations,  not to mention creature designs that fit in with any traditional kaiju OR neo-kaiju collection!

A truly great toy!

The MPC is a lunar based monster that along with his Apache Army of riders patrol and defend the moonbase from invasion!

I have to say that it’s very cool to receive a toy that has real playability and so many fun display options…6+ interchangeable riders and backwards compatibility with some of Elegab’s previous monster creations! He’ll even stand on all fours or rear up and stand on his hind legs…with the riders!…



Riders on patrol

Better get out of the way!

The Cockpit…

MPC control Panel

The Apache Army!

I’m not really sure why they are called the Apache Army…maybe a play on words for ‘Patchi monster’. Whatever, they are AWESOME! Each one is so unique and bizarre!

Mail Order 6 piece set



BAKAGON (Yes…he appears to have shit on his head.)


KUZOGON (The junker robot)


DOBLA ( A smog monster)

Smog Monster

DEBAGA-ME (Paparazzi Monster) LOL!

Everybody hates the papz

GHALI BEN (The super smart Alien who’s brain turned to jello and has pencils for hands!)

The Intellectual

A group shot…

Great toys!

All of you that read this blog are passionate about toys…not much beats the satisfaction of tracking down that super rare vintage or super limited release new vinyl that you thought you would never own …because every flipper and their brother is trying to get one too. Sometimes though a toy comes along that unexpectedly steals the show. That’s this one for me.

And guess what? You can actually buy one if you want one…what a concept!

High Five!


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Larvagon custom from VELOCITRON!

Flying in Space

This new sculpt…VELOCITRON’s 2nd piece in what will hopefully be just one more segment of his creation’s ‘Lifecycle’. The first in the series was Bechigon’ The Egg of the Apocolypse!

A couple examples of Bechigon’s many colorways and variants…

Battalion version

Emperor Version

VELOCITRON’s vinyl series…which pays homage to one of my all-time favorite monsters…A L I E N designed by Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. Giger’s original ALIEN has a lifecycle of Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster, and finally the full grown ALIEN monster. Are we going to see a similar lifecycle with these new toys...Bechigon…Larvagon…???



Larvagon Emerges in Giger's lost work

For the public release of Larvagon (others can be seen HERE), VELOCITRON did something really cool…he made them available to his mailing list, but each buyer was able to have input on their color preferences…each Larvagon a 1/1 custom! Only 10 of these customs were produced. I asked for metallic green and gold…with a little red and black. I also specified silver teeth.

I thought it turned out amazing!…

Larvagon Custom

Say AHHHhhh

Another great thing about this toy is that it is actually a few pieces joined together…The ‘Larva’ can be removed from the tail section…


Head with the clear dome removed…

Larva Head

Larva close-up

To show size…here’s Larvagon checking out his new digs…

Ahh...too bright!

The Larva glows!

glow Larva!

Well, that glow pic I took sucks! I’ll pretend it looks like this…

Not what it really looks like.

I really hope to see more vinyl creations from VELOCITRON!

Would you buy toys from this man???….

VELOCITRON and friends!

If so…Mailing list info HERE!


Elegab’s Kaiju Patrol Car!

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I had to share this from sculptor & toymaker ‘Elegab’s’ blog…because it is just such a great concept!

It’s only in the prototype stage now…but so very cool!

The ‘Kaiju Patrol Car”!!!

Kaiju Patrol Car!

Shown with DT’s mini passengers: Mimigiras and another new mini sculpt…Damegon!

Tiny Terrible Passengers!

Now imagine this toy all painted up with a variety of interchangeable passengers…so awesome! The little DT mini figures are only about 2 inches tall…so it wouldn’t even be a complete shelf hog!

One more pic…being attacked by Dokuro Tarou’s first real ‘full size’ monster sculpt: Shatorugon!


Shatorugon (or Shuttlegon…there’s a whole back-story of the monster being made from a space shuttle) will hopefully be available from Dokuro Tarou around the end of March…keep your eyes on the store!

The Monster Patrol Car…well-??? I really hope Elegab & DT manage to put it into production. I kinda think he will…Shintani Naritada’s (Elegab) sculpts and toys are really getting a lot more, well deserved, attention!

One more of Shatorugon, and how cool is it that he can hold other DT toys or ???…

With crushing grip!

SK Delivers!

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After a 3 1/2 month wait for this pre-order…Siccaluna-Koubou delivers an amazing set!

Sekai no KaijuShin Sekai no Kaiju

A bunch of images from the set below…but first a brief description of what this set consists of:

  • 9 inch vinyl 4-arm Zagoran. Only available with this book set. This is an alternate representation (extra set of arms) of the first ‘Zag’ to appear. Zag is first seen in the book “World of Giant Monsters” (the first book of the set) Page 11.
  • Reprint set of the extremely hard to come by books: Sekai No Kaiju’ (World of Giant Monsters) and ‘Shin Sekai No Kaiju’ (New World of Giant Monsters) Book 2.  The original books, published in 1967, feature short kaiju stories by Toshiya Nakaoka with illustrations by artists Kaijita & Minamimura.
  • Book 1 focuses more on prehistoric beasts with some freakish twists…though there are a few conceptualized monsters in the volume such as Zagoran, the Space Kaiju, and Dagigon .
  • Book 2 sees more of  the prehistoric creatures but also features a lot more imaginative creations like Bagun, Maity, & Iga-ru, plus many more. This volume also features many of the first ‘Kaiju Anatomy’ illustrations.
  • Both books feature the full color fold-out illustrations like the originals.

Now for some pics (click any to enlarge)…

4 Arm Zag


4 Arm Zag


Iga-rudeer guy

MaitySea Blob


My only critique…SK added four pages of product listing to the end of each book. These are all great vinyls, but I kinda wish the books were completely true to the originals…a small criticism.

SK Vinyls from the books

The book and Zag set is sold out but the books are still available…HERE.

For me, the Zag is pretty cool, but it’s really about the two books. SK obviously took great care in who they chose to reproduce the rare books. The images are crisp and they’ve included the full color fold-outs and slipcases. Absolutely nothing about these hardcover volumes feel cheap…which these are not (around $50++ for both). It is also great to see how well SK reproduced these unknown monsters for their own toy line.

If you can track down the originals and can afford them…then by all means grab them!

If not…I guarantee you won’t be sorry for picking up this great set of repro-books!