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Kemur & Z-Ton

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After finishing a custom Zeton for a friend, I decided to finally create a new image for the Kaiju Art Collection too!

I’ll post pics of the new custom after it’s new owner receives it. For this image, I used a custom I did several months ago…

Zeton! aka…Z-Ton

I’ve done some terrible things…

I've done some terrible things.

This M1-Go sculpt was an instant favorite because it’s one of the few business suited kaijin (human sized monsters) that I like so much…and I’m definitely not alone there! Basically it’s M1’s Semi-ningen’s suited body with a M1 Kemurujin head stuck on.

The difference between Kemur, Kemurujin, Z-ton, Zeton, and  Zetton?…

I’ll start with Kemurujin…or Kemur for short because he was first on the screen in 1966’s Ultra Q

Kemur Seijin!

He has a thing for Ferris wheels in the very dark episode…

I'll take that.

Kemur makes a very brief return in 1967’s Ultraman Episode 33 “The Forbidden World”, after being summoned by the evil alien Mephilas! Kemur II as he is sometimes known, is on screen for about 2 seconds…but it’s his first time in color…

Don't blink...or you'll miss my close-up!

Now on to Z-Ton, Zeton, and Zetton…

For Ultraman’s final episode…Episode 39 ” Farewell Ultraman” in 1967, apparently the producers decided to bring Kemurujin back. But, as they often did, they used a previously used monster suit…made a few changes in appearance…and called him something else for the new episode.

This time Tsuburaya’s team changed the head a bit and added a business suit to the now human sized…Zeton, or Z-ton as he is listed in some kaiju/kaijin reference books…

As before…we only get to see him breifly…basically he stands up after being tackled by the Science Patrol, turns around and gets shot in the face…

Like my new suit?


Thats gotta hurt!

OK…who is Zetton then???…

This guy…Zeton’s boss… also from the final episode, who finally overwhelms our hero Ultraman…

You're toast Ultraman!

The two aliens in the final episode are from the planet Z-Ton…so we have the lesser alien Zeton and his boss Zetton…creative huh?

Many toy companies created figures of Kemur and Zeton…though the most confusing is the 1991 release of Z-ton by M1-Go due to the cost effectiveness of using Kemur’s head on the Semi-ningen’s suited body sculpt. M1’s Kemur, Semi-Ningen, and Z-ton were all produced in 1991. You’ll often see M1’s Z-ton listed as Kemur or Kemur Seijin (Seijin means Adult) because of the mix-match parts. We will see the same suit resurface again for M1’s Keronia in 2001.

Finally…here is a mislabled video of ‘Kemurujin’ and Ultraman performing a Benny Hill-esque fight…not sure of the video’s origin… so chime in if you do!

Video is from Gojira73rules

Pics of my new version of the Zeton with a polka-dot tie coming soon…



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What's the big deal?

New for the Kaiju Art Collection it’s Agasukeron from Wombat!

Now I don’t personally know the folks behind Wombat Toys…but I can tell you that they are big fans of vintage Pachimon trading cards and the wonderful artwork of Shigeru Komatsuzaki. Nearly all of their vinyl releases are directly based on the vintage art depicted on these trading cards. More info and pics on Pachimon can be found in my Galtan post.

Here’s the original Pachi for Agasukeron (click to enlarge)…

Agasukeron Pachi!

There are four versions of this one-eyed furry beast…and imo the sculpt nailed the vintage artwork just perfectly! Each Agasukeron is limited to just 20 pieces and stand appx. 9″ tall. The vinyl quality and paint is top notch. The version I used for the image at the top of the post is the 2006 first release with the original Pachimon colorway.

Wombat Agasukeron releases…


I love the happy, yet surprised look of this guy!

Visit their website to see other Wombat releases. Their last post on the site was in Oct.08…hopefully we’ll still see more from the small toy company. I must mention the header card as well… featuring what elsea real Wombat!…

I want a pet Wombat.

New Links Page!

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Look for this on the sidebar to visit the new links section…


Links to Blogs, Essential websites, Toy producers, Online stores, Yahoo Japan Auctions, and Japanese language purchasing!

I know I’m missing a few things and may have overlooked others…so please comment if you know of a website or blog that should be on the list.

I’ve compiled this list of links from my own, very disorganized, bookmarks and from various other websites offering links. I was getting tired of trying to find them all on my PC or going through various other websites. I really hope this links page helps you as much as it will me! My goal is to make it as comprehensive as possible and I will update constantly. Please help by pointing out sites that I’ve most surely forgotten to add!

Toygraph Tokyo Tower

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Ultra Q Tokyo Tower!

Finally got around to taking shots of the adorable 2006 ‘Ultra Q Tokyo Tower’ by Toygraph!

I really do enjoy the Toygraph vinyls…this small Japanese toy company definitely takes a more whimsical approach in their highly recognizable sculpting style. The toy company just had a major hit in the last quarter of 2008 with their Space Troopers line. Here are some ClubTokyo links to a few of their ‘cuter‘ sculpts:

The Vinyl Ultra Q Tokyo Towers were released in 2006 and feature these Ultra Q monsters…

Goro (no, I’m not King Kong Damnit!) the ape kaiju…

..and it's not the Eiffel Tower!

Eyeryone’s favorite money muching kaiju… Kanegon!

Did I cause the econmic crisis?

Creepy Alien Kemur Seijin…


…and Hanging out at the base of the Tower It’s Namegon, the giant Snail and Mongler, the Mole monster…


There is a glow version of the Ultra Q tower available as well…which seems to be a bit more common, but usually more expensive. There are also two Toygraph ‘TOHO’ kaiju Towers which features…Mothra, Godzilla, Baragon, Hedorah, and either Ebirah or Gorosaurus. Apparently Ebirah had to be removed due to a licensing issue.

All of the Towers stand appx. 14″ tall with the three upper kaiju separately bagged.

These Towers are definately worth picking up…if you can find one that’s not too expensive. The detail and paint on each little monster is pretty well done…and these Towers look fantastic displayed with your full size vinyls!


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I see 300 of you!

For the KaijuArt Collection…‘Meganuron’ from Rodan!

This creepy crawly creature has a few memorable scenes in the 1956 classic TOHO film… ‘RODAN!’
Though the Meganuron(s) (there’s a whole hive of them) have only a few scenes, they do add some nice creepy scares to the film before the titular monster is finally revealed!

The star of Rodan takes a look at the miniature set…

Oh yeah...I'm gonna tear this up!

A small rural Japanese village is devastated by the deaths of  local miners in what is originally thought to be a bizarre series of murders by one of their own…a  fellow miner with a grudge… who has also gone missing.
Little do the villagers know that a hive of nightmarish larvae-like creatures known as Meganuron are the real culprits!

The residents are soon to find out though…when a Meganuron decides to attack a house right in the village!

Mind if I come in?


Of course the villagers realize that their accused man is not responsible for the murders and therefore decide to track down and destroy the creature. This, of course, proves easier said than done as bullets and heavy artillery don’t seem to effect the insectoid menace!

Hard to kill…

Stretching back stage.

Finally the rogue Meganuron will be killed by crushing it with a speeding mining ore car, but at the cost of a terrible cave in…trapping a local man named Shigeru! As the worried people topside start their days-long endeavor to free the trapped man, Shigeru has time to explore the caves…and guess what he finds…a whole colony of Meganuron!

…and a giant egg that begins to hatch before his eyes!

You’re bug food Shigeru!

I'm going to be Rodan's dinner

Shigeru does witness the egg hatch…though not of another giant bug…but the giant dino-bird: RODAN!

The hungry baby Rodan will make a quick first meal of the surprised Meganurons, aiding in Shigeru’s escape. Apparently all of this is just too much for Shigeru to handle though…the traumatized man is found later on wandering a road and unable to remember anything he has witnessed!

Now hopefully I have piqued your interest into finding out the rest of the story…if you haven’t already seen it a million times like me!

A superb re-release of the film was just put out late last year by Classic Media, and it’s a triple bill!..with ‘War of the Gargantuas‘, ‘Rodan’, and the great documentary ‘Bringing Godzilla Down to Size’! This incredible set is on Amazon right now for $14.99cheap!

The Meganuron figure used for my two images above is the 2006 Toygraph release (blue with tower). ClubTokyo Pic HERE.

And finally, here are some scenes featuring Meganuron…

We want your women…

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Just 5 of that so much to ask???

The Mysterians!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection from the 1957 TOHO film: “Earth Defense Force“. The image above is one of the film’s alien baddies known as a ‘Mysterian’ from the U.S. release in 1959… “The Mysterians“.

A small request…

After destroying their own planet ‘Mysteroid‘ with wars, the helmeted humanoid aliens escape to Mars for a rather lengthy stay. The Mysterians decide to leave Mars eons later to head for planet Earth, why you may ask? I guess…though it is never explained...they decide to leave Mars because they have one major problem…theirs is a dying species without women to perpetuate their dwindling numbers!

Having landed on Earth, they make their case known, with a little show of power by a giant robot they bring a long named ‘Moguera‘.

All we want is 3 kilometers of land…and uhh…
That's cool...right?

This early tokusatsu film really is great fun to watch…fantastic aliens, bizarre costumes, and the aforementioned giant robot: Moguera (who btw is the first giant robot in a TOHO film!) Heck, it’s made by the same TOHO super team of  Tanaka/Honda/Tsuburaya/Ifukube that brought Gojira to life!  The film also features a lot of returning cast that you’ll recognize from the original 1954 Godzilla… including the lovely heroine of both films: Momoko Kôchi.

Hiroko gets snatched…

I like your other helmet soo much better!

Moguera…maybe not the most terrifying giant robot we’ve ever seen…

Don't let appearances fool you!

The figure used for the Mysterian image at the top of this post is the great M1-Go 2001 release with blue cape and helmet (M1 also released red and yellow versions as in the film).

Here is the English trailer for the ’59 release of “The Mysterians”…


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What’s wrong with this picture?…

What a pain in the ass!

Well for starters…two heads facing opposite directions…this poor kaiju doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…it’s Magnetudon!  Talk about an identity crisis…sheesh!

Magnetudon, from 1971’s Spectreman, is summoned and controlled by the evil blond mentioned here a couple of posts ago…Dr Gori!

This unfortunate monster has a Mole head, which is fond of burrowing beneath the Earth and causing earthquakes, and a Catfish…well,…ass. The Catfish side of his personality prefers to swim the Earth’s oceans and cause massive tidal waves that wreak havoc on Japan’s coastal cities.

These two seem pretty happy with their predicament…
Are two heads really better than one?

The figure used in the images above is the CCP Toys 2002 Magnetudon from their Spectreman Series. The figure is 9″ tall. This is an absolute favorite of mine by CCP…great colors, and the expressions on the two faces are pretty humorous. The whole sculpt is just interesting and bizarre.


As with many kaiju creations in Japan, there is often a mythological beast used for inspiration… I’m not really sure about the Mole part…but I believe the Catfish is in reference to ‘Namazu‘, the earthquake causing catfish from Japanese legend…


Having a fish head for an ass also gets you more screen time…Magnetudon appears in two back-to-back episodes of Spectreman… Episode 15: “A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo“, and Episode 16: “Retaliation of Magnetudon“.

Below are the youtube versions of the episode uploaded by the great Spectreman.Net!

Oh!…one more thing, Episode 16 contains perhaps one of the greatest lines of dialog…that I promise you’ll never hear anywhwere…ever.

Dr. Gori…“You idiot!   Don’t burrow in the ground like a mole…Come up and fight… like a Catfish!!”