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Monster Patrol Car & The Apache Army!

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MPC Header

Jeez…we’re already 7 months thru 2009…this year is going fast!

I’ve picked up a lot of new toys this year and though many of you may disagree with me…I gotta say that my biggest contender for Toy of the Year so far has got to be the ‘Kaiju Patrol Car’ by Elegab/Dokuro Tarou!

aka ‘Monster Patrol Car’ or MPC…


Wonderfest Version

Nari (Elegab) has really continued to WoW everyone with his whimsical original sculpts and designs…the great names, back stories, and amazing use of paint and color combinations,¬† not to mention creature designs that fit in with any traditional kaiju OR neo-kaiju collection!

A truly great toy!

The MPC is a lunar based monster that along with his Apache Army of riders patrol and defend the moonbase from invasion!

I have to say that it’s very cool to receive a toy that has real playability and so many fun display options…6+ interchangeable riders and backwards compatibility with some of Elegab’s previous monster creations! He’ll even stand on all fours or rear up and stand on his hind legs…with the riders!…



Riders on patrol

Better get out of the way!

The Cockpit…

MPC control Panel

The Apache Army!

I’m not really sure why they are called the Apache Army…maybe a play on words for ‘Patchi monster’. Whatever, they are AWESOME! Each one is so unique and bizarre!

Mail Order 6 piece set



BAKAGON (Yes…he appears to have shit on his head.)


KUZOGON (The junker robot)


DOBLA ( A smog monster)

Smog Monster

DEBAGA-ME (Paparazzi Monster) LOL!

Everybody hates the papz

GHALI BEN (The super smart Alien who’s brain turned to jello and has pencils for hands!)

The Intellectual

A group shot…

Great toys!

All of you that read this blog are passionate about toys…not much beats the satisfaction of tracking down that super rare vintage or super limited release new vinyl that you thought you would never own …because every flipper and their brother is trying to get one too. Sometimes though a toy comes along that unexpectedly steals the show. That’s this one for me.

And guess what? You can actually buy one if you want one…what a concept!

High Five!


Kaiju Tripus!

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Menacing Header!

Tripus has finally surfaced…and what a stunner!

Click any image for the larger version.

Max Toy Tripus- First Version

“From the ocean’s depths, this kaiju emerges to do battle with Captain Maxx! What will it take to defeat this tentacled sea mutant? No doubt a full out battle royale between kaiju Tripus, Alien Xam, and kaiju Eyezon versus our ultimate Hero!”

Sea Mutant

...and NO I wasn’t in Pirates of the Caribbean…I look far cooler than that guy!

The paint work is truly something to behold. Mark Nagata painted the prototype and the artists recreating his work in China are doing an incredible job. This toy actually had a fairly strong paint smell to it when I opened the sealed bag, though it dissipated quickly. I’m not so sure if this is done entirely with V-Color…if it is, I’m really impressed by the vibrant metallic colors they are able to achieve! After putting this up next to some of my own customs…I’m thinking I need to ramp up my metallic colors!


Beautiful colors!

The vinyl quality…as is always the case with Max Toy sculpts…is top notch! Very cool packaging as well for this 10″ tall sea monster… complete with retro style header and backing card featuring Mark’s eye-catching artwork. On the flip-side of the backing card we are given a preview of some variants to come…

Glow Tripus?!?

I’ve known about this figure for months and must say it was well worth the wait. Mark and Max Toy just keep impressing…these vinyls may be produced in China, but imo are superior in paint and vinyl to many of the higher end Japanese vinyls I’ve inspected.

Great backing card art!

Tripus Attacks!

If this toy is any indication of the great sculpts to come from Max Toy…it looks like ’09 may be the best year yet!

Too bad no one has any money. ūüėČ

Space Trooper Flying Saucer!

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Do you believe?

The Space Trooper /Death Climax line

To be honest…I really didn’t get into the whole Toygraph Space Trooper craze. I thought they were cool and all…just that I’m more into the kaiju…besides that, the Troopers were also pretty expensive (the biggest deterrent).¬† I DO have a big soft spot for retro flying saucers and space toys though…so when I saw this…vinyl + flying saucer + Space Troopers + glows + LED’s = buy now!

Trooper in cockpit…

I can't feel my legs!

“I can’t feel my legs!”

The little 7″ circumference, 5″ tall saucer has a removable cockpit and a clear dome top…but not a removable Trooper. Too bad.

Dome is made from vinyl too!

Glow and LED's!

The whole exterior cockpit is made from glow vinyl…though only the upper edge shows after inserting into the saucer section. As I mentioned, this is the LED version, and I was really hoping for a little more in that department. It would have been great if the Trooper and some of the interior controls lit up, but alas…just the little space traveler’s head does…

Hmm...changes color!

Hmm…changes colors!

Lack of cockpit LED’s and non-removable Trooper aside…the thing is pretty damn cool looking! Plus the LED’s are extremely sensitive... Sometimes it comes on when I just look at it funny…

In the cockpit…

How many times can I say Cockpit

I just want to see how many times I can say ‘Cockpit’.

The coolest part about the whole toy imo… is that it is ALL VINYL! No plastic to be found anywhere.

The dome, saucer, landing struts, interior COCKPIT, and the Trooper are all quality vinyl. I’ve seen vehicles made from vinyl before, take M1’s Atragon, but none are this intricate and with so many parts. The saucer section must have been quite difficult to design for production in vinyl. Quite an achievement on Toygraph’s part!

Death Climax stamp…

Death Climax line

Saucer Section

Probably hard to make!

This version is limited to 80 Pieces and comes bagged with a header card…

Header Card

Now I have a special installment of video…made in about an hour and a half (it shows!) with annoying space sound effects created on my MicroKorg synth, enjoy…

Chinese 18″ Ultraman

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About a year ago I decided I wanted a large Ultraman in the classic ‘Spacium Ray’ crossed arms pose for display…without paying too much $$$, I found this guy…

(Shown here with the M1 9″ Hyata for size reference)

Ultraman & Hyata

This Chinese made electronic figure set me back about $40. Made by a company called Ruishi Culture Developing Co. (that’s a strange name) in 2004, under official license from Tsuburaya, I thought it looked pretty good regarding detail and proportion.Ruishi 18" Ultraman

It came boxed and attached to a stand with the Ultraman logo…I removed the stand by unscrewing the feet, it just took up too much room! Below is the picture from Ruishi’s website (in English too!)…browse through the ‘Toys’ section and you will see a massive amount of Ultra toys! They make everything from Ultra-underwear to Ultra cutlery!

Ruishi Pic

Here’s a nice Ultra-Mask & Weapon ‘Assenbly’…


Now my one issue with this toy…like I mentioned, it’s electronic, so I popped in 4 AA’s and viola…

Well, besides Ultraman’s weird jerky ‘pop & lock‘ moves…wtf does he say? Sounds like a female voice to me. I do like the little Ultraman theme snipet though.

All in all, I’d say it’s pretty cool for a large display figure… and so what if my Ultraman speaks Chinese and sounds likes girl!

Hyata’s ‘Beta Capsule‘ … just for fun…

Beta Capsule


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Gold Pulgasari!

Pictured above: 1998 Marmit Pulgasari 9″ Gold Theater Exclusive


Pulgasari Header

Well, I’m happy to announce that my search for the Golden Pulgasari has ended!

I had a hard time tracking one of these guys down but I finally got lucky and was able to nab one…in fact Pulgasari was received on 1/2/09…therefore being the first kaiju of the New Year! I sure hope that it’s a sign of good Toy Karma to come in the following year. Though what I really need is good Cash Karma…but don’t we all.

What in the hell is a Gold Pulgasari?

Let’s rewind to South Korea circa 1978…I’ll keep this short, there is a lot more to the story, but in summary…

A highly accomplished and extremely popular South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his wife/actress Choi Eun-hee are kidnapped by a young North Korean tyrant-in-training by the name of…Kim Jong-il.

I love capatalist scum!

I love capitalist scum!

Kim Jong-il, who will soon succeed his father Kim Il-sung as the new leader of North Korea and the communist ‘Korea Worker’s Party’, feels that film will become an important piece to his communist propaganda machine.

According to Shin Sang-ok’s memoir entitled “Kingdom of Kim“, he was taken from his wife, whom he assumed was killed, while he spent up to 4 years in a North Korean prison camp…jailed until Kim Jong-il finally frees him to begin his service as a propaganda film director for the North Korean government.



Acting as producer, Kim Jong -il has Shin direct 7 movies in all…of these 7 films we now finally get to 1985’s Pulgasari…a film about a giant Bull monster that is portrayed as a¬† ‘Monster of the people‘, and meant to be a representation of the North Korean Govt. and Kim Jong-il. His giant Pulgasari will protect the oppressed people from the tortuous evil king.


Shin and his wife are finally able to flee North Korea in what seems to be something right out of a international intrigue movie…they are escorted to Vienna by Kim Jong agents for a business meeting. The two are met for lunch by a movie critic friend who has helped arrange the couples’ escape via a taxi…all the while being chased by Kim’s communist agents. The two are able to make it to the American Embassy…and freedom from their bizarre 8 year captivity.

After their embarrassing escape…Kim Jong-il shelves all Shin films…including Pulgasari.

More on Pulgasari…

I’ve watched this film a couple of times, and imo it’s really not that bad. One very interesting fact about the film is that Kim-Jong-il and Shin Sang-ok were able to bring over quite a few Japanese crew from TOHO’s Godzilla to help with the film… after guaranteeing their safety with the Japanese govt. In fact, the man-in-suit for Pulgasari is none other than Kenpachiro Satsuma,who was fresh from donning the G-suit for 1984’s ‘Return of Godzilla’…and would continue¬† to portray Gojira¬† in 7 more films up until 1995.

I was going to go thru the entire film, but guess what…you can watch the entire film yourself on Google video!

Watch it HERE!

Here are a few screen-grabs for ya’ though…

Pulgasari is formed from rice and mud by an imprisoned and dying man

Pulgasari is formed from rice and mud by an imprisoned and dying man

All done.

All done.

Brought to life by a drop of Pulgasari!

Brought to life by a drop of Pulgasari!

Pulgasari actually EATS iron to grow big and strong!

Pulgasari actually EATS iron to grow big and strong!

Evil King has a new WMD to use against Pulgasari!

Evil King has a new WMD to use against Pulgasari!

Bring it.

Bring it.

Watch the film to find out the ending…of course it’s bizarre!


There are very few Pulgasari vinyls available…all by Marmit , that I am aware of. A painted version of the 9″ one I have pictured above and another black 9″ painted version not pictured in the ClubTokyo link. There is also another smaller sculpt from their Para-Baby line that showcases Pulgasari in it’s beginning infant form, available in 2-3 colors including gold. The gold Pulgasari I have pictured is a theater exclusive that was available at a 1998 Japanese screening of the film. Note the elbow articulation as well…something you don’t normally see in Marmit’s figures.

It’s not so much the sculpt of this figure that drew me to it, though it is pretty cool in hand, but more the whole crazy back-story and the fact that it’s kaiju from North Korea…probably the only giant monster from that country that we will ever see.

King Caesar and Pulgasari compare their Gold finishes…

King Ceasar is easily excited.


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What’s wrong with this picture?…

What a pain in the ass!

Well for starters…two heads facing opposite directions…this poor kaiju doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…it’s Magnetudon!¬† Talk about an identity crisis…sheesh!

Magnetudon, from 1971’s Spectreman, is summoned and controlled by the evil blond mentioned here a couple of posts ago…Dr Gori!

This unfortunate monster has a Mole head, which is fond of burrowing beneath the Earth and causing earthquakes, and a Catfish…well,…ass. The Catfish side of his personality prefers to swim the Earth’s oceans and cause massive tidal waves that wreak havoc on Japan’s coastal cities.

These two seem pretty happy with their predicament…
Are two heads really better than one?

The figure used in the images above is the CCP Toys 2002 Magnetudon from their Spectreman Series. The figure is 9″ tall. This is an absolute favorite of mine by CCP…great colors, and the expressions on the two faces are pretty humorous. The whole sculpt is just interesting and bizarre.


As with many kaiju creations in Japan, there is often a mythological beast used for inspiration… I’m not really sure about the Mole part…but I believe the Catfish is in reference to ‘Namazu‘, the earthquake causing catfish from Japanese legend…


Having a fish head for an ass also gets you more screen time…Magnetudon appears in two back-to-back episodes of Spectreman… Episode 15: “A Great Earthquake Levels Tokyo“, and Episode 16: “Retaliation of Magnetudon“.

Below are the youtube versions of the episode uploaded by the great Spectreman.Net!

Oh!…one more thing, Episode 16 contains perhaps one of the greatest lines of dialog…that I promise you’ll never hear anywhwere…ever.

Dr. Gori…“You idiot!¬†¬† Don’t burrow in the ground like a mole…Come up and fight… like a Catfish!!”


Jujin Yuki Otoko Figures

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Half Human Header

From the 1955 Japanese film ‘Jujin Yuki Otoko’ (Monster Snow Man) …that has been banned in Japan for decades!

I bought this figure some time ago and just released it from storage. I wasn’t quite sure what it was when I bought it…some strange Yeti looking dude holding a dead rabbit..??? Strange enough for me to pick up! Header card pictured above.

X-Plus Abominable Snow Boy

With a little research, I found out that it is one of two figures released by Osaka Japan’s X-Plus to commemorate the US version of the film entitled ‘Half Human’. The¬† X-Plus figures pictured below are the 12″ version of the adult ‘Abominable Snowman’ figure that included two interchangeable torsos that feature different facial expressions…but sans dead rabbit…

I stole this pic..I’d give credit, but I’m not sure where I got it…
Why not just have 2 inter-changeable head sculps? Odd.

Why not just have 2 inter-changeable head sculpts? Odd.

The top figure¬† is the ‘Son’ of the Abominable snowman, complete with dead rabbit carcass…and as an added bonus the dead rabbit articulates at the waist…so you can twist it’s legs into unnatural positions…why???…I really don’t know, but it greatly adds to the bizarr0 factor imo.

The 7″¬† ‘Son’ figure was produced in 1998 and was available in another colorway (brown), the figure pictured is the ‘grey’ version.

The 1955 Film

I have yet to see this movie. It’s quite hard to come by, and I just refuse to watch the 1958 U.S. hack job called¬† ‘Half Human‘. The American version cuts appx. an hour of footage from the original and splices in David Carradine as the narrator and star.

The 1955 Japanese original film ‘Jujin Yuki Otoko‘ was made right on the heels of the succesful¬† ‘Gojira‘ by the legendary monster-movie-making super team:¬† Ishiro Honda (Dir.), Tomoyuki Tanaka (Prod.), and Eiji Tsuburaya (SFX).

Original Poster

The film was banned for public viewing¬† in Japan due to scenes in the film that¬† depict a ‘native tribe’ that too closely resembled Japan’s oldest indigenous inhabitants, living in the northernmost region of the country,…the Ainu,¬† who primarily reside in Hokkaido.

The ‘native tribe’ depicted¬† in the film is portrayed as mindless savages…which the Anui surely are not. There has been a long history of prejudice in Japan towards the native Japanese Ainu and Burakumin peoples.

Hopefully. I’ll run across a copy of this film in the near future and be able to give a better review and perhaps post a few scenes. I do dig the figures though!

I’m going to go pose my dead rabbit now…