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Takara Invaders

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Destroy All Humans!

I thought I’d break out the 1998 Takara Vinyl Invaders for some new HDR images. These 12″ vinyl version Invaders are a homage to the 1970’s hard plastic 8″ versions. There are 3 Aliens in all… Invaders Z (shown above), Invader J (below), and Invader O (shown on package box only, I didn’t open that one).

Invader 'J'

The Invaders all have removable heads…concealing their evil robot brains inside…

Surprise! I’m really a…well…Evil Alien ROBOT Invader!

Invader Z shows you his head.

Available in vinyl are the Invaders shown here as well as the King Walder Monsters. Pics of all of them…HERE! Besides the glitter vinyl and the cool sculpts, the best thing about these three…they can be found pretty cheap!

One more of Alien Invader ‘J’…

Invader 'J'


Invader's Packaging

EDIT: Forgot that I had this image of the ’70’s ad for the original 8″ Invaders…Click to enlarge

OG Takara Invaders Advertisement


We want your women…

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Just 5 of that so much to ask???

The Mysterians!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection from the 1957 TOHO film: “Earth Defense Force“. The image above is one of the film’s alien baddies known as a ‘Mysterian’ from the U.S. release in 1959… “The Mysterians“.

A small request…

After destroying their own planet ‘Mysteroid‘ with wars, the helmeted humanoid aliens escape to Mars for a rather lengthy stay. The Mysterians decide to leave Mars eons later to head for planet Earth, why you may ask? I guess…though it is never explained...they decide to leave Mars because they have one major problem…theirs is a dying species without women to perpetuate their dwindling numbers!

Having landed on Earth, they make their case known, with a little show of power by a giant robot they bring a long named ‘Moguera‘.

All we want is 3 kilometers of land…and uhh…
That's cool...right?

This early tokusatsu film really is great fun to watch…fantastic aliens, bizarre costumes, and the aforementioned giant robot: Moguera (who btw is the first giant robot in a TOHO film!) Heck, it’s made by the same TOHO super team of  Tanaka/Honda/Tsuburaya/Ifukube that brought Gojira to life!  The film also features a lot of returning cast that you’ll recognize from the original 1954 Godzilla… including the lovely heroine of both films: Momoko Kôchi.

Hiroko gets snatched…

I like your other helmet soo much better!

Moguera…maybe not the most terrifying giant robot we’ve ever seen…

Don't let appearances fool you!

The figure used for the Mysterian image at the top of this post is the great M1-Go 2001 release with blue cape and helmet (M1 also released red and yellow versions as in the film).

Here is the English trailer for the ’59 release of “The Mysterians”…

Our Day in Roswell…

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It was very HOT in Roswell… but that couldn’t stop Baltan and I from checking out The International UFO Museum and Research Center!

Here’s Baltan posing by our first sign that Roswell isn’t your average sleepy little town…

Baltan Loves Roswell!

Baltan is very intrigued by the Alien lamp posts…

This is my kinda town!

Baltan makes a frightening discovery!

Those models have my relative!

He is relieved to find out that the fashion model doctors have not captured his relatives…

Better you than me!

Well, we didn’t find Baltan’s lost Relatives in Roswell… but we had fun and made some new friends…

Rare shot of REdYOdA

Click any photo above to see the rest in the Roswell Flickr Gallery!

We now return you to

Universally good!

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Baltan and I arrived in Alien country and were pleased to see this…
Sno cones are universal!
Temp was in the 90’s in Roswell… but as Pvt. Hudson would say… “It’s a dry Heat!” 

Returning home to San Francisco tomorrow! I will post pics from Roswell asap, then no more aliens for now and back to normalcy…well I don’t know if normal is the right word but…

More Aliens in New Mexico…

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Aliens in New Mexico!

Aliens in New Mexico!

No, I haven’t turned into a conspiracy website…at least not yet, but I am currently visiting NM and I really like the NM Tourism Bureau’s ad campaign …featuring alien monsters!

EDIT: Having some video embedding issues… CLICK HERE for video.

Going to visit THIS PLACE on Thursdayoh man.

No probing please.

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We interrupt…

I’m heading for the ‘Land of Enchantment‘…and Aliens, A-Bombs, Anasazi,  and some really tasty Green Chile too…

New Mexico!

While there, I’ll be making a stop to the home of alien conspiracies… Roswell, NM. This will be my first visit there…should be fun and interesting!

I’m going to visit family for 5-6 days, so I’ll try to get one more Kaiju Art Collection photograph that I’ve been working on posted sometime tomorrow…then I’m outta here!

If I get time… I’ll try to post something interesting while I’m there.

Baltan is going with me…he’s hoping to find a lost relative (pictured above) near Roswell.

Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell discussing Roswell (2008)…

EDIT: Having some embedding issues…CLICK HERE if no video.