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Oni Dog!

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Down Boy!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s the RealxHead Oni Dog!

The rare RxH dogs are striking vinyl figures that stand about 7″ tall and 8″ head to tail. Based on the ‘Oni’ devil/demon masks used in Japanese ceremonies and theater, the dogs come in two forms: Oni & ‘Cyclops’, and many different colorways. Here a some flickr pics so you can see a better view of them.

See a much larger version of the Dog pictured above in the gallery!

I heart demons!

Click above for more wiki ‘Oni’ info.



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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

New for the Kaiju Art Collection…It’s Galtan!

Galtan is one of many ‘fictional‘ monsters shown on Japanese trading cards called Pachimon. Pachimon Cards ( ‘Pachi‘:knock-off or imitation, and ‘Mon‘: short for Monster or ‘Monsuta’) are 1970’s trading cards that feature original artwork of Japanese monsters that have not appeared on screen or television…though many tend to look strangely familiar.

Galtan Pachimon Card


Galtan in vinyl form was first brought to life by the small, yet very talented toy producer Exohead.
A close look at the vinyl will see that Galtan employs Antlar’s body, the well known Baltan’s arms and claws, and the head…probably just the Pachimon’s artists idea.

More Pachimon Cards can be seen HERE.

See The Kaiju Art Collection Galtan larger HERE.

Kaiju in MOMA?

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How much is that Dino in the window?

How much is that Dino in the window?

Who is this giant red monster peering out the window of the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco???

The red dinosaur sculpture is part of a wonderful exhibit happening now at SF MOMA called ‘Half Life of a Dream‘.  Monday I visited the exhibit, which features breathtaking, post Tienanmen Square Contemporary Chinese Art. Photographs are forbidden inside the museum… though I was given permission to snap a couple of the big red dino…

It states “Made in China” down the front of the dinosaur. Very cool sculpture. Looks like a six foot vinyl kaiju figure!!!

There is also an installation which depicts a sleeping Chairman Mao, laying down and surrounded by 20,000 little plastic dinosaurs in a rainbow of colors. It is massive! Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph that one.

If you get a chance to, and are in SF, try to catch the Chinese exhibit. It is alongside the tremendous Frida Kahlo show…the Kahlo show tends to get a little crowded…but well worth it imo.

These guys like it!….

We love Art!

We love Art!

More Free Kaiju Coloring Pages…

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…but not made by me this time.

Click either picture below and you will be taken to a Japanese website featuring high-res Kaiju coloring pages that you can print out. These monsters are from the 2006-07 Ultraman Mebius series.

Micras getting tossed

Don’t worry if you don’t read Japanese…just scroll down the page until you see the monsters…click the silver box underneath the pic you desire… it will open the picture in large PDF format…print & done!

Tanoshinde! Have Fun!

Color Us!

Vintage Kaiju Artwork

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Some amazing vintage plastic model box art by famed Japanese artist Shigeru Komatsuzaki.

Shigeru Komatsuzaki (1915-2001), a prolific illustration artist for over 50 years, is responsible for bringing us original artwork used for the Thunderbird series,  Nitto Gamera and Gappa series, the Mirrorman series, Dinosaur series and the exacting Military series of plastic model box artwork.  For collectors, Mr. Komatsuzaki’s artwork is sought after and highly prized.

Having produced over a thousand original pieces of artwork in his career, Shigeru Komatsuzaki originals are extremely rare, as most of the original paintings used on the beautiful model boxes is gone forever…sadly destroyed in a massive fire.

Komatsuzaki  also supplied some of the character design for TOHO’s 1959 film The Mysterians. He is also given film credits for his wonderful conceptual and costume design for the 1963 film Matango and 1965’s Atragon.

I just love the  kaiju artwork on these!

For the Kiddies…

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…or your inner kid…it’s time to color!

Kaiju Coloring on Flickr

Only a few up on Flickr now…but I plan on adding quite a few more.

The M1-Go Matango coloring page that was mentioned earlier is still available too… It’s what inspired me to make the others!

Using my existing Kaiju Art Collection Photographs… I’ve attempted to create a kind of 1970’s aesthetic to the Coloring Pages by adding some custom, simple graphics to each page.

Color Me!

They are all in a very large format ‘JPEG’…so resizing and printing should be easy.


Kaiju Smogun!

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The garbage monster sculpt, originally created by I-K-B toys in 1971, has proven to be a very popular kaiju with vinyl collectors.

Smogun’s popularity is due in part to the character’s mysterious origins, it’s rarity, and the devoted re-issues by Gargamel and Hukkokudo.
With a torso made of tires, cars for feet, a truck for a head, and headlights for eyes, Smogun is a very unique Kaiju…and that’s saying a lot with all of the imaginative creatures out there!

Header Cards:

For those of you new to collecting vinyl… most Japanese vintage, and new vinyl toys are sold packaged in a clear plastic bag with a stapled header card. The header usually features original printed artwork of the enclosed Kaiju. The artwork, either commissioned or painted by the vinyl toy creator, commonly features the monster/hero in some sort of battle scenario with other monsters, probably related creatures in a series that are also available to purchase. The header art usually features very stylized text, exciting action, and vivid, eye catching colors… I’ve actually bought kaiju just for the cool header card alone! See my Salary Ika Post.

In the case of Smogun, the I-K-B header card plays an important role. The refuse monster, having no TV program or manga to encourage it’s sale, the toy depends entirely on the creativity of the sculpt and an interesting header to grab your attention…and your wallet.

I didn’t take this pic…Original IKB Smoguns to show header…
IKB Originals

Smogun’s header features said Kaiju battling it out with another fictional monster named ‘Mosugun’ aka ‘Smogun 2’. If the ‘Bemon’ character was ever produced in vinyl in the 70’s… it’s existence remains unknown…except for the one I have…but you can’t see it…it’s the only one…only I can look at it!

On a side note: ‘Bemon’ or ‘Mosugun’ from the I-K-B header is also released as ‘Smogun2’ by Target Earth Toys. On the flip side of the Smogun header are pictured various ‘pollution monsters’ called ‘Hedorans’ , which bear an uncanny resemblance to TOHO’s Hedorah the smog monster. Hedoran has also been widely re-released by Gargamel.

Gargamel’s happy Hedorans…
We're Hedorans!

Target Earth’s Smogun 2 ‘Bemon’…
Smogun 2

As far as I-K-B Toy’s history…it remains a complete mystery to me . I have been unable to find any more information on the elusive vintage toy company…so hit me up if you’re in the know!

With a little digging, you’ll unearth quite a few customs and colorways of Smogun. It’s also found in standard and mini sizes.

For the Kaiju Art Collection Smogun at the top of the post …I used the Hukkokudo full size repro of the original I-K-B 1971 colorway. I liked the color interplay of green opposed to the original orange.

See it supersized in the gallery!