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Gorilla My Dreams

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Ultimate Lar!

It’s Space Ape Karas from Spectreman!

…aka ‘Ultimate Lar’ from CCP Toy Co. in Japan. I’m not really sure why they call it ‘Ultimate Lar’ enlighten me if you do…

Dr Giro (Wig), Karas (Bling)

Dr Gori (Wig), Karas (Bling)

Spanning 63 episodes in 1971-72, The tokusatsu show’s main message… that we humans are over-polluting the Earth.
Banished from his home world, the evil space gorilla Dr. Gori (shown seated above) makes his way to Earth and is stunned by our planet’s natural beauty. Dr. Gori cannot believe how blatantly we earthlings destroy it.
The psychotic simian sets his sites on ruling the human race with the help of his fellow, dubiously dressed, yet brutish assistant: Space-Gorilla ‘Karas’ (shown standing above).
Our hero Spectreman is sent by the peaceful and protective planet Nebula 71 to help the Earth combat the Gorillas… and the various, ironically Earth polluting, kaiju they summon.

Here is a clip of some Gorilla’s in tights/Spectrerman action…

Click Dr Gori’s wig to visit the Kaiju Art Collection!

I make this look Gooood!

I make this look Gooood!

Ultimate Lar figures can be found at


The Crucifixion of the Ultra Brothers

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Ultraman Jack!

The Series:

1971 gets a third installment of the ‘Ultra’ series (4th if you count Ultra Q) called  ‘Kaettekita Urutoraman‘ or ‘Ultraman Returns’.
After SFX pioneer Eiji Tsuburaya’s passing in 1970, his first son Hajime takes over the legendary Tsuburaya Productions and ‘Ultraman Returns’ takes shape.
The new Ultra-series will span 51 exciting episodes between April 1971-March 1972.
Ultraman Returns will keep to basically the same formula of it’s successful predecessors… ‘Ultraman‘ & ‘Ultra Seven’.

Plot: In short…

Our hero, a race car driver named Hedeki Goh, is killed while saving a young boy during a monster attack.  An ‘Ultraman’ witnesses Hedeki’s sacrifice and bestows his life energy and powers to the driver.

Goh is now alive and well and able to transform into the towering New Ultraman by will alone. The previous hero’s needed a ‘beta capsule’ or some other means to make the transformation.
Goh will also join the Monster Attack Team or MAT and help protect Japan from it’s non-stop monster onslaught throughout the series.

Ultraman Returns is christened Ultraman ‘Jack’ by a contest, held in the early 80’s by toy giant Bandai & Tsuburaya productions, to name the character.

The Crucifixion:

My artwork above is a manipulated photograph of the figure I received from Japan in July.

Pre-Order Ad

This exceptional figure, made by CCP Toy Co. in Japan (Character Content Productions) and licensed by Tsuburaya,  depicts a famous scene from much later in the ‘Ultra’ series (Episode 13 of Ultraman Ace).
There are 4 ‘crucified’ Ultra Brothers in this CCP series plus 3 other figures, including the 5th brother: Ultra Ace, that complete the scene from the show.

The  crucifixion ‘episode 13’ is explained, exceptionally well I might add, on the box…

“The Four Ultra Brothers are gathered by the fake Ultra Signs and died on the cross on the planet Golgota by the Yapool. They are deprived their energy and skill by The Ace Killer which is made by the Yapool and they are in squeeze. They are in a real pinch! What’s next!?”

Hmmm…being crucified really does put you in a pinch doesn’t it!

In a squeeze!
Click any Ultra Bro above to watch the scene in poor quality …

with the funniest bad dubbing I’ve ever heard!!

The box art also feature Davinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man‘ on the top…??
I guess that’s better than showing a picture of Jesus.

This was a must have figure for me due to the uniqueness of the ‘crucifixion’ pose. My space constraints will keep me from getting the complete set…not that I could find or afford them all anyways!

The base & cross are appx. 12″ high, while Ultraman Jack is about 7″ and fixed in his ‘crucified’ pose.
The figure is exceptionally well constructed and feels quite sturdy. The sets are packaged as ‘weathered’ versions and the paint reflects a more muted colorway with a nicely accomplished weathering effect.
The painting of Jack and the ‘rock’ base are very well done. All of the sets also feature LED’s, that fit in an opening in their respective Ultra backs,… to light the eyes and chest timers.

I was disappointed to find out that my LED’s did not function. The included LED’s also have no on/off switch…once you pull out the tab that completes the battery contact…they are just on…until the batteries are removed or drain…Lame.
That fault considered… I’m still very pleased with the look of this stunning figure.

Definitely a conversation piece!

Click the ‘CCP’ links above to see the figures in more detail.

It’s made for a nice ‘religious‘ Kaiju Art  Photograph as well…

what do you think???