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For Halloween ’08… it’s Smogferatu-chan!

As a big fan of Vampire lore, I wanted to do a tribute to the undead blood suckers… in kaiju form.
My next paint job was Gargamel’s great re-issue of Smogun. The one used for this custom is the mini Smo’ (about 4″ tall).  Smogferatu-chan’s name is a homage to the creepy 1922 film “Nosferatu‘… while his look is meant to pay tribute to the more violent and bloody modern vampire tales such as Steve Niles’ great graphic novel ’30 Days of Night’. Read more about the ‘chan’ suffix here if you want.

Now, about that severed head…

Pegila, who is no stranger to dismemberment (see Ultraman Ep:8 ), was kind enough to donate his head to complete Smogferatu’s look of bloodlust. Pegila is actually an extra Bullmark replica mini I had lying around.

I hope you like it! Click any pic to see more in the growing REdYOdA Custom Gallery!



Tetsujin T-28 Custom

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Tetsujin T-28

The giant robot known as ‘Iron Man #28’ AKA ‘Gigantor‘ in the U.S.

This custom is a 1995 M1Go Tetsujin T-28. Painted in blue/turquoise metallic with silver, green, red, and gold metallic sprays. I went with the original eye style as the painted M1Go version… the eyes stay true to the anime style imo. …and he’s very shiny in person.

Click the T-28 pic above to check out his shiny rear in the REdYOdA Custom Gallery.

Here is a little Original ‘Gigantor’  (OG) in action…

^^^^Great Stuff!!!^^^

I’ll do a more detailed post on Tetsujin T-28  history a little later….

Calamari Calamity

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I am a BIG fan of Mr.Frank Kozik.

I’ve been a fan since I first saw his hyper-colorful and wonderfully demented concert posters waaaay back, sorry Frank, I’m not saying your old…just…maybe I’m old..oh whatever…
I have a few of his silkscreen concert prints… I would plaster every wall with them if I could.
When I found out that Frank had got into vinyl..lets say I was more than a little excited!


My personal favorite vinyl creation of Frank’s are his IKA (Ika means Squid in Japanese).

The first release:  squidly creatures called IKA angry squid head & tentacles, produced in a variety of colorways and clear vinyls, and very cool! Next up are the SALARI IKA’s(working man- wage slave,and… remember ika?). Kozik, who designed these overworked squid men, teamed up with the fantastic toy producer Wonderwall for their ‘Kaiju For Grown Ups’ series to bring us these tasty beasties.
A real Salaryman…
The Salaryman

I really liked the Ika Gilas… but I must say… I REALLY liked the Salari Ika design!
Click thru to see my Kaiju Art featuing Kozik’s smartly dressed creation!


When the Salari’s were released in early ’08, I immediately acquired the glowing black suited version, the only version produced, of the white collar squid and… I love it.
Next…pre-SDCC ’08… I got my slimy hands on the Salary Ika in clear vinyl with an orange head & black highlights and… I love it!

Dammit!!!!! I jumped the gun…
Not realizing that Super7+Kozik+InTheYellow (I wonder who makes any $$$???) were releasing an SDCC ’08 Salari Ika version…exactly like MY clear Ika… but stuffed with shredded money! Dammit!!!!

Frank’s got so much money he’s shredding it up and putting it in his figures!
…I kid…I kid.


I may still get one, but these don’t come cheap, so……since I already have this clear version…customize!

I’ve done a few customs before for myself and some friends. Time to get busy.
I love the their original ‘money’ idea, so I’m just going to tweak it ever so slightly… with Japanese YEN!

First…Hit eBay and track down ‘play’ YEN… Check! -I’m afraid I can’t shred any real yen.
Second…Get toy YEN from Japan… Check!
Third…Disassemble my favorite Calamari, break out hairdryer… Check!
Fourth…I have different sizes of YEN, so just…Stuffed Calamari! ...Check!
Finally finished! This will have to do for now…

Behold the Yen stuffed Salari Ika!!!

Click pic to summon the Giant Squid!
Salary Ika Part II!

I sure do wish I had the cool ‘squid money’ header card though..booo.

Regular pic of YEN custom…

Unprocessed photo

No YEN were harmed in the making of this squid.

…I must mention that there is another painted custom version of the Salari Ika, produced by the talented artist Leecifer, for StrangeKiss. This Salari Ika features original ‘One Night Only’ artwork that compliments the ‘rockin’ mollusk!

Check it out!

I‘ve seen Leecifer’s other customs and they are really something!

Who knew 2008 would see me up to my eyeballs in squid!

Thanks Frank!

EDIT: 8/1/08 Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kozik are a little bit richer. I went ahead & went over to Super7 and picked up Frank’s $$$ filled version…I just had to have that header card!