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Part Deux of this incredible gathering of Japanese toy obsessed artists is a just a mere 2 weeks away! Don’t miss it!..

WHEN: Saturday January 16th 2010 (writing 2010 still makes me feel like I’m writing about the future) @ 6:00pm- 10:ish.

WHERE: Super 7 of course!..1628 Post St. San Francisco

WHAT A massive show featuring some of  the most talented airbrushers and painters of Japanese vinyl from all over the U.S.! … last year’s ICFSB show had plenty of other surprises too…and prizes!

A preview of my submission:

Last year I had things that smoked and made irritating noises…but I just didn’t have the time this year to make such annoying Objects deArt…BUT, I have something too HOT to touch!!!…(well not really…you can touch it all you want)…

I really like how this guy turned out…lots of glitter that you can’t make out in the picture and also his pupil is a tiny flame. I’ll get more pics up on flickr as the show grows nearer but I think it would be much better to come see it in person… 😉

I had such a great time at ICFSB 2009 and hope to see lots of familiar faces this year!…and hopefully KISS to0! lol…


Kaiju Kone!

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Received a couple of unpainted prototypes for Sebastian Curadeau’s new resin Kone toy!

Here’s one of them I painted up…(my first resin paint app…so be gentle)

Kaiju Kone!

I still have one more to do… but I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks so I though I would go ahead and post this up.

Pre-paint Kones!…

Kone Before Paint

Before paint 2

I’m calling this Kone flavor..Nuclear Strawberry…

Kaiju Kone Nuclear Strawberry

Standing 6″ tall, the resin prototypes are still a little rough around the edges, but with a little more polish I think it’s shaping up to be a really great new toy…one that I would love to see made into vinyl!

Chicks dig 'em!

When you feel your temperature rising…reach for a refreshing Kone!

Grab a cool Kone!

Everyone’s getting in on the action!…

Gameldon loves Kones!

Even Yokai love Kones…

that's nasty...

So unassuming when viewed from behind…

BAck view

Wanna bite???…

eat me...I dare you...

Though you can’t tell so much in the images above…I used color shift pearl flake in the fuscia and red paints so it has a bit more depth in person. The Kaiju Kones are a blast to paint and fun to hold…feels just like your holding the real thing. Sebastian used a real ice cream cone in the casting process which I painted heavily in metallic gold.

Vancouver resident Seabastian Curadeau is better known for his other plush creations and especially the plush Kones which I have 2 of and love ’em! See more of Sebastian’s plush awesomness…HERE!

Here’s a couple more of Sebastian’s plushes from my collection…

Hedorah & Eyezon by Sebastian Curadeau

Be back with more in a couple of weeks …I’m taking a much needed vacation!

…and your’s is on it’s way to Canada Sebastian!

The Rooster from Space!???

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Well kinda…it’s Perolynga Seijin from Ultra Seven…who wasn’t really a rooster at all!  Though Bear Model’s interpretation really brings out the cock-a-doodle qualities in their sculpt of this Ultra Alien!

So without further adieu…here’s my latest custom…

Custom REdYOdA Perolynga…

REdYOdA Pink Perolynga

One of the reasons I think I was drawn to this project was that I am born in the ‘Year of the Rooster‘ in the Chinese Zodiac…or as my friends like to keep reminding me…the year of the cock 😉

One cocky custom!...sorry, couldn't help it

Perolynga's back

Would you be scared of this alien?


The original Perolynga by Bear Model was released in 1999 in red vinyl and this simple colorway (the above custom was painted on the plain red vinyl). Pic is from COOP’s collection…

Alien Perolynga bearmodel 1999

Bear Model also re-used Perolynga’s body for their Piniya sculp from 2000…

bearmodel 2000 piniya

And here’s one of Yamanaya’s mini Perolyngas…

Yellow Yamanaya

Marmit went more realistic in their interpretation of the character…this is pretty much what Perolynga looked like in the Ultra Seven episode…

Marmit Perolynga

Perolynga is from Ultra Seven Episode #45: ‘Flying Saucers have arrived!’ which aired  in 1968.

Hide your hens when Perolynga is in town!…

Perolynga on TV

Into The Darkness @ 1:AM Gallery

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The new show by DrilOne opened last night 6/5 ( runs thru 7/3/09) in San Francisco.  Some really great work to be seen…Don’t Miss It!

Into The Darkness Wall

All my pics are on Flickr now…HERE

Me & Alex(DrilOne)…

Me & Alex (DrilOne)

This is the first show of this type that I had taken part in. Lots of Western vinyl and mixed media pieces and I was really impressed by the talent exhibited! Besides a cool Mecha Hedorah by Todd Robertson, I believe I had the only Eastern vinyl ‘Kaiju’ there…represent!

Todd Robertson Mecha Hedorah

Bert (Gatchabert) Gatchalian had some great pieces…

Soulful Mummy Boy by Gatchabert

Also by Bert…

Lady Death by Bert Gatchalian


Dream Bito by Leecifer


Master Rapper by Phoneticontrol


The Nightmare by OsirisOrion


The Watcher by ADDeccenteric

Dril’s Skulls!

Skull Canvases by DrilOne

My Guiron image (1 of 4 pieces I had in the show)…

Guiron Metallic print


Twilight Icebat by D-LuX

Chris Rose…

The Wandering Memorial by Chris Rose

This  Joker guy was pretty cool…drawn with a ball point pen!…

How about a Majic Trick by Catherine J Cruz

Brian Colin from Atlanta…great guy!…

Under the Shroud of Darkness by Brian Colin

So much more! Check out my Flickr and also stop by DrilOnes’s and Zincsaucier’s for more great shots of the show!

I love this pic… stolen from Jeff (zincsaucier)….Jeff , Lee (Leecifer), and me.

It's so hard getting Lee to smile

Into The Darkness

Into The Darkness Show @ 1:AM Gallery

I just had to get a shot of Bert’s coat with Hedorah peaking thru! ( an original shirt by Jeff Lamm)

Bert's awesome shirt!

Big thanks to Alex (DrilOne) and 1:AM Gallery for a great show!

Ashuran & Sevenger

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Some photo fun with Ashuran & Sevenger from Ultraman Leo!

The two faces of evil…Ashuran!…

Ashuran red

Ashuran Blue

Above is the Yamanaya 2007 vinyl (Ltd TV color version) Ashuran.

Ashuran the two sided monster

SEVENGER…a capsule robot used in the battle against Ashuran alongside Ultraman Leo & Ultraman Jack in 1974’s Ultraman Leo: Episode 34 ‘Ultra Brothers…Eternal Vows’

Capsule Robot Sevenger

Above is the 1998 Yamanaya Sevenger with the silver TV show colorway (was also available in green).

Some poor quality screenies…

Face Off!…

Ashuran & Sevenger face off!

Stomping Leo!


Putting the choke on Ashuran…

Choke hold!

Ashuran was finally defeated. Though it did take the combined forces of Ultra Seven, Jack, Leo, & Sevenger to take him out!

Time for a rematch!

Sevenger emerges…

Those guys look familiar...


…and gets a smack down from Ashuran…

Battle Fuji

Robot surprise attack…

It's hard to shoot action!

Oh…not again!


What’s that!…Here comes Angilas & Gorosaurus!

TOHO monsters join in...

You haven’t seen the last of me!

Powered Ashuran?!


I’m working on quite a few new projects…here’s a little teaser of an Ultraman piece I’m working on for Mark Nagata’s Toy Karma 2 at Rotofugi in September. I’m kinda doing it in Mark’s honor…his love of old ray guns (mine too!)…and Ultraman of course!

This M1-go 19″ Ultraman will be part of a kinda Steam Punk wall sculpture (don’t worry, the vinyl won’t get harmed…well except by my painting 😉  ) It’s still a work in progress…but I though it looked kinda cool for a pic…

Ultraman Copper & Brass


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Larvagon custom from VELOCITRON!

Flying in Space

This new sculpt…VELOCITRON’s 2nd piece in what will hopefully be just one more segment of his creation’s ‘Lifecycle’. The first in the series was Bechigon’ The Egg of the Apocolypse!

A couple examples of Bechigon’s many colorways and variants…

Battalion version

Emperor Version

VELOCITRON’s vinyl series…which pays homage to one of my all-time favorite monsters…A L I E N designed by Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. Giger’s original ALIEN has a lifecycle of Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster, and finally the full grown ALIEN monster. Are we going to see a similar lifecycle with these new toys...Bechigon…Larvagon…???



Larvagon Emerges in Giger's lost work

For the public release of Larvagon (others can be seen HERE), VELOCITRON did something really cool…he made them available to his mailing list, but each buyer was able to have input on their color preferences…each Larvagon a 1/1 custom! Only 10 of these customs were produced. I asked for metallic green and gold…with a little red and black. I also specified silver teeth.

I thought it turned out amazing!…

Larvagon Custom

Say AHHHhhh

Another great thing about this toy is that it is actually a few pieces joined together…The ‘Larva’ can be removed from the tail section…


Head with the clear dome removed…

Larva Head

Larva close-up

To show size…here’s Larvagon checking out his new digs…

Ahh...too bright!

The Larva glows!

glow Larva!

Well, that glow pic I took sucks! I’ll pretend it looks like this…

Not what it really looks like.

I really hope to see more vinyl creations from VELOCITRON!

Would you buy toys from this man???….

VELOCITRON and friends!

If so…Mailing list info HERE!


‘Into the Darkness’ Show @ 1AM Gallery

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Into the Darkness @ 1AM

I’ll have a few pieces in the upcoming ‘Into the Darkness‘ show happening June 5th at 1AM Gallery in SF! Mark your calendar…this show is not to be missed!

‘Into the Darkness’…people view the darkness in many different ways…

The show is the brainchild of San Francisco artist DrilOne, who will also curate. Dril has assembled an absolutely mind blowing number of diverse artists  for what looks to be an unforgettable show…


I’ll be posting images of the show here on the site after the opening…including my own pieces.

Hope to see you there!

1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard st. San Francisco

(415) 861-5089

Into the Darkness