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Papercraft Kaiju!

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I remember seeing this website a long time ago, but had forgotten about it…until I was cleaning up some of my Japanese bookmarks…

Papercraft Moguera

The site is called ‘Miso Soup of Godzilla‘ and features a few nicely detailed…and super cool... papercraft templates that are free to download. Detailed instructions with pictures are included for each model!

Some examples (click any pic and be taken directly to the download page)…

Garamon Papercraft
Garamon Papercraft

And my personal favorite…the 2001 A Space Odyssey Monkeys & Monolith!
bum bum bum bum

As far as kaiju go… there are MechaKong, Garamon, and Moguera. Some other paper models are available too.

To download: Click the thumbnail image of the model you want. Scroll down about halfway. On the left side will be links for a .jpeg or .png file to save to your computer. Instructions can be found on a given models page right above the .jpeg link.

Good Luck!



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Always look your best!
The smartly dressed, Cicada head, bad guy from Ultra Q!

Semi Ningen (Cicada-Human) is dispatched to earth, disguised as a human man, by his evil alien Cicada brethren and tasked with controlling (2) Garamon to create all kinds of general havoc in Tokyo.

Our intrepid Ultra Q team discovers a way to stop his source of control over the Garamon by placing a meteorite (Tilsonite) in a special covering that prevents it’s energy from reaching the Garamon…thus ending the attack.
It seems that Semi-Ningen’s alien comrades aren’t too happy with his failure…so they vaporize him.

Don’t Vaporize me Bro!

Here are the final moments from Ultra Q Episode 16 “The Revenge of Garamon”

Enjoy!…and look for actor Akihiko Hirata: Dr. Serizawa from the original 1954 ‘Gojira” and many other Kaiju classics!

For the Kaiju Art Collection Semi-Ningen, I used the 1991 M1Go orange version.

Click HERE to see the new Semi-Ningen much larger.

Ultra Q introducing Garamon…

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Here’s a little video thingy I made set to music!
If you’ve never seen Ultra Q (the FIRST X-Files), this video will hopefully introduce you to the look and feel of the show.
I was really surprised to find a lack of Ultra Q on youtube!

I posted about Garamon earlier… so I used his debut episode to make this little musical 1:25 tribute video…

EDIT: Well… Tsuburaya Productions didn’t like my little music video and it got taken down…sorry.

Unfortunately the series has yet to be subtitled or dubbed for release in the U.S…. to my knowledge.
The ingenious Ultra Q was created by Eiji Tsuburaya and had a run of 28 episodes in 1966.
The episode used for the video: Episode 13 ‘Garadama’

I wish I could just start uploading episodes… but that would probably get me in trouble.

Ultra Q

Click the Ultra Q logo to visit the gallery and look at some monsters!

Kaiju Garamon!

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…and speaking of Pigmon, here is my Kaiju Art Collection photograph of the curious creature.

The Pigmon character is actually a repurposed suit from the ground breaking Tsuburaya tokusatsu series ‘Ultra Q’.
In Ultra Q, Pigmon was not the friendly, pint sized kaiju that we’ll see in the more widely known Ultraman series.
Ultra Q Title Screen

In the kaiju’s first UQ appearance, he is a terrifying, alien controlled, 100 ft. tall robot, named ‘Garamon’.
The unsightly robot comes to Earth via an asteroid called ‘Garadama‘ …which is also the name of the episode.

Garamon… actually two Garamon (Garamen??… just kidding) will appear in one more episode of Ultra Q called “Garamon’s Counter Attack“.


Scorpion Fish!

  • In the Ultra Q credits for Garadama, Garamon’s vocal credit is just given as ‘The Monster
  • The Bullmark figure, used in the Kaiju Art at the top of the post, is actually ‘Garamon’ …not Pigmon.
  • The little symbol seen clearly on the chest of the figure, was removed from the Ultra Q Garamon suit for the character’s use as ‘Pigumon’ or ‘Pigmon’ in the Ultraman series.
  • Garamon’s facial features are rumored to be modeled from the sourpuss face of the Scorpion Fish.