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Alex Wald & Tura Satana!

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Tura Tura Tura!

I wanted to post this sooner but the Holidays took their toll on my writing time last month.

I received the amazing ‘Violent Planet‘ print from Alex Wald last month… and I’m still marveling over it’s awesomeness! The exciting artwork Alex created above was for a special charity event to raise money for Apna Ghar, a domestic violence shelter serving primarily Asian women and children and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer charity.

Alex actually created two posters…for two ‘unknown and lost until now’Tura Satana films: Violent Planet (Pictured above), featuring the lost footage that captured Tura taking on not just one… but two evil Guirons…and armed only with a Shoto blade and a smokin’ bod!

…The second ‘lost‘ film:The World of Suzette Wong‘ (pictured below) has Tura reprising her steamy role from Billy Wilder’s ‘Irma la Douce’. This time Tura is the real star of a film filled with gambling & Yakuza in the back streets of Paris and Kobe Japan!

Sexy Suzette Wong

I’m a bit of a Japanese movie poster collector as well, and these really capture the look and feel of my favorite Japanese posters from the late 50’s-early 70’s. I just can’t get enough of the bold colors, the prominent Kanji and Kana, and the excitement of the films/characters they portray.

I also wanted to take the time to mention Alex’s art here because…

  1. Alex is just a really cool guy!
  2. His artwork is amazing (besides his freelance stuff, Alex has worked as a comic artist and illustrator for over 20 years!)
  3. He’s a kaiju collector and film fan.
  4. Tura Satana is super cool!
  5. He has a few prints left!

If you would like to pick up one of the ‘Violent Planet‘ 13″x19″ prints…or check out his other works, contact Alex through his blog: Astromonster or flickr set HERE! There is one available on ebay too…act fast…these were limited to just 40 prints, and once they’re gone…Sayonara Satana!

All Photos in this posting © Alex Wald. All rights reserved.


Happy Holidays!!!

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Well, maybe Guiron wasn’t the right kaiju to play Santa this year…Oh well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from!

This is a really busy month for me…so posts have been a little sporadic as of late. I hope to get back on track for the New Year.
I do wish all of you the very best…and I hope that you get that vinyl ‘grail‘ you’ve been searching for under your tree this year!

1800×1200 Header Card background I made to use for this site’s own ‘header’. It makes a kinda cool wallpaper, click to enlarge…

Random Header cards


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Don't make me cut you man

New for The Kaiju Art Collection…Gamera baddie Guiron!

The sensational knife-headed and evil Guiron appears in 1969’s Gamera vs Guiron…

For the picture above I used the great 1997 Marmit Guiron.

(Released in the U.S. as ‘Attack of the Monsters’)
Gamera vs Guiron

Not only does Guiron have a knife (not just any knife mind you…it’s harder than diamond) for a head…great for close combat (he can stand or run around on all fours), he also has the ability to shoot deadly shuriken (throwing stars) out of the side of his head! It’s truly hard to believe that Gamera is able to take the evil Guiron out (Guiron’s knife head gets stuck in the ground and Gamera finishes him off)! …did I mention he shoots shuriken out of his head??!!

What makes Guiron tick…
Guiron Anatomy!

To witness Guiron in action…plus a little Gamera style gymnastics…CLICK HERE