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Takara Invaders

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Destroy All Humans!

I thought I’d break out the 1998 Takara Vinyl Invaders for some new HDR images. These 12″ vinyl version Invaders are a homage to the 1970’s hard plastic 8″ versions. There are 3 Aliens in all… Invaders Z (shown above), Invader J (below), and Invader O (shown on package box only, I didn’t open that one).

Invader 'J'

The Invaders all have removable heads…concealing their evil robot brains inside…

Surprise! I’m really a…well…Evil Alien ROBOT Invader!

Invader Z shows you his head.

Available in vinyl are the Invaders shown here as well as the King Walder Monsters. Pics of all of them…HERE! Besides the glitter vinyl and the cool sculpts, the best thing about these three…they can be found pretty cheap!

One more of Alien Invader ‘J’…

Invader 'J'


Invader's Packaging

EDIT: Forgot that I had this image of the ’70’s ad for the original 8″ Invaders…Click to enlarge

OG Takara Invaders Advertisement


Just Another Victim…

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Ragon Prefers Blondes

I’ve created another kaiju series for Flickr entitled Just Another Victim…’

Nice packaging!

Nice packaging!

Last week I purchased a set of the ‘Terrified B-Movie Victims’ from ‘Accoutrements‘ in Seattle. These 3″ figures are just perfect for creating dramatic kaiju action shots! I used HDR photography for the series, but also tried some new techniques like double exposure for one shot.

Now… if  only they would make these terrified little people look Japanese!

Soon to be Vaporized…

Game Over!

The Mighty Titanosaurus…
Help Us!

…and 3 more can be seen in the New Flickr Set HERE!


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Always look your best!
The smartly dressed, Cicada head, bad guy from Ultra Q!

Semi Ningen (Cicada-Human) is dispatched to earth, disguised as a human man, by his evil alien Cicada brethren and tasked with controlling (2) Garamon to create all kinds of general havoc in Tokyo.

Our intrepid Ultra Q team discovers a way to stop his source of control over the Garamon by placing a meteorite (Tilsonite) in a special covering that prevents it’s energy from reaching the Garamon…thus ending the attack.
It seems that Semi-Ningen’s alien comrades aren’t too happy with his failure…so they vaporize him.

Don’t Vaporize me Bro!

Here are the final moments from Ultra Q Episode 16 “The Revenge of Garamon”

Enjoy!…and look for actor Akihiko Hirata: Dr. Serizawa from the original 1954 ‘Gojira” and many other Kaiju classics!

For the Kaiju Art Collection Semi-Ningen, I used the 1991 M1Go orange version.

Click HERE to see the new Semi-Ningen much larger.

The Ant Kaiju!

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It’s Kaiju Gabari! … from Masked Ninja Red Shadow!

As promised in yesterdays post, here is one more for the Kaiju Art Collection before I take a little trip to New Mexico and Roswell.

Gabari is a nightmarish monster from the 1967-68 tokusatsu series: Kamen no Ninja Aka-Kage or ‘Masked Ninja Red Shadow” The creepy Kaiju appears near the end of the series in an episode entitled ‘Ari kaijû Gabari’ or ‘Ant Monster Gabari’.

The ‘Gabari’ vinyl figure is produced by the Japanese kaiju toy comapny Dream Rocket. Dream Rocket updated the sculpt of Gabari for their very limited 2007 releases of the kaiju, I believe there are only 5 variants of the Ant monster available, with every run of Gabari limited to less than 50 figures.


The figure is striking in person, coming in at 9″ tall and 10″ long…it does require a decent amount of display shelf real estate. The eerie toy showcases Dream Rocket’s usual superior vinyl quality and attention to detail.

The version I used for the Kaiju Art Collection photograph above is my Dream Rocket/Max Toy collaboration Gabari. This particular Gabari variant is cast in clear yellow with glitter vinyl and finished with purple and green sprays…it’s a stunner!!!

Below is a Masked Ninja Red Shadow video…if you look closely you can catch a quick peek at the O.G. Gabari! Also a nice little glimpse of another favorite Dream-Rocket kaiju of mine...Agon the beetle kaiju!

EDIT: Having some video embedding issues…CLICK HERE if no video.

…and remember, posting will be slim for a few days while I’m visiting New Mexico. Hasta luego!

Glowing Mutant Chaos Army!

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Mutant Chaos Army!

RxH Mutant Formation…ready to protect the human race from Akro-Kaiser!

Above is the latest addition to The Kaiju Art Collection!

Read a little more about RealxHead and Mutant Chaos in my Maneki Neko post.

Kaiju Baragon!

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One terrible Triceratops!

Baragon Attacks!

I just saw Frankenstein vs Baragon again…it inspired me to complete a second Baragon for the Kaiju Art Collection. I actually don’t have a ‘Frankenstein’ vinyl…I gotta get on that!

I used the Marmit 2005 Para-Baby crawling version for the photograph.

Baragon makes his fearsome debut in 1965’s Frankenstein vs Baragon. The film, a homage of sorts, to the original Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, takes the monster to new heights… literally. This tokusatsu film see our ‘Frankenstein’ monster man grow to titanic heights.

The movie tells the story much in the same way as Shelley’s masterpiece… the kind-hearted monster is created under ominous circumstances, he is wrongly blamed for the horrible misdeeds of another, and finally he is persecuted by a fearful community.

Baragon plays the part of the antagonist in the film. An unthinking beast that attacks without compunction, Baragon attacks tiny hamlets and then vanishes by burrowing into the Earth. ‘Frankenstein’ is hip to the beasts wrongdoings and eventually the film’s title will come into play.

Having discovered that Baragon is truly responsible for the devastation…the finger-pointing human race now depends on their ‘monster’ to save them.

Click for original trailer!

This is a fun 1960’s monster movie with spectacular effects…don’t miss it!

Baragon makes numerous appearances in Godzilla films too:

Don’t Eat the Mushrooms…

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or this could happen to you…


That’s what happened to the castaways in 1963’s Matango!
Matango, also known as Attack of the Mushroom People, is directed by Ishiro Honda, with SFX provided by, the oft mentioned here, Eiji Tsuburaya.

The fungus fueled film tells the story of a group of wealthy castaways who find themselves stranded on a tropical Pacific Island after their luxury yacht wrecks due to a storm.
The castaways soon find remnants of a previous shipwreck…but no survivors. Though it is apparent that the previous survivors were able to stay alive for some time… what happened to them????

Succumbing to starvation, the pitiful castaways are reduced to eating the native mushrooms… not heeding the warning of their own yacht Captain… and a warning of ingesting the shrooms found on the previous wreck’s logbook.

The film descends into psychedelic imagery, and psilocybin induced paranoia, as the castaways come to terms with the discovery of the fate of the former castaways… and glimpse their own.

Click poster for the original trailer…
1963 Matango Poster

A darker film for the era, Matango is a study of the dangers of our human excesses and disrespect of nature…a nature that will ultimately and defiantly return the human race to it primordial origins.

Of course I highly recommend this film!
Exciting direction, SFX, and imagery…and yeah…Mushroom Monsters!

For the Kaiju Art Collection ‘Matango’, I used the M1-Go, Hawaiian colorway figure.

Click the Matango coloring page below and visit the gallery! (The coloring sheet came with the figure..and I made the scan large so you can print your own!)

Color Me!