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Gezora Custom!

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The giant sea creatures are my favorite monsters…

And here’s a new Gezora custom I just finished up…

REdYOdA Gezora Custom

Being one of my favorite seafaring kaiju sculpts…I wanted to give this Gezora a special oceanic blue/green metallic finish and went really heavy on a glossy top coat to keep him wet looking. I also added some color shift pearl powder to the paint so he really catches the light and transforms color from different angles…



REdYOdA Gezora Back

All of his many tentacles are painted gold inside…that took a while ūüėČ



Gezora is aka ‘YOG: The monster from space‘. The Alien-possessed cuttlefish makes his appearance in 1970’s ‘Space Amoeba‘ directed by Ishiro Honda. The movie features 2 other giant sea creatures…Kamoeba & Ganime. The film is released in the US under the aforementioned ‘YOG’ in 1971.

It’s a fun and surreal movie that has quite a few good chuckles in it…but it is a little light on the monster battles until the end. This film is quite different compared to Honda’s other kaiju pictures…but is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan. The film is near the end of Honda’s illustrious kaiju filled career. Another tidbitHarou Nakajima, who is the man-in-suit for quite a few legendary Honda beasties including the iconic Gojira…but for this film he suits up as Gezora AND Ganime…kaiju double duty!!

Yog Poster

Space Amoeba Poster

An old Gezora image I made using the same Bullmark type of vinyl figure…

Gezora Attacks!

Here’s the new custom joining one of Marmit’s versions…

Ahh...get your dirty tentacles off me!

Here is the original Japanese language trailer from 1970 for ‘Space Amoeba!’…


Jujin Yuki Otoko Figures

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Half Human Header

From the 1955 Japanese film ‘Jujin Yuki Otoko’ (Monster Snow Man) …that has been banned in Japan for decades!

I bought this figure some time ago and just released it from storage. I wasn’t quite sure what it was when I bought it…some strange Yeti looking dude holding a dead rabbit..??? Strange enough for me to pick up! Header card pictured above.

X-Plus Abominable Snow Boy

With a little research, I found out that it is one of two figures released by Osaka Japan’s X-Plus to commemorate the US version of the film entitled ‘Half Human’. The¬† X-Plus figures pictured below are the 12″ version of the adult ‘Abominable Snowman’ figure that included two interchangeable torsos that feature different facial expressions…but sans dead rabbit…

I stole this pic..I’d give credit, but I’m not sure where I got it…
Why not just have 2 inter-changeable head sculps? Odd.

Why not just have 2 inter-changeable head sculpts? Odd.

The top figure¬† is the ‘Son’ of the Abominable snowman, complete with dead rabbit carcass…and as an added bonus the dead rabbit articulates at the waist…so you can twist it’s legs into unnatural positions…why???…I really don’t know, but it greatly adds to the bizarr0 factor imo.

The 7″¬† ‘Son’ figure was produced in 1998 and was available in another colorway (brown), the figure pictured is the ‘grey’ version.

The 1955 Film

I have yet to see this movie. It’s quite hard to come by, and I just refuse to watch the 1958 U.S. hack job called¬† ‘Half Human‘. The American version cuts appx. an hour of footage from the original and splices in David Carradine as the narrator and star.

The 1955 Japanese original film ‘Jujin Yuki Otoko‘ was made right on the heels of the succesful¬† ‘Gojira‘ by the legendary monster-movie-making super team:¬† Ishiro Honda (Dir.), Tomoyuki Tanaka (Prod.), and Eiji Tsuburaya (SFX).

Original Poster

The film was banned for public viewing¬† in Japan due to scenes in the film that¬† depict a ‘native tribe’ that too closely resembled Japan’s oldest indigenous inhabitants, living in the northernmost region of the country,…the Ainu,¬† who primarily reside in Hokkaido.

The ‘native tribe’ depicted¬† in the film is portrayed as mindless savages…which the Anui surely are not. There has been a long history of prejudice in Japan towards the native Japanese Ainu and Burakumin peoples.

Hopefully. I’ll run across a copy of this film in the near future and be able to give a better review and perhaps post a few scenes. I do dig the figures though!

I’m going to go pose my dead rabbit now…

DAM/Atragon Promos

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Rare 1968¬† ‘Destroy All Monsters/Atragon’ Promo series!

Spoiler warning: The clips basically show the whole ‘DAM’¬† and ‘Atragon‘ films in about 14 min. Most of the two film’s highlights are touched on.

Part 1…

EDIT: Having some embedding issues…if no vid CLICK HERE

Part 2…

EDIT: Having some embedding issues…if no vid CLICK HERE

One thing that always amazed me about DAM was the complex choreography involved in the final chapter of the film. We get to see Godzilla, Mothra larva, Rodan, Angilas, Kumonga, Gorosaurus, Minilla, and King Ghidorah (that’s a lot of guys in monster suits!) all in one epic showdown!¬† What a challenge this must have been for Tsuburaya’s SFX team!¬† I would’ve loved to have been on the set for this…hanging out with Varan on the sidelines.

Buy Destroy All Monsters HERE and Atragon HERE

Don’t Forget…

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Rodan/WotG DVD is available TODAY!Click to go to Amazon!

Two must-own Kaiju Films in one package! PLUS there is an amazing full length documentary included entitled: Bringing Godzilla Down to Size (link opens SciFi Japan’s great article). This well made doc is worth the purchase price alone. Classic Media has really put together an amazing package here…and all for around $15!!! Click cover art above to head over to Amazon if you want.

You go buy now!

You go buy now!

Kaiju Baragon!

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One terrible Triceratops!

Baragon Attacks!

I just saw Frankenstein vs Baragon again…it inspired me to complete a second Baragon for the Kaiju Art Collection. I actually don’t have a ‘Frankenstein’ vinyl…I gotta get on that!

I used the Marmit 2005 Para-Baby crawling version for the photograph.

Baragon makes his fearsome debut in 1965’s Frankenstein vs Baragon. The film, a homage of sorts, to the original Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, takes the monster to new heights… literally. This tokusatsu film see our ‘Frankenstein’ monster man grow to titanic heights.

The movie tells the story much in the same way as Shelley’s masterpiece… the kind-hearted monster is created under ominous circumstances, he is wrongly blamed for the horrible misdeeds of another, and finally he is persecuted by a fearful community.

Baragon plays the part of the antagonist in the film. An unthinking beast that attacks without compunction, Baragon attacks tiny hamlets and then vanishes by burrowing into the Earth. ‘Frankenstein’ is hip to the beasts wrongdoings and eventually the film’s title will come into play.

Having discovered that Baragon is truly responsible for the devastation…the finger-pointing human race now depends on their ‘monster’ to save them.

Click for original trailer!

This is a fun 1960’s monster movie with spectacular effects…don’t miss it!

Baragon makes numerous appearances in Godzilla films too:

Oh no they didn’t…

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EDIT: Having some embedding issue…CLICK HERE if no video.

Yes, they did.

Godzilla’s little jig above will mark a camp turn for our atomic friend’s future.

Most of you have probably seen the famous, eye roll inducing, little dance before from 1965’s Godzilla vs the Astro Monster.¬† I came across the scene by accident today…and it made me laugh…so I had to post it.

The last Godzilla film by the talented tokusatsu team of Ishiro Honda (Director), Shinichi Sekizawa (Writer), and Eiji Tsuburaya (SFX), is definitely a favorite of mine… despite the tokusatsu two-step.

Released as ‘Godzilla vs Monster Zero‘ in the U.S. in 1970, Monster Zero actually stays pretty faithful to the 1965 Japanese version of the film, something not usually seen, as a lot of the earlier Godzilla and tokusatsu films were butchered incoherently.

It’s not clear why TOHO waited 5 years to release the film in the U.S., though it is commonly held that it was due to American star Nick Adam’s untimely death, shortly after it’s release in late ’65.

Nick Adams, whom can be seen in quite a few Kaiju Eiga (Japanese monster films),¬† was also romantically linked to the movie’s stunning female lead, Kumi Mizuno (Miss Namikawa), off-screen.

Hey, we want cool glasses too!
Glenn & Miss N.

The controversial little jig, called a ‘shiee (she-ay) dance’ (performed begrudgingly by longtime, and original suitmation Godzilla: Haruo Nakajima)¬† was supposedly in honor of a Japanese comedian named Ahso Matsu-kun…a favorite of Tsuburaya’s. Though director Honda felt the dance was ‘disrespectful’ Tsuburaya, whom had become increasingly influential at TOHO by this time, won out and the victory jig stayed in. Tsuburaya had become incrementally more concerned with the ‘child pleasing’ aspects of the Godzilla films…this turn in tone will see some of the more campy, kid friendly Godzilla films throughout the 70’s.

Godzilla will not see a return as a true threat to the world again until… ‘Godzilla 1984’.

Classic Media offers an excellent release of Invasion of the Astro Monster on DVD. The disk features both versions, commentary, and a nice little biography of TOHO producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka,
The DVD is a must for G-fans and newcomers. The film showcases Tsuburaya’s SFX abilities, Honda’s excellent direction, and Sekizawa’s fun, imaginative, & action packed story…and yes, a small amount of dancing.

Surrender yourself to Planet X and get the DVD…

…are we not men
...we are DeVo?

Don’t Eat the Mushrooms…

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or this could happen to you…


That’s what happened to the castaways in 1963’s Matango!
Matango, also known as Attack of the Mushroom People, is directed by Ishiro Honda, with SFX provided by, the oft mentioned here, Eiji Tsuburaya.

The fungus fueled film tells the story of a group of wealthy castaways who find themselves stranded on a tropical Pacific Island after their luxury yacht wrecks due to a storm.
The castaways soon find remnants of a previous shipwreck…but no survivors. Though it is apparent that the previous survivors were able to stay alive for some time… what happened to them????

Succumbing to starvation, the pitiful castaways are reduced to eating the native mushrooms… not heeding the warning of their own yacht Captain… and a warning of ingesting the shrooms found on the previous wreck’s logbook.

The film descends into psychedelic imagery, and psilocybin induced paranoia, as the castaways come to terms with the discovery of the fate of the former castaways… and glimpse their own.

Click poster for the original trailer…
1963 Matango Poster

A darker film for the era, Matango is a study of the dangers of our human excesses and disrespect of nature…a nature that will ultimately and defiantly return the human race to it primordial origins.

Of course I highly recommend this film!
Exciting direction, SFX, and imagery…and yeah…Mushroom Monsters!

For the Kaiju Art Collection ‘Matango’, I used the M1-Go, Hawaiian colorway figure.

Click the Matango coloring page below and visit the gallery! (The coloring sheet came with the figure..and I made the scan large so you can print your own!)

Color Me!