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Kaiju Bromides

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Max Toy Bromide Project
These Kaiju Bromide cards are truly amazing little works of art!

I recently received The Max Toy ‘Bromide Project’ cards from Mark Nagata (Alex Wald’s wonderful San Francisco themed painting pictured above) and they are incredible!
Bromide Sets
I have collected quite a few of these artistic cards (appx. 200), pictured above is the Max Toy Set and the Godzilla Classic Box Set. The Japanese seem to always have a real flair for packaging, no exceptions here…as is common with Bromides, each card is sealed in it’s own little envelope and packaged together with colorful artwork and then secured by a neatly tied string!

I have scanned about 30 of my personal favorite Bromide Cards and started a new high-res flickr set. I chose not to scan any of the Max Toy Bromides… as they are for sale now over at the Max Toy store, try and pick up a set if you can…you won’t be disappointed!
Bromide Project
The term Bromide  has been around a very long time…since the 19th century! Bromide actually refers to a type of photographic paper that is coated in an emulsion of silver bromide. Here are some flickr examples.

As sometimes happens in Japan…things do get lost in translation…the Japanese use the word ‘Bromide’ to cover a wide range of commercial portraits and cards, regardless of what process was used for developing. Japanese ‘Bromides’ typically feature celebrities, popular Geisha, singers, and luckily in our case… kaiju!
Varan Bromide

Click Varan above to visit The new Bromide Gallery!


The Ant Kaiju!

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It’s Kaiju Gabari! … from Masked Ninja Red Shadow!

As promised in yesterdays post, here is one more for the Kaiju Art Collection before I take a little trip to New Mexico and Roswell.

Gabari is a nightmarish monster from the 1967-68 tokusatsu series: Kamen no Ninja Aka-Kage or ‘Masked Ninja Red Shadow” The creepy Kaiju appears near the end of the series in an episode entitled ‘Ari kaijû Gabari’ or ‘Ant Monster Gabari’.

The ‘Gabari’ vinyl figure is produced by the Japanese kaiju toy comapny Dream Rocket. Dream Rocket updated the sculpt of Gabari for their very limited 2007 releases of the kaiju, I believe there are only 5 variants of the Ant monster available, with every run of Gabari limited to less than 50 figures.


The figure is striking in person, coming in at 9″ tall and 10″ long…it does require a decent amount of display shelf real estate. The eerie toy showcases Dream Rocket’s usual superior vinyl quality and attention to detail.

The version I used for the Kaiju Art Collection photograph above is my Dream Rocket/Max Toy collaboration Gabari. This particular Gabari variant is cast in clear yellow with glitter vinyl and finished with purple and green sprays…it’s a stunner!!!

Below is a Masked Ninja Red Shadow video…if you look closely you can catch a quick peek at the O.G. Gabari! Also a nice little glimpse of another favorite Dream-Rocket kaiju of mine...Agon the beetle kaiju!

EDIT: Having some video embedding issues…CLICK HERE if no video.

…and remember, posting will be slim for a few days while I’m visiting New Mexico. Hasta luego!

New Customs…Done!

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Visit the Gallery!

I finished up the Minya & Bemler customs…finally!

Bemler is actually sold (my first!), and Minya is probably going to stay home with me as he’s not exactly everyone’s favorite kaiju but… we’ll see.

I went for a pearlized finish on both Kaiju… using mostly V-Color (a special vinyl paint from Japan) and a little Tamiya. Both are then given a clear vinyl coating to protect. These really do catch the light well!

Both figures started as flesh colored vinyl: Minya is by Marusan and Bemlar is a 1997 M1go, and yes… I made Minya have googly eyes on purpose.

Click the pic to go to the new customs gallery!

More Free Kaiju Coloring Pages…

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…but not made by me this time.

Click either picture below and you will be taken to a Japanese website featuring high-res Kaiju coloring pages that you can print out. These monsters are from the 2006-07 Ultraman Mebius series.

Micras getting tossed

Don’t worry if you don’t read Japanese…just scroll down the page until you see the monsters…click the silver box underneath the pic you desire… it will open the picture in large PDF format…print & done!

Tanoshinde! Have Fun!

Color Us!