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Some toys are harder than others…

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…to find that is!

Also,  how seeing this monster in 1993 sparked a road to collecting and learning about Japanese culture that has been so much fun!

Here’s the multi faced bad guy… named: ‘Itsutsu Banbara’…

Back in 1993 I first saw the character on the back of an album from a band I really liked…it was a .45 LP from HELMET.

I still have it…

(Bonus: click the album to hear one of the songs from the 45!)

I thought the character was so interesting….plus I just had to understand what the hell was going on in that bizzaro picture!

Of course no toy or figure existed of Itsustu Banbara at that time, but after some digging I learned that the scene on the album was from a Japanese show called ‘Inazuman‘. I loved it!

This is one of the first moments I started really getting into the pop culture of Japan and when I discovered the other hero shows…I was hooked! I mean I knew about Godzilla and Ultraman, but discovering all of the other craziness and brilliance coming out of Japan…I really became enraptured!

Here is the episode (well the parts with Itsutsu Banbara…

Finally in 2009, Japanese toymaker Rainbow released the character (which I missed the pre-order for grrr!) and couldn’t find another until a helpful skullbrain board member spotted one at the Mandarake online store in Tokyo…almost 2 years after the pre-order! But it all worked out finally… Thanks Kurumonz!

Toys will ALWAYS turn up when you are persistently hunting them…though some just take a LOT of patience.

If you want to find this guy…here is the Kanji to get started…

Itsutsu Banbara: イツツバンバ

Rainbow Sofubi (soft vinyl): レインボー ソフビ

The harder they are to find and the longer you have to wait…the more special they are when you finally get them.

...and do yourself a favor and head over to Generation Kikaida and pick up the Inazuman DVD’s, you won’t be sorry!


Michael Jackson Transformations!

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Fun with those wacky but cool MJ Thriller vinyls Marusan released in 2010

Michael transforms into a Werecat & Zombie right before your very eyes! wow.

and there you have it folks…28 more seconds wasted on the internet YES!

>If  the gif animations are loading too slowly for your connection, there are smaller video versions at my flickr…HERE<

Click metamorphosing Mike above to see a video about the making of Thriller (linked part features MJ getting the ‘werecat’ makeup).

Click Zombie Mike to learn the Thriller Zombie dance!

Figures by Marusan.

Baruzasu vs Kaossilator

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I picked up a Korg Kaossilator Pro yesterday 11/24/10. This is a first try at making a cinematic/Sci-Fi sounding song. My first pitiful attempt… but I’m still learning the new gadget. I like it so far.
Also used an ESX-1 and MS-20 in a couple of spots too.

Vinyl in the vid is a Marmit Baruzasu.


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A L I E N!


Bloodied Alien


Alien vs Smogun

Alien vs Smogun 2

Hudson: Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?
Gorman: All we know is that there’s still no contact with the colony, and that a xenomorph may be involved.
Frost: Excuse me sir, a-a what?
Gorman: A xenomorph.
Hicks: It’s a bughunt.

U.S. Toys…of Japan

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I stopped by Super7 and was able to pick up a couple of the U.S. Toys figures that they are now starting to offer…

Not all of the figures are available as of this writing…but they will be very soon!

Pictured above…2006 ‘Godzilla 1962’. I actually wanted Godzilla ’64 but didn’t realize that I bought a ’62 until I got it home… hopefully, I’ll eventually get the whole set!

The mini Goji’s released by U.S. Toys are: ’55, ’62, ’64, ’89, ’06. There is also a series of Orange Godzilla variants of all five available as well.

Quite a few of the classic Kaiju characters from the various Ultra series and the Godzilla films were released as a mini figure by U.S Toys…along with colorway variants on some figures ( I saw some nice black Ultra Seven’s in different poses!).

Click HERE to see Kaiju-Taro’s photo of the U.S. Toys booth at WCC ’08.

The colorways are simple, but very well done in these little 3″ figures. The U.S. Toy mini fig sculpts remind me of little M1Go’sthis is a good thing!

Here’s Booska…

I had an orange Booska too but limited myself to just 2 figures this Super7 visit. This Booska variant (also a crossed arms variant in clear produced) is cast in clear vinyl and filled with that colorful light reflecting paper (I can’t remember what it’s called). The sculpt is perfection and even features the little jiggly eyes!

Another great thing about the figures… the ‘building’ packaging!

Some of the figures are in window boxes and some in ‘blind’ building boxes. I don’t believe S7 will be selling anyone ‘blind’ boxes… I chose the bagged clear Booska and it was put in the blind building box.

The ‘blind’ boxes make for a nice little display addition too…something for your new figure to attack!

I  really like this box artwork …it’s what buildings would look like when you made them as a kid for your monsters to destroy…out of cardboard boxes and crayons!

Two ’62’s…

M1Go ’62 Godzilla hangin with his tiny twin…say hello to my little friend!

All in all…I can’t wait to get more of these little figures! My toy shelves are getting pretty crowded as it is, so these classy little figures are perfect to squeeze in!
Booska’s seal of approval!
You can see larger versions of my pics over at Flickr.

Glowing Mutant Chaos Army!

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Mutant Chaos Army!

RxH Mutant Formation…ready to protect the human race from Akro-Kaiser!

Above is the latest addition to The Kaiju Art Collection!

Read a little more about RealxHead and Mutant Chaos in my Maneki Neko post.